How to deal with people who constantly strive to lower your self-esteem: 7 invaluable advice.

Most of us are faced with people who seemed to enjoy the fact that humiliate others. This phenomenon even has a name - socially destructive behavior. From the outside it looks completely innocuous, but the consequences can be quite severe. Man gets emotional trauma, begins to doubt their own abilities, feel a lack of support, it is touchy. After such a long time will have to rebound, so it is best to take action at the first signs of destructive behavior. Here are a few tips on how to do it.

1. Look for signs
Before something suspicious, make sure it's really a case of socially destructive behavior. Each of us talking nonsense, without thinking. It is important that people offend you on purpose. The essence of this behavior is that one person uses the negative to diminish the reputation and merit of another, to humiliate him.

Signs of the source of socio-destructive behavior:

Other people also notice the daring behavior of this man; You're always on the defensive against him, trying to prove something; He is inclined to criticize, condemn, loves to gossip about their friends under the guise of good intentions; It compliments insincere and even hurtful; It creates the appearance that cares about you and wants what is best; < It knocks you to the target by offering tempting options.
2. Establishing a motive
It is always important to understand, from what motives people trying to humiliate you. The first thing that comes to mind - envy. But there are other reasons, for example:

Competition. Particularly this motive prevalent in the workplace, a person behaves this way because he feels powerless. Projection. If you are doing something that was not possible this man, he can project his failure at you. Anxiety. For example, you moved to another city to pursue his dream. But parents are very worried about it and doing everything to change your decision.
3. Be sincere
Try to talk to someone to explain what it does hurt. If the reason for this behavior - anxiety, try to discuss their plans and show that you are not in danger. Communication often helps resolve conflicts. Explain to the person that envy and jealousy - by his enemies.

4. Keep your mouth shut
If you do not like the man's reaction to your success, just do not share them. Sometimes the cause of social and destructive behavior may be the desire to spoil your mood. Try to avoid those for which one can criticize you.

5. Change your attitude
If you humiliate a stranger, you can just stop communicating. But the source of destructive behavior can be a friend or relative, then it's not so simple. Try to temporarily disengage from this man, perhaps then he will understand that you need support, not criticism.

6. Look at it from the other side
Criticism may motivate and competition makes us stronger. Moreover, destructive behavior is often directed to your weaknesses. It can serve as a signal that it is necessary to change in yourself.

7. Find support
Surround yourself with people who you really appreciate and love!

In today's society it is almost impossible to avoid the manifestations of social and destructive behavior. The main thing - to recognize the offenders and take action. Then you keep your emotional health, and you will succeed. Share this information with your friends!

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