How to start a women's strength

Every woman wants to have a strong female energy, to be strong, feminine, attractive, to feel your feminine resources, right?

We do a lot of practices in order to approach this goal, to become harmonious, feminine, holistic, inner peace.

It is important for us to be strong like a woman in order to have a manly man, strong, manly, responsible, relentless and loyal. Because it is our feminine energy and its quantity allows a man to remain faithful and to get the energy on the side of other women.

And we want to be feminine and strong, to meet with obstacles in life, we can wisely and calmly look at them, learn from them a lesson and to see in this situation, the care and the love of God, instead of nervous, to complain and to ask "for what?" to bring yourself to a nervous breakdown and ultimatums to God.

We want to be feminine and strong, that we have the patience, love and endurance to raise our children in an atmosphere of tenderness and approval to their mother — has always been a firm pillar and Marina love at any age, and not a cowering, nervous woman, which itself is not strong enough to live.

Girl power we need for friendship, because sometimes our beloved friends is bad and hard, and his energy and love we can re-inspire them to develop and further the way we can give them faith in themselves and power in the creation of their own reality.

We really need feminine power in order to live harmoniously, internally easy, relaxed and feminine happily.

Female force or Shakti is the basis of creation of the world, she started it and she is the source of everything in this world. Our feminine energy creates reality, it creates the material world, it is born and grows, it attracts and draws, it is forever more important than gold and diamonds because girl power — this is the essence of creating reality, the key to life!

And therefore, men really need female muses for the creation of great things, children need affectionate mothers, grandmothers — caring granddaughter with love in her eyes.

A strong woman is needed by everyone, because wherever she came, she evokes the life and energy in this place, it creates an energy space and fills it with vibrations of love.

Lately I pay a lot of attention precisely because of its female force, not intelligence, not knowledge, namely, internal energy! And I noticed one thing: people's attitude to me changes a lot, men take care of me, even barely familiar help, protect and offer support. The daughter began to treat me with great affection and tenderness. Friends and girlfriend help in a common cause, support and always come to the rescue, when suddenly I became sad. If I have a good mood all be happy if I'm sad, those around you (especially men) are beginning to make efforts to ensure that I got all excited, because they are dependent on my energy.

To be energetically powerful a woman is very profitable.

First, you create the mood and energy around and not get under someone's influence. Wanted — all laugh, he wanted to — all the nostalgia, or I got all romantic and everything was drowned in thoughts of love .

Or, for example, came home, and her husband angry after work. Took voodoo a calm gentle mood, approached him, silently hugged, kissed, wrapped their energy, like a soft blanket, and went about his women's Affairs in the kitchen. Every 5-10 minutes, the husband comes into the room have a calm and inquisitive wondered how you were doing. He had calmed down again and everything is fine. Convenient, right?

Or the baby is crying and fussy, and you take his hands and say, "Aw, you're so sweet! I understand how sad you are..." and bathe him in her love. And after 2 minutes the baby already smiles and runs to play.

No need to argue, to explain, to prove, to nervous, to cheat and to survive. I personally always use your feminine power, even in working time: a fight in the team work (do I have to repair in the Studio), all on edge, something goes wrong, come to the foreman, put his hand on the wrist or on the edge of the shoulder and calmly, softly say, "You have such a great work done already so beautiful..." or not say anything at all, just immersing the user through touch in its state, and all he'll calm down. It takes a few minutes, they are already running smoothly and all is well again.

Secondly, you yourself create your reality. When a woman has strong energy, then it is quite in a good mood, something to wish and to let it go, just to continue to live. It will take quite a long time, and her wishes will come true!

Thirdly, you feel part of the great creation of God, a part of the great cosmic female power, and you're always protected. You can always feel and realize that the Great MA you lead and protect.

And it's not just some words to protect real people. You just need to trust!

Recently I have in the Studio the movers left open on the night of the faucet and flooded the floor with water, beautiful flooring chocolate colour is swollen and deteriorated. Not only that, I lost a lot of money, so I'm still lost precious days, because I wanted faster to enter the Studio and begin to create there is a great woman. I sat down and sad. About anything not think, just sat and grieved quietly. I immediately began to call, and when he heard my voice, then immediately began to receive help and support. The next day came the guys, and not just put new floors in 1 day, but still stood up for me and made those careless movers to be responsible for their actions.

Fourth, you all feel fine!

When you're in touch with yourself, you feel state of people and their needs. Women are by nature very empathic, clairvoyance, Snezana, clairaudience is not a gift, and is quite common. These opportunities are at all women who came into contact with his nature. And so a strong woman knows everything in advance, without any logic or it is on a subtle level already knows what the outcome started. And in this learning to listen to your intuition and your heart, we women, get the key to the world's knowledge, to foresee and control its destiny.

Each of You ever received answers from the universe in the form of dreams, hunches, inner voices or sudden awareness. But when we are in touch with your feminine nature, we can be connected with this condition constantly.

