The topic that we will cover today, is necessary for those who stand in the way of transition, development, dive into a new world, which he believes is already an integral part of his being that man finds it necessary quality in the new movement forward.

This state has arisen recently, it has arisen in relation to all event-related, which is perceived by the person from the body and ending his political, state, social forces that affect its external world, his perception of himself in space. This new understanding of the world is created from the inside of the motives of the Soul, from motives that are new vibrations of the Earth-Gaia, which awakens in man the new shoots, new capabilities, new vectors with respect to the development, to set goals, to a new system of understanding the world.

All these processes take place in the space of the Earth, in the space of universal understanding, and these processes are expanding, are, though very slowly, but they happen all the more and more equivalent with respect to consciousness, concerning those who are awakening from their slumber, one begins to see the world through different eyes concerning not only their own interests, needs, affections, but also in terms of evaluation, analysis, subjective perception of reality.

The man in this space begins to think about the benefits and harms of certain phenomena, events, information, and all of these analytical series led him to certain conclusions which he draws from the space perception of incoming information from conversations, from television, from books, from the Internet. He has created a certain feeling certain emotions, feelings. These feelings, feelings he imposes on his own reality, on their own perception of space and forms a thought-form that creates the Higher Self, egregors that form his conclusions, his position, his beliefs against all these phenomena, to perceived events, perceived information.

Since the space is destructive in its basis, the person perceives the information, distributing it as if into two parts, relatively poor, good or just does not care that he did not appreciate. This evaluation takes place on the basis of his inner convictions of the embedded values ​​that the software is embedded in the course of his life, creating a certain content, a certain way, the range of perception of an event, or that information, events.

Therefore, every person, whether he is young, mature or old, are certain formality, certain approaches, standards which form its assessment category status incoming values.

And it is very important to understand, because the man, starting to analyze the space perception, certain events must suspect that his perception of built originally in relation to his past experience in relation to the "truth" to the "categories" which create his conviction that he was right, his personality, his ability to evaluate these or other events.

This awareness should lead one to understand that in his experience laid the weight of introduced values ​​that adapt and make it consistent with the destructive factors of space, with a negative energy exchange

Which dictates that space.
The word "agreed" we use in terms of isoglasiya, conditional consent of the person staying in this space, and addiction, which one feels are gradually coming into this space and adapting to it, and the necessary expertise, which is present in every human being in his events, his emotions, his thought-forms.
This agreement, this consistency, this understanding of space is formed initially in relation to childhood, to school, to parents, to others, to friends, to the state, information, internet, etc.
These basic sources lay a man some bricks, the foundation, the foundation of its views, its categories, its fundamental vision related, perceptual information.
The word "principle" is defined as a certain point of view, as a reflection angle that forms the perception of human awareness.

The word "principle" or "reflection" enables a person to an individual assessment of a particular event information. This assessment is done by just the nested states, categories, commemorative values, habits, character, which merge into edinoponimaemye values ​​reflect this event and define it as right or wrong as right or wrong, how his or her.

This feature, the estimated state categories are created for each person in his contact with the space perception, in contact with his destructive factors.

Naturally in this state Higher Self determinable myslepolaganie, which forms destructive thought forms, essentially obliging the person to perform certain actions, evaluate those or other events, make certain conclusions, to conduct a particular analysis, which directs the destructive events in favor of negative energy exchange.

This is the task of the Higher Self, the Higher Self because several functions. These functions are manifold, but one of the functions - it is an illusion to hold the human perception of a human observer.

The second function - is the implementation experience of the soul, experience in relation to the tasks inkarnatsionnym.
The third function - is to find a person in a state of destructive energy exchange in relation to the space perception, civilizations master plan, which build a space, create a man-made structures, buildings, machinery, objects of use, household appliances, clothes, cosmetics, food, respect for human consumption .
These investments are valued civilizations as some options for mutual human perception. A person consuming smoked sausage, make-up, using trucks, cars, luxuries or necessities falls, depending on the perceived space and, therefore, should create those or other components of emotional skeletons, which are food, energy fed those civilizations that create this space, create it, put their own experience, their efforts, their energy investments.
Man falls into a certain pattern of interaction, which defines it in the transfer of certain emotional design as defined in the fields of energy perception of civilizations.

This scheme was not yet dismantled, has not been explained to you as objects of development as the consciousness that seek and find the path to a new understanding of the universe. Fields exchange civilizations destructive type are in the fifth and sixth dimensions.

They create this interaction via its influence on each person. These fields have created an exchange of civilizations of emotional perception of the need for an equivalent form of human experience, human assessments of the events, which are food for them. Since the beginning of civilization destructive, the dietary choices for yourself, delicatessen, "products" created in human emotional fields of human emotions, are in the nature of destructive forms.
It's the emotions associated with fear, anxiety, feelings, greed, jealousy, rage, etc.
This list can transfer indefinitely, but in some subjunctive meaning of these emotions are precisely this hue that connects these civilizations and the human observer is destructive factors, which he perceives in his consciousness and passes in the form of energy that is released from the Field cell from the field of his consciousness in the civilization of consumption or construct civilization plan.
This circuit is very difficult to understand, it is very difficult to realize, as a man does not mean that these civilizational exchange field are very close to his observation of his life, he watched the space, his children, his events.
These fields almost came close to his cell, his state of energy.
These fields work sharing and direct person, depending on the events of the observed pattern, which brought into his mind, and unfolds in the form of illusion, as his world, his space, his life, his thinking.

