20 ways to improve self-esteem and gain confidence

It is a fact that low self-esteem harmful to humans as it leads to various unpleasant consequences, and in this post we will discuss effective ways to increase self-esteem. The article will be of interest to a wide circle of readers, as it contains sage advice that will benefit everyone. The following ways will also help you gain confidence in yourself and make your life more positive and harmonious.

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Why self-esteem is too low? Because we live in a selfish society where everyone is striving to be better than the other (or, at least, look like in the eyes of others or in their own), tend to "lower" others.

The man lowers the self-esteem of another just because he himself it is undervalued and he tries to compensate it by suppressing the other, using all available means, direct or indirect. People with normal self-esteem will not make others "less than" or "worse"; they understand that we are all different and each unique in their own way, and everyone has their place and role in life. The idea of "I'm better than the other" is a sign of ego and ignorance, nothing more.


How to evaluate yourself? Before we look at how to increase self-esteem, we should say a few words about the proper self-esteem in General. To properly self assess, you need to put emotion aside and look at the situation sensibly, connecting mind. And it so happens that man, having read "smart" articles on raising self-esteem through various methods of self-hypnosis, begins to imagine himself almost a God, which, of course, from the looks at best ridiculous, and at worst – a man creates even more problems.

Evaluate yourself clearly. Don't think autosuggestion can cheat life: the trick might work, but in the end, everything will be balanced – everyone will get what they deserve. The losers are those people who in a previous life tore off a big chunk of the pie, but they tore him from his future, so now, when the future became the present, left with nothing. The people correctly say: for every artful nut there is a tricky bolt.

Therefore, the best way to improve self-esteem, trouble-free and reliable means, is to work on yourself: improving your quality of character, in a wide variety of activities and doing good deeds, people really value themselves higher than when says and does stupid things, and therefore gets more deserved. The conclusion is simple: you need to be a good person and do more good, then self-esteem issues will not arise. The idea that life can be fooled – totally crazy and it should be abandoned immediately.

The methods that are listed below are nuggets of wisdom, gathered from the web.

How to increase self-esteem: 20 ways1. Refuse any destructive criticism and self-criticism. Destructive criticism is negative evaluation of a person, action or event that involves an attempt to impose on the world their point of view. Imposition is violence, and life does not like violence, so don't waste your energy on something that will turn against you. If you can not without criticism, change it from destructive to constructive, help the situation.

2. To abandon negative thoughts, stop terrorizing our self destructive attitudes. Thoughts create our future – think about it constantly, and attract. Think about the bad attract the bad and think about good attract good. Feed the positive and spread it around is the effective way to increase self – esteem.

3. To stop blaming yourself and making excuses. If you did something wrong, and accusing you of it, just accept it as fact. What extra emotions and excuses? Yes, guilty, Yes, fixed. Do not drive yourself into a sense of guilt and do not look for excuses – it's all in the past. Be in the present and think about the future creatively and positively – this way of thinking is the most optimal for person.

4. To communicate more with positive and confident people who are not trying to pressure you or to make "below". Select or rebuild your social circle, as this depends on your self-esteem and self-confidence. Say "who lead – on and rack".

5. To engage in your favorite activity that brings true joy or satisfaction. If it's not about your work, then you need to find a hobby that will give you the feeling that life is lived not in vain. Doing what you really like to do, you gain self-confidence and, perhaps even, the meaning of life, and it significantly raises self-esteem. You can take a free test on purpose in order to understand what activities will bring you success and true happiness, and begin to deal with it. When a person knows his purpose and what he likes, he lives happily, using their skills and talents, and had simply no problems with self-esteem.

6. Be patient with yourself. Changing yourself and implementing into your life a new positive model of behavior, we want immediate gratification for their actions, but it should be noted that in the material world separated from the investigation causes some amount of time, and not always the reward comes immediately.