For example, in my circle, where women live in accordance with his nature, feeling each other is quite normal.

Just a couple of days ago I get a call my mentor on cosmoenergy, and said, "Julia, yesterday I was minding my own business in the evening and suddenly felt sick, I got the information that you need to hold at certain energies. What happened to you?". And actually, at that time I had a very serious condition, and everything she described to me, is met in reality.

I think the magic? Nothing of the sort. We can feel so all, if you enter your female energy pole, instead of the mind begin to listen to heart and trust your feelings.

In short, from strong feminine energy use and the benefits are many. I can describe them for a long time.

Recently on my consultations I often ask the question:"How can be feminine and strong? What is this force? How to produce? How to multiply it in yourself?"

I think this question is relevant to many women!

Let's deal!

How to start a women's strength...

With being a woman. Not just understanding of what I have here is on sex, namely, feeling and making myself a woman, your body of its features.

The woman is very important to take on themselves some of the facts and to treat them with acceptance and tranquility.

The first most important fact: "a Woman's creative power. When the bad woman is bad for everyone. When a woman is good — all thrive!"

This awareness is very important in order for the woman not exhaust yourself, do not buck from a deficit and has always cared first and foremost about their emotional state, knowing that depend on all the surrounding people. The woman, self-realized, always knows what to give and do you need only the abundance, but first you need to fill myself with grace, his body a pleasure and your heart with love! When You know yourself to psychic energy, much in life falls into place: you no longer adapt to men and their gloomy mood, you cease to depend on the opinions of friends, are You comfortable with the vagaries of the child and able to cope with it. And knowing that You will always take great care to make as many cases as possible, and your mood and condition, because they are the key to your joy and joy of others.

The second important fact, which we all know but are trying to fight:"a Woman is not stable"

The female energy by itself is not structured and chaotic, is a concentration of power that can turn the good and evil. We are not permanent and not stable, we have often changed the mood, because we strongly feel the vibrations of the planets, the overall energy of the city, country, planet, through us, the flow of energies, and we periodically broadcast the pain or suffering of different egregors.

We are the mediators, the guides. So even if a woman's life all right, she may occasionally cry from the inner pain of unknown origin. So worked through women's karma through the state.

Explain to the man its state is not possible.

One day I was driving with my husband, everything was fine, and suddenly I saw across the road passes a couple of old people: the lame, the blind old man has on his arm, exhausted and tired from the life of his wife. They approached the store. And looking at them, I felt their condition of alienation, no one of necessity, loneliness, despair, powerlessness before the world, the pain of his helplessness and weakness. I burst into tears. I was crying and couldn't stop! Husband, as always, did not understand what was happening. Only the wife is fine and fun, told his review of the film, and here she sits crying!

I think the story You're familiar with.

And many women are trying to deal with my instability, to discipline ourselves, to suppress emotions, in the end, they increase virility.

Instead, you need to accept his emotional volatility and changeability, and to account for it in your life. Can over it sometimes to laugh, because it is at times very funny . And we need to make allowances in your daily life, don't blame yourself for what came to shop for boots and left with new underwear. Or if You are covered by sadness, don't look for reasonable reasons to be sad, to explain his condition. Just say, "I'm just sad... there's no reason! No one is to blame.I'll cry and calm down. Stay with me, hold me..." — it means to be in touch with their emotions.

A woman is Chaos, man is Cosmos (translated as "order"), and if you feel You have Space — so You moved away from your power. For women, the randomness is quite normal, she knows that she may have in her chaos :). A good example is bag. In this bag just a couple of branches, but there is a million things. How to find the necessary? Put your hand, close my eyes, involves intuition and voila — the thing you have in your hand the first time. See this phenomenon for yourself and other women. To order and structure a woman needs a man, and then in the relationship for him to be place, and he will grow and develop.

People often ask me: "Julia, tell me about your time management as You have all the time?"

I honestly don't know. My time management — pure intuition, I feel intuitively which way to go, what business to start, what to defer, where to go, what to do in the first place. All my attempts to bring myself to the classic discipline — crowned with low energy and irritation, and increase male energy. I even sometimes it happens that I leave the house, and I don't know where it was going, just trusting in her hands, feeling the road, and then suddenly be in a very right place or meet with a particularly important person. Pure chaos, no man will not understand me.

Do not try to drive yourself strict limits, discipline, order need a man! Stay with chaos, and You come to the Space...

There is only one important recommendation. If Your inner chaos beyond all bounds — harmonize the external procedures, start to tidy the house and get things in order. Immediately become calmer!

What else makes a woman strong, powerful?

Women's skills. Yes, they increase our women's self-confidence, prepare us for the relationships, create the Foundation of female power.

Let's consider an example of two women:

Skills first : she's a doctor of legal Sciences, two degrees, owns a computer, languages, studied in the best business schools and clearly knows how to negotiate, drive a car, understand politics.