Today we would like to talk specifically about thinking about mysleformirovanii that people can start to evaluate right now, because it is classified as "given", it provided allowed.

Today the human observer is given the opportunity to analyze their thought-forms, his fortune, including the expense of violations of certain laws illusion of certain rules, which were inviolable respect to the third dimension of space is still just 5-6 years ago. This authorization is given so that humanity itself is close to vibrations 3, 8-3, 9. These vibrations are the maximal allowable with respect to the space of the fourth dimension, which does not contain the coefficients of a destructive nature, the coefficients created civilizations master plan.

Consequently, in these boundary layers in these new vibratory codes human consciousness begins to actively get rid of sub-structures of fear, anxiety, greed, acute algorithms that are embedded in the form of ungovernability, instability of character, etc.

These states are aligned, they pulled out, canceled, cleaned, cut, fixed, reprogrammed.

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And this work is of superior system, so many people, even the majority of people today are transformed, they begin to think differently, unless it is given a different experience, if not laid back in their condition inkarnatsionnogo way.
. Today, in the space of observation more than 25-30% of the people moving on the way of development in one way or another. Some people are moving toward degradation to reach a certain state, to turn back, some people feel more happy, easy-going, more harmonious. We described in our previous lectures.

This movement is, it unevenly in different directions and do not share a common vector of connecting people in the process. But it will happen sooner or later, because by themselves observers will leave the state of hibernation, will see new opportunities, new status, and most importantly - to assess their thought-forms, as the thought-form at the moment is the most problematic part of the human condition analysis, assessment of reality .

The very thought-form output as a vector, a certain mean value between the need to satisfy the condition of civilization basic plan, between the needs of the Higher Self to connect the experience of the soul and the observer, between the need to keep the law of the Higher Self illusion.

This creates a balance in a certain thought form a mixed state, which is issued in the subconscious and consciousness in the curved, in compressed form, which contains narrow the range of possibilities, factors of development in relation to the potential range of the true man. This narrowing, primarily associated with the inertia of the program of the Higher Self, which connects its status with past events, with the last years of residence of the observer creates the need of an energy exchange that dictates her civilization. Influence of civilizations on the Higher Self, civilizations destructive master plan requires a separate lecture, disassembly, explanations, since this effect is strong enough and quite unmanageable from the point of view of the observer relative to the actual civilizations.

These processes are subject to regulation, managing a fairly large percentage of their total aggregate energy intensity. Sami civilization master plan, whether the Anunnaki, whether gray civilization scenario plan - Orion, Sirius and others create a state observer in the required ratios of their own capabilities, self-communion.

And sometimes these requirements, the ranges of consumption are extremely energy-in terms of consumption of human emotions, and the man getting into a relationship, in a cocoon of communion with the destructive events, begins to sink into them, feeling like a black belt, black events.

It is very common today as people begin to experience more and more negative emotions, and civilization are becoming more and consume more of these emotions, not stopping almost at nothing to collect for this observer developments in diverse, assorted states, but they lead an observer to the same result - a negative experience, it's destructive thinking

From such a state there is, and it is quite simple - it is to harmonize, to calm down, get out of the state space required stay out of communication, the environment and bring their thought forms in relation to the space of perception in a more harmonized, more balanced state in relation to space.

But this method is rather complicated, because the Higher Self policymakers thought forms will cause an observer to plunge again and again in these destructive events in the negative balances of communion with space.

Therefore, there is another way, other systems interact - an analysis of thought-forms, it is a mirror image of destructive thought forms.

Needless mirror image mysleformirovaniya destructive method is quite simple, as you just need to spread out and to reflect the thought-forms in the direction of the return of their occurrence, in the direction of the source of their perception.

This reflectivity on the one hand, helps a person understand his own negative thinking, your own negative destructive status in relation to the space, on the other hand, it helps the person to get enough of, or rather, to return the energy balance, the energy saturation in relation to the space perception, translate itself on the positive perception of space by a factor of joy, satisfaction, goodness in relation to space accommodation.

It's easy enough to do, because they are constantly removing destructive mylseformy man moved toward joy, kindness, positive, increased energy, because any thought form, any destructive state in terms of negative energy exchange pulls out a man of his energy, his energy balances, leading him to a state of fatigue , fatigue.

It feels fatigued most employees, the majority of those working in enterprises in the business full-time. This fatigue feel almost all the citizens that are in employment, especially in large cities, metropolitan areas, as this fatigue accumulates not only due to their work, their communion with the space of external observation, their office, their duties, their communication, but and including, with others, which are the energy balances and transmit them through the field in the state of consciousness of the human observer.

It is something like if you put cucumber in a jar of pickles, and the cucumber in a few days will become as salty as all neighboring cucumbers. Likewise, the observer, who came from the countryside, from the nature of a positive good mood in a state of happiness, a state of positive, able to energonapolnennosti a few days in the city, being in the office, some work begins to lose that energy, reallocate positive emotions toward the negative, toward destructive values.

It happens to all who fall into these fields based in the city egregors that their population density, their essential form of energy it creates destructive field thinking, destructive thought forms.

Analyzing these thought-forms, one must understand that any thought form that comes to him, he has to create a positive, fun, good mood. When he realizes that his thinking is directed to a bad mood, to establish the duties of care, in the form of work, it must transform these thought-forms on other participations, as another kind of awareness, thinking mind.



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