7. To plan for the future. Set yourself a realistic (achievable) objectives that shall describe the real steps to achieve them and regularly bring them to life is an effective way to achieve success and gain confidence. Do not wait for tomorrow and don't allow the mind to ponder more than is actually necessary, as the mind tends to think too much in to doubt and find excuses "why not to do it." If the mind (and women's intuition) says "must" and "better this way", then we must, and so.

8. To stop feeling sorry for yourself and others. If we do, then, agree that a person can not cope with the problem that life is unfair, and that the next time the victim could be me. If you can help someone – help, but do not tune out the negative wave of sympathy and pity, because it will only make things worse for themselves and others. Attempts to gain pity and sympathy (instead of real help) – this is a manifestation of subconscious desires, "to others it was no better than me."

9. Gratefully accept gifts of fate. Very often people think that a blind fate sends good people like me unworthy. Fate is never wrong – just there is a delay in time, and we can't always track what we had something good. Bearing gifts of fate, continue to do good deeds, share your positivity with others and you will by the law of karma will come back more and more good. This way of interacting with the world the most reasonable.

10. Not to be presumptuous: "one man is no man". Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of wisdom. Shy and weak loses and the strong, when he feels he needs the support, asking for support, because he never refuses to help if it is in his power, and not contrary to common sense. We can solve problems that life puts in front of us, but nobody says that it should be done alone. On the contrary, interaction with the world around us is the key to success. Find your support — and you will become many times stronger, gain confidence and learn to trust the world around them.

11. Love their flaws and troubles. Any difficulties and challenges make us stronger if we overcome them, and not resist. The resistance situation only reinforces it, because we are not trying to take her, and push back. Therefore, there is no solution, but to correct the situation, only to accept it. Cope with problems and situations, it's gonna raise your self-esteem.

12. Take care of your body, because it is not the clothes that you can change at will any time. Keep the body clean, treat and prevent disease. A sick man is always weaker than healthy. What for to create to itself superfluous problems? Eliminate the causes of disease as soon as they are discovered, not postponing.

13. Bring all cases to the end, as unfinished business, reduce self-esteem and self-confidence, remind us of the defeat and weakness. Never throw things halfway — then you will not blame yourself. It's a wonderful way to gradual confidence building.

14. Don't get hung up on the possession. Any owned item, it may suddenly disappear or break. And than it was more expensive, the heavier loss and the greater the loss you will weaken. And also the people we are trying to assign itself, can at any time go away from us, and the dependence remains. Ultimately, everything belongs to God, and our enjoyment is only temporary, keep that in mind. So be grateful for what you have, but don't get attached to these temporary things.

15. Stop to show their importance and to pretend that you are better than others. If you do not meet the image that show the surrounding will put you on the spot, and you will look ridiculous. In addition, such behavior you will attract someone willing to fight you what is usually measured and you can a shame to lose that in no way will contribute to improve self-esteem.

16. To overcome your fears. Fears is the main destroyer of your confidence. Most try to do things that I was afraid to do, but can do without the stupid, useless heroism and excessive risk taking. You might find that overcoming fears is the best way to achieve success.

17. To help people, to benefit society and set the other on the positive wave. This will give you confidence in yourself; and when you realize that bring good to people, not to be considered a loser.

18. Act decisively and purposefully, not looking back and not worrying about past failures. Focus on the goal and go boldly to her; and when you reach it, it will not be necessary to raise self-esteem.

19. To study the wisdom attempting to penetrate into the most important secrets of life ("who am I?" "what am I doing here?", "how does this work?") and to get answers to these questions. As self-knowledge and spiritual growth disappear complexes, insecurities and other problems of material existence.

20. Love yourself now and always. You are a unique person with a unique set of qualities and abilities, you are an integral part of life, you have a unique role and place in life. God made you so; if he wanted you the other would do the other. The Creator accepts you just the way you are in each moment of time, so it makes no sense not to take itself, and not to love. Understanding this highly improves self-esteem, isn't it? So never wait for that one bright moment when you earn your own love, and that this moment just never comes.


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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