1932 - Isolated vitamin C. Make it failed the American chemist Glenn King. As few as five years of dedicated research - and he worked with lemon juice - and King was able to identify a substance in pure. form. In the five years before Albert Szent-Gyor found a substance which is subsequently confirmed by the research of the American scientist, it prevents the disease scurvy.
In fact, vitamin C is responsible for the formation of collagen needed for the growth and reproduction of cells of tissues, helps to absorb iron. Oh, and the functioning of bones, teeth, gums and blood vessels are also dependent on the presence in the body "askorbinki." Also, it determines the normal wound healing, control of cholesterol levels.
If you have stress or overcome illness. the need for vitamin increases.
Well, finally - permanent deficiency leads to premature aging of the organism. Eat citrus fruits))

1949 - Created by NATO. The coup in Czechoslovakia in 1948 and the blockade of West Berlin led to the fact that France, the Benelux countries and the UK have decided to create a joint missile defense system, as and signed the agreement in Brussels in the spring of 1948. Then triturated with Canada and the US and built the North Atlantic Alliance. By the above joined by Italy, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Iceland. Since then, the organization has grown considerably, it is now includes many countries of the former Soviet bloc.
The goal - quite logically - to ensure the collective security of all its members.
One of the points - the creation of a system to intercept ballistic missiles, NATO is very upset Moscow, as a result since 2008 the relationship began to deteriorate, and it continues to this day. Understandably, added here are plenty of unresolved issues today ...


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