Pay attention to who you are sharing your intimate energy. The proximity to this level of twist energy of your aura with the energy of another person. These powerful compounds, no matter how insignificant you think they leave the spiritual side residues, especially in people who do not practice internal or emotional cleansing.

The more you interact with someone on an intimate level, the deeper the connection, and the more other people's auras are intertwined with your.
Imagine fickleness and inconsistency of the human aura, which is in itself the numerous pieces of energy!

Many people do not realize that this indiscriminate force pushes away from you positive energy and attracts more negative energy into your life.

I always say: "Never sleep with those whom you do not want to be." Lisa C. Patterson

Intimate relationship between a man and a woman based on mutual exchange of sexual energy.
A woman uses the energy of the earth, the man - the energy of the cosmos

. The pair, which is aimed at long-term, high-grade bond due to such interchange creates the harmony that gives strength and support to each partner.

How can accumulate, and recovering spent sexual energy in men and women?

1. How to interact with male and female energy?

Sexual energy - the energy of yin and yang, male and female energy, and their interactions - male and female. This interaction converts any energy that comes from the outside, in the sexual energy. And in the sexual energy influences on the human body as a whole, its performance, on the work of the internal functions of the body, that is the work of its bodies, particularly in the work of genitals, and his thoughts on the extent to which he has a desire to have fun, delight in contact with the opposite sex.

The power system that exists in humans (as in male and in female) has an outer and an inner shell. The outer shell of the energy system interacts with the energy of another person. If there is a mutual interest to the people of the opposite sex with each other, the contact is made here of Energy, and if they coincide in some vibration, there is sympathy, and eventually love.

For example, consider a person's body. If you look on the side of a woman, then her upper part is convex, and this is responsible for the fact that women are more giving on an emotional level, ie the area of ​​the heart, and that's the emotional energy it gives preferred. The man, on the contrary, if we look at it more flat. Therefore, women - they are more extroverted, that is, when she meets the man of her dreams or just a man who she likes, her desire to express these feelings, to tell about it, display all kinds of emotions delight

. Male much more restrained in this regard. most often occurs on the physical level, on the contrary, that is, if we go down below and look at the body, then the woman - into the bodies of women, and it is more restrained physically, sexually, and men, on the contrary - convex, and it seeks to pin . When the same desire, men and women, the contact occurs, and there is an interchange between them. It most often occurs in the form of circulation, that is, through sexual contact a man gives up energy, it takes a woman, there is a kind of treatment at an energy level and emotional level. And when established stable relationship is fruitful impact on the fact that they are all well on a personal level, that is, personal growth, and in the affairs of things are going well, and is also all right, everyone takes pleasure in sex, because it is such a harmonious interchange .

2. The exchange of sexual energy between a man and a woman

Male and female energy, particularly sexual, tends to accumulate in certain areas of the human body. Where does it come from? Female sexual energy accumulates in the uterus, and often it is the energy of the Earth, which is on the material level, the physical, has a beneficial effect on the fact that there is an accumulation of energy. The man is the energy of the cosmos, that is, from heaven, that is, energy is obtained from the top down, a woman - from the bottom up. You can look at the structure of the body, and the man is more than a triangle up, broad shoulders and narrowing goes to the bottom - it is such a funnel, which stores energy from above. A woman, on the contrary, is the expansion of the bottom, and so the energy comes from the ground.

Well, it's the laws of nature, not for nothing that a woman's body and man is created in such a way has a certain meaning. As a consequence, the accumulation of energy depends on it. The accumulation of sexual energy in women in the uterus - that this energy that has been accumulated, it is given

. It it also, of course, can accumulate itself, but also the recovery is when a man gives something to the material level, that is, making money, he protects her, offered her house for tourists. It provides comfort to him, respectively. The woman also gives man his energy, it contributes to the fact that he is doing well formed in the affairs. This energy he needs to make money and build a business or career, so that, if it's all successful, he gives her the material level, and there is a mutual exchange.

3. Why is the frequent change of sexual partners a woman empties?

In a situation where a woman has no steady partner, it goes from man to man, that is, change them often, what happens is that it gives energy, a man takes her, but she does not get anything in return. As a consequence, different men constantly giving energy it after a while it becomes desolate, because there is no reciprocity, vzaimobalansa, which contributes to the fact that a person is healthy and active. And the disease, stress, depression among women, dissatisfaction, because they do not have enough energy to get it during sexual intercourse.

If she still finds a permanent partner, then soon it leads to quarrels. She already does not have the energy to give, and unfortunately, the frequent change of partners leads to the fact that all these men are taken away from her energy for a certain time. This research indicated time about 7 years. And if you imagine that the woman before the meeting with the permanent man was about twenty partners, what power it will have, how much it will be active and how long it will still be active with a steady partner, if previous partners pulled out her energy. However, they do not give, because the relationship or have ended, or they were short-lived.

4. How to restore sexual energy?

The sexual energy has the ability to come to an end, like any energy. And it is necessary to periodically update and restore. Its reduction is most often associated with the suppression of sexual desire and the suppression of all desires in the different spheres of life. That is when we want something and do not allow yourself to have fun, go on nature, because there is no time and is constantly busy, even some things, or we suppress the desire to buy something because it's a waste of money unnecessary, - suppression of all desires, and in particular sexual desires, drawn to the fact that we are losing the sexual energy. Because the satisfaction of desire makes up for it, and the suppression of desires just leads to the fact that she lost.

To make up sexual energy, it is necessary, apart from sexual intercourse, even use different techniques. This is not something that is necessary, but is highly recommended. For example, using this technology as self-hypnosis, you can top up your sexual energy. When we enter a world of imagination, we imagine a meeting with your loved one with whom we have contact occurs both on an emotional level as well as on the physical, but the contact is such that necessarily there is pleasure, enjoyment, absolute relaxation, we have completely given and taken instead of the other person's return, we interchange occurs. It is important to feel it's all in your mind, imagine how nice it is, that is how you are filled with love, joy and happiness when merging with it, and it allows you to save up sexual energy.

You can also use the technology, when we imagine that accumulate energy through the sun. We take energy. It is possible both to introduce and located inside directly action. In the summer, then, let's go watch the sunrise, feel the sun rises, and imagine how the sun's rays penetrate us. We are like a big antenna receiving energy from the sun, we accumulate within ourselves and transform into sex.

5. Sexuality, which can be felt

Sexuality woman or sexy man - it's not just any symptoms. We can express sexuality through clothing, through the make-up, through their behavior. But the true sexuality depends on the extent to which the person is enough sexual energy. Why? Because of its presence contributes to internal sensations. It affects a person's confidence, to the extent to which people liberated and free. If the energy is not enough - a man bound, compressed, and as if he's seemingly no dressing up, no trying to make themselves sexually, this will be felt by the other person. And when meeting, for example, if a woman is trying to somehow form an image of a sexy woman in communicating a man will feel it. He may not be attracted to her because she had enough of the sexual energy. And sexy, she tried to show, it was only an external, artificial. And it is important to find a partner and build relationships.

Sexuality can immediately feel when you see a person in it this sexy present - of him blowing it directly, it is expressed in his walk ... gait girl will not be affected, from the hip, it will naturally be expressed in her femininity. This is important because when a man is looking for a partner, he is looking for a woman. And he wants it to be the most feminine, and femininity is manifested in softness, in compliance, that it is more sensible, in its readiness to receive and to give. Believe me - this is extremely important moments in building relationships



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