WOMEN'S SELF-EVALUATION - capital repair and replanning

Self-esteem of women determines its mood. Mood - its present reality and the condition of her family. Today it forms tomorrow. And not just her tomorrow, and the future of the whole family.

Self-esteem of women - this is the most common problem most frequently asked questions. And how many will not answer - you will be asked again and again its just a different sauce.

Let's look at another side of the issue of self-esteem. What it depends on us, women? With men it is clear - they summarize their achievements and compared with the desired amount of trophies. And they do it perfectly works. But we have - no. A woman can raise a whole bunch of cups and horrible at the same time to treat herself. And most of all - the experience - the worse the woman belongs to her, the more she tries to collect achievements, beat here and there, to be the best. For what? Because it seems that from this it the attitude of the same change.

So what then of the women's self-esteem depends on if the male version of the achievements does not work? It is said that a woman belongs to him exclusively as it includes others, especially - the closest. Her self-esteem depends on in what ways it is, but on how she evaluates, depends on her choice of loved ones. Vicious circle? Schizophrenia? No, the ordinary life of an ordinary woman.

Therefore, our self-esteem so unstable. After talking with a good man who loves and respects - feel fine, treat yourself gently. I talk with someone who does not appreciate you, and whom you do not like - you feel like a man of the third grade. And depending on what kind of people with you more, you will get different results attitude. Simple math. Just summarize, we did not achieve, not trophies, but the love, care and respect.

Self-esteem determines our communication
Women with the same input data, receive different quality communication, will feel differently. I know those who are not gifted with more than good looks or intelligence, but rich relations. They have no problems with the adoption of its body, or self-esteem. Although the part it seems that these problems have to be that way to live and enjoy this here - all sin.

And vice versa - there are a bunch of beautiful, successful, intelligent women, next to which is "leech" poison their lives their envy, anger, criticism. These girls often think that something is wrong with them. Since I do not like, then I'm really not worthy of love - so think about the female brain. If those who are not like me, a lot - that certainly in my problem. Not those who give them a poison communication, and to themselves.

Clever, beautiful, kind girl tormented by the fact that they like as not enough beautiful, smart, good, because someone said something, somehow appreciated. Because their childhood trying to improve this way, all the while showing where you're not good enough yet. And as a good talk is not accepted, not to to praise, a feeling that everything in me not. Everything is bad. Simply throw than the remake.

This attitude gives rise to his rampage internal critics who are already without the help of parents continue to look at the world "helper." And the woman will continue over a mock order to love her, that she, in her opinion, has finally become worthy. She can crawl out of their way in order to they told her one good word to please everyone, to someone to prove something.

A woman who does not like himself, create in your life so many obstacles, difficulties, trials. It will provoke the world to abuse of her same. It will make a lot of unnecessary movements, emptied, dwindle, sprayed, torn to pieces.

That is how we go on a journey for trophies and vertices. Once men help, and I, probably, too? But the path to achievement leads to desolation, and does not change anything inside. How not to love themselves and do not fall in love. Then how else?

Whimsical plant
You can understand the mechanism of formation of women's self-esteem and learn to choose their communication. Sets limits to those who thus affects you, open the door for those who love you and appreciate seek like-minded people, to close the door for critics and envious. Good girls in this place are beginning to revolt - say, all must love. It is necessary. But how? If you even now do not love yourself? What then do you know about love?

First, you need to nurture the love in your heart. This is a very capricious plant, and it is not easy to adjust to. A bit drafty or cold - it freezes. The heat - drying. Water the time, but do not pour. Let's light, but do not burn. He needed space, they need to share. But it is impossible to give beyond measure. It is not easy, huh?

And to begin with, then you need yourself. To begin to treat myself with respect and love. First, to yourself, and then - to the neighbor as ourselves. And often to leave his withered bush, from the need to give up something. For example, to communicate with difficult people. Do not create a burden for him beyond measure to our flower could come to life, to kill, to get stronger. And then you can try it with sophisticated communication options.

That is difficult for us to people, you must first limit and distance - to develop in the heart of love, and then to accept and love - when it will be nothing. Otherwise, you're trying to take it all and digest themselves eat - and then another and their loved ones. What's so good? Who will benefit from it?

Do you want to accept and love yourself? Seriously, we have the question of its own communication. Increase the number of "good" and reduce the amount of "bad". And then compare their condition. You will notice that when you take care of you and very easy to be more careful to themselves. When you respect, and you yourselves do not call in different words. When you love, love blossoms in your heart. Including - the most to you.

Why should I care about self-esteem?
Is it so important? From false ego is necessary to get rid of, to be humble and all that. Truth? But critics - our teacher, guru, karma ... Then we have to take more lessons and somehow get out of all this. Then life will be correct.

That's what people think good girls who continue to try to please everyone all to digest, however difficult it may be. And wrong. As a result of their life nobody makes happier, including themselves. Close beside them do not get the desired warmth, and the girls themselves are unhappy themselves and the situation in which there are, even if you do not recognize this right. And why? Because I do not care about the basic things for themselves - self-assessment.

Self-esteem of women determines its mood. Mood - its present reality and the condition of her family. Today it forms tomorrow. And not just her tomorrow, and the future of the whole family. You know how important it is to worry about it now? Not just for himself, and not even for himself. And in order to create the good mood for their loved ones (and a favorite) Enjoy your future.

The difference between a happy and unhappy woman in one - first allow yourself to be happy, and allows others to make her happy. This is her conscious choice, according to its internal sense of itself. She considers herself worthy to take care of her, to be loved, respected and valued. And that kind of attitude she receives from others, which "feeds" her self-esteem and helps it to be self-confident.

The poor woman does not feel worthy, always justifies itself spread rot and torments, nothing for himself does not take care of herself does not want to, but the other does not allow. This is also a choice. But more often unconscious. Choosing to continue to consider themselves the same as it used to be someone lucidly explained. And the difference between first and second is - only that she chose.

Where is the exit?
The problem with self-esteem often in whose eyes you see yourself now. Mamin? Papin? Head? Critics? Envious? We are not able to evaluate themselves. Therefore it is necessary to change the starting point. Point of view.

Is there next to you, those whose eyes you can see the same right now - and see something else? Something more pleasant and useful? Do those who love you, appreciate, understand, accept? Are there many people? And if not enough of them, where to find them?

That kind of relationship is required to protect and nurture, in such relationships need to visit as often as possible. It is a healing fellowship for you. It's your safe haven, where they can come running to calm down, dismiss all superfluous. This is the place where it will be comfortable and happy you grow the flower.

Do you think this is easy? Try it. You will encounter resistance in the wild, with a sense of guilt that you are so-and-so, do not deal with such "important" people. You may say that you are all proud and conceited, you can - and will - be offended. You will be hard to keep a distance with someone and will always want to talk again.

And feeding your relationship, you will feel that you interested in what the person you are bothered that you are not worthy of it. You will be ashamed, afraid to dial a phone number, ask them to come for a visit. Because as such a good person to put a pig in the form itself.

From this start, all those who are tired of playing the race to the bottom. Those who do not want to prove anything to anyone who is bored tops, cups, and a feeling that no matter what you did, it is never enough. The first step is the hardest. Make it - and stay there where you walk. Make out the second and third step. Are you ready for this?

Olga Valyaeva


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