Skills second: excellent cook (she has several cooking classes), owns sexual practices (Tantra, vumbilding, Danish practice and of course, read "Branch Peach" translations into Russian Kama-Sastra), she knows how to massage, knows the psychology of women and men, engaged in energy and is able to control their States to treat.

  • Do You think any of these women, most calmly and with confidence will feel in the relationship?
  • Anyone of them will be easier to attract a man into your life?
  • Will be easier for someone to create a strong family?
  • With which of these women relationship men will develop harmoniously?
The more women are purely feminine skills, the more likely she is to build a harmonious relationship, the more it is in demand and unique.

This summer I often had to communicate with men of a rather high level. In the dialogue with one of them accidentally found out that I do massage, to cook, to heat the sauna, ride a broom, to dance and to do a whole slew of other women's intricacies. He looked at me as if I descended from heaven to earth and timidly asked if I could train his wife because, in his opinion — these skills make a woman just a treasure in the family!

Think about how education in any women's fields will bring You a lot of confidence in myself as a woman?

Maybe You will feel more confident at the table inviting the guests and preparing them for a signature dish that makes them moan with pleasure?

Maybe You want to unleash your inner lady of the night and learn sexual practices and techniques that not only make You a desirable woman, but also deepen the relationship on an energetic level?

Maybe You want to improve the qualities of the mistress and learn to create comfort, to welcome guests with warmth and love?

Personally, I know exactly what trump card you can pull out of my deck of cards when you want to charm a man. And every woman has their own branded card. What do You have? And do You plan to expand the deck of trumps?

And of course, the most important condition that gives her strength, making her invincible — the ability to love! Deeply, truly, heart, not the mind...

Love and its accommodation is one of the most important objectives of women's lives. We women would go to any lengths of love... we are ready to suffer, ready to overcome the impossible, willing to wait, and sometimes even die for her!

But are we ready to just let her in and let her be in our lives? Are You ready to love yourself? To love others? Or without feelings to live safer?

In the modern world has created a lot of dogma about love, stereotypes which come to us through the painful experience of other people, through stories and history, through movies and legends.

Almost every woman has in her mind a set of these stereotypes, which separate it from great powers:

1) love will have to suffer/ give...

2) If people love each other they should be together. If they are not together is not love...

3) you can Love only once...

4) it is Impossible to love all of them...etc.

I think You can add to this list a number of conditions and restrictions for love.

But whatever we thought would be interpreted the rules of love, it still remains a condition that is available to everyone who is willing to open his heart...

And us women, it is very important to get rid of the dogmas that keep our heart closed. The heart center fills the woman gives it meaning and strength to live, he brings to her life of sensations, feelings, depth. He gives peace and magic power... if it is open.

We are very much limited by the conventions of our society, which says, if I split to hate each other and be offended, You can no longer love each other.

But it's not. Sometimes fate is such that we lose the people we love, but that does not mean that we should cease to love them, and it also does not mean that with this love all over and Your heart will not feel empty.

Love is universal and big. In fact, when relatives die, we continue to love them, we can also continue to love the people with whom fate threw us...

The woman absolutely needs to be filled with trust in his most important love is the love of God and love of self. And when this love lives in her heart, she clearly feels that "my job, as women, to bring love and tenderness, to bring lightness into the world, and God will make everything else the best way!"

Karma is now unfolding very quickly, in one life we meet some very important karmic people with whom we must share true love, without any admixture of guilt, shame, and pain.

A loving woman is beautiful! Remember your state when You love, everything takes on meaning, content, color, clarity...and then comes the feeling that "this is why I want to live." Important not to confuse the state with the object to which it translirovatsya. And then we can save this state and live with him forever.And we will not be so painful to let go, because what stays with us!

Put hand to heart and feel whether You have the strength to live with love in your heart? Are You willing to acccess this power in itself? And part of the dissonance in the society to continue to live with an open heart?

At some point in my life, I have made this choice, and it brought me an incredible feeling of life. I so strongly I chose love that the people around me were unwittingly begins to unfold 4 chakra. And many are afraid of me, because they are not willing to live like that... while others begin to open their heart, to produce out of it, all hiding, all the power of his love and her thirst. This is especially valid for men. One of the most frequent phrases that I hear: "Julia, what I told you now didn't know me none / I know a couple of people / I've never told anyone about it!"

Because the woman connected with my heart full of love quenches thirst confidence! And trust is the Foundation of a healthy and strong relationship!

A loving woman has a powerful force, she can forgive, she can be merciful!

You know, when I became acquainted with Vedic knowledge, and heard, a woman needs a man so to communicate he needs to cook, needs a feet massage to do, I thought " This is so hard! This is a must have patience and endurance!"

But it was much easier simply to love, what would you have each day can do miracles female!

So please forgive all the insults of his heart, restore the thread of love in relationships with people! You need it. This is for Your happiness.

Now just put your hand on heart and ask:

"What separates me now from the state of love?"

And if any substantial arguments You have, then go throughout the day your heart with love! published

Author: Julia Sudakova

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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