10 signs of low self-esteem

How we treat ourselves, treat us and others. Low self-esteem syndrome, which can cause serious problems both my career and personal life. Perfectionism Perfectionism can be a manifestation of low self-esteem and its cause. A perfectionist striving for a nonexistent perfection and high standards rarely gets satisfaction from their work and therefore more susceptible to criticism. It seeks to correspond to the ideal image, who created himself, and, not reaching him, he feels a sense of disappointment in myself up to scorn.

It People with low self-esteem constantly uses in his speech certain words. First, it is a negative phrase expressing negation: "it is impossible, not sure, not ready, not knowledgeable; Yes, but...".

Secondly, the constant apologies. And third, the phrases "lowered" the value of things and of human labour. Surely you know the excuses: "I just got lucky", "most of the work done by my colleagues, and I was just helping" and so on. People with low self-esteem do not take the compliments and gratitude, seeking at once to argue with the praise and prove otherwise. Why? It's all in the guilt. No matter what. Perhaps the work done on them look good enough or they put little effort in fulfilling the request, even if accomplished it. Guilt is another characteristic that can identify a person who does not think about himself too much.

Guilt the guilt and perfectionism may be the cause of low self-esteem. The psychologist says Darlene Lancer, if the person feels deeply guilty and a long time to forgive myself for this, it will constantly reproach myself for it, to remind you of your "burden on the heart," and to constantly be ashamed for their actions. In the end, he will lose self-respect and with it self-esteem.

The dependence can be reversed. People with low self-esteem also suffers from constant self-criticism and are not able to perceive the mistakes of the past. Hence the neurotic guilt of insecure people

According to the research of the doctor of psychological Sciences, Lars Madsen — often the cause of depression or constant bad moods also could be lack of confidence. According to her, self esteem is the key to the development and recovery from depression, which is considered a serious psychological problem.

Justification People with low self-esteem tend to justify other, even if their actions violate all norms of conduct. They usually argue that the fact that everyone has their own circumstances that all can understand. Psychologists explain such a position by trying to avoid criticism with which it is possible to face, condemning others.

The lack of initiative That really bothers people with low self-esteem in the professional field, is the lack of initiative. A man has received certain powers, whenever possible, will give them to somebody else. No wonder, because he's not sure he will cope with its task, even if it is "as" in their field. In a dispute with someone, he is also unlikely to defend their position, preferring to agree with the opponent.

The indecision Responsibility for their decisions these people are not ready to bear. They generally prefer to solve nothing. Suddenly they make a mistake, and the decision is incorrect. In this case, to avoid criticism fail. The worst thing for insecure people – criticism of loved ones: family, friends, who they fear losing. This is, in their opinion, will pay for the wrong decision.

Attempt to avoid conflicts "Not sure – do not go". Such is the position adopted by people with low self-esteem. They are willing to do anything to avoid conflict or tension between people. Everything should be balanced, even if it is achieved through a "white lie", which sooner or later lead to more serious problems.

Hostility is Found and the reverse side of the coin, when people with low self-esteem, in contrast, showed open hostility and cynicism towards others. Is just an option defensive positions, as the saying goes: "the best way to protect - attack".

Fatigue, insomnia, headache, Symptoms of low self-esteem can be not only psychological, but physical as well. According to psychologists, the extreme disappointment in myself leads to chronic insomnia, fatigue and headache. published

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