Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy!

Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy. The proximity to a level twists the energy of your aura with the energy of another person. These powerful connections, regardless of how minor you think they are, leave spiritual side remains, especially in people who do not practice internal and emotional cleansing.

The more you interact with someone on an intimate level, the deeper the connection, the more other people's aura is intertwined with yours.

Imagine the fickleness and inconsistency of the human aura, which carries these multiple energy shards!

Many people do not realize that this chaotic force pushes you positive energy attracts more negative energy into your life.

I always say: "Never sleep with those who you would not want to be". Lisa H Patterson.

The intimate relationship between a man and a woman are based on mutual exchange of sexual energy.

A woman uses the energy of Earth, the male energy of the cosmos.

In a pair, which is aimed at long-term, fulfilling relationship, this interchange creates a harmony that gives strength and support to each partner.

How is accumulated, spent and recovering the sexual energy in men and women?


1. How to interact the male and female energy?

Sexual energy is the energy of Yin and Yang energy of the male and female, and their interaction — male and female. This interaction converts the energy of anything that comes from outside, in the sexual energy.

And already the sexual energy affects the human body in General, its performance, the functioning of the internal functions of the body, i.e. its bodies, especially the sexual organs, and his thoughts on how he has the desire to receive pleasure, pleasure in contact with the opposite sex.

The power system that exists in humans (men and women), has an outer shell and an inner. The outer shell of the power system interacts with the energy system of another person. If there is Usiminas people of the opposite sex with each other, the contact of these energy, and if they coincide on some vibration, there is sympathy, and later love.

For example, consider the human body. If you look sideways at the woman, her upper part is convex and this ensures that a woman gives more on an emotional level, that is, the region of the heart, and the emotional energy it gives is preferable. Men, on the contrary, if we look at it more flat.

Therefore, women are more extroverts, that is when she meets the man of her dreams or just a man that she likes, she has a desire to Express these feelings, to tell, to Express all kinds of emotions of delight.

A man more reticent in this regard. On the physical level is most often the opposite is true, that is, if we go down below and look at the body, women inside the women's bodies, and she's more restrained in terms of physical, sexual, and men, on the contrary — convex, and it wants to contact.

When the needs of men and women, contact occurs and interchange between them. It most often occurs in the form of circulation, that is, when the sexual contact the man gives energy to a woman accepts it, is a kind of processing on the energy level and emotionally.

And when you install a stable relationship, it has positive impact on the fact that they are all well on a personal level, that is, personal growth, and in the Affairs of the well, and sex is also all right, everyone gets pleasure, because there is such a harmonious interchange.

2. The exchange of sexual energy between a man and a woman

Male and female energy, particularly sexual, tends to accumulate in certain areas of the human body. Where does it come from? Female sexual energy accumulates in the uterus, and most often it is the energy of the Earth, which on the material level, physical, has a beneficial effect on the fact that there is an accumulation of energy.

The male energy comes from the cosmos, that is, from heaven, that is, the energy obtained from top to bottom, from bottom to top. You can look at the structure of the body, and men are more the triangle goes up, broad shoulders and narrowing goes to the bottom — this sort of funnel, which collects the energy from above. And women, on the contrary, there is an extension downwards, and so the energy from the earth is.

Well, it's the laws of nature, no wonder a woman's body and men designed has some meaning. And, as a consequence, the accumulation of energy depends on it. The accumulation of sexual energy in women in the uterus — that's the energy which has been accumulated, it is given.

She is also, of course, you can accumulate, but also the recovery is when a man gives something on the material level, that is, earns the money, he protects her, provides her a home, comfort. It provides a comfort to him, respectively. The woman also gives the man his energy, it helps to ensure that it all works out well in business.

This energy is necessary for him in order to earn money, build a business or career, so that if he is successful, he gives her on the material level, and there is a interchange.


3. Why frequent change of sexual partners maketh the woman?

In a situation when a woman does not have a permanent partner, she goes from male to male, that is, they are often changed, what happens is that it loses energy, the man accepts, but she receives nothing in return.

As a result, constantly giving different men energy, it after some time becomes empty because there is no interchange of vzaimopomoshi, which contributes to the fact that a person is healthy and active. Well, disease, stress, depression in women, dissatisfaction, because there is not enough energy to get her during sexual relations.

If she still finds a permanent partner, it leads to quarrels. She don't have the energy to give, and, unfortunately, frequent change of partners leads to the fact that all these men take her energy during a certain time. This time is marked with research about 7 years.

And here if to imagine that women and meeting with the standing man was about twenty partners, what power it will have, how it will be active and how long she will still be active with a regular partner, if the previous partners pulled out of her energy. However, they did not give because the relationship is either over, or they were short-lived.

Irina Karkabi

4. How to recover sexual energy?

Sexual energy has come to an end, as all energy. And it is necessary to periodically update, repair. Its reduction is most often associated with the suppression of sexual desires and with the suppression of all desires in different spheres of life.

That is, when we want something and forbid yourself to have fun, walk on nature, because there is no time and busy work, some cases, or we suppress the desire to buy something because it's a waste of money unnecessary suppression of all desires, particularly sexual desires, leads to the fact that we are losing sexual energy. Because satisfaction of desires fills her, and the suppression of desires just leads to the fact that she lost.

To replenish the sexual energy you need, in addition to sex, another to use different equipment. It's not that necessary, but highly recommended. For example, using techniques such as self hypnosis you can build your sexual energy.

When we enter the world of imagination, we imagine the meeting with the beloved man, with whom we have contact on an emotional level and on the physical, but the contact is such that there is always a pleasure, pleasure, absolute relaxation, we all give and get in return out of the other person, we have the interchange.

It is important to feel it all in your imagination, to imagine how good it feels, that is how you are filled with love, joy, happiness merging with it, and it allows you to accumulate sexual energy.

You can also use the technique when we present that accumulate energy from the sun. We accept the energy. It is possible to imagine and to be within the action.

If in the summer, then, let's go watch the sunrise, feel the sun and imagine how the sun's rays penetrate into us. We are like a big antenna, accept the energy from the sun, accumulating inside yourself and transform into sexy.

5. Sexuality that you can feel

Sexy women or sexy men are not just some symptoms. We are able to Express sexuality through clothing, through makeup, through their behavior. But true sexiness depends on how a person has enough sexual energy.

Why? Because its presence contributes to the internal sensations. It affects a person's confidence, on the extent to which people are liberated and free. If energy is not enough — the person bound, compressed, and how would it's appearance neither dressed up, nor tried to make himself sexy, it will be felt by another person.

And when meeting, for example, if a woman is trying to somehow create the image of sexy women in communication, the man will feel it. He may not be attracted to her because she doesn't have enough of this sexual energy. And sexuality, which she tried to show she was only external, artificial. But it is important to find a partner and build a relationship.


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We have to sacrifice for love


Sexuality can immediately feel when they see a human and that sexuality is present — he blows right by it, it is reflected in his gait... the Gait of girls will not put on, from the hip, it will be natural, will be expressed in her femininity.

This is important, because when a man's on the prowl, he's looking for is a woman. And he wants it to be the most feminine, and femininity is manifested in softness, pliability, that it is more sensitive, in its readiness to accept and to give. Believe me — this is extremely important points in building relationships.published





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