Energy outlook - the "Year of Miracles". January 2016

Dear friends,
Happy New Year!
Before we proceed to consider the blessings prepared for us in 2016, let us look back for a moment to those gifts that brought us the year gone.

What a journey it was! If the ups and downs in 2015 were felt you more than extreme, know that you are not alone.

If I had to express the outcome of this year, in a nutshell, I would choose the word "revival" and "abundance».

When most of us think about these two words we often associate them with the concepts of a new era, it seems, is inaccessible to most people. However, the awakening and increasing awareness of abundance are not always so "magical and wonderful tales", as it seems to many.

Whatever freedom bore no awakening, he is always preceded and followed by periods of release on the surface of the deep-rooted patterns of survival with which our mind used to identify yourself in past lives and in this, too. These templates include fear, chaos, shortage, anxiety, guilt, condemnation.

2015 brought us an understanding, that whatever patterns did not use our mind to protect yourself, it is important to seriously and respectfully take these experiences, to give them the right to exist exactly as they exist at the moment. Traps, which are often caught people standing on the spiritual path, is that they feel obliged to always think positively and to represent themselves so that it reflects their inner perfection. In fact, it is even more alienated us from the present and "lasting" revival and happiness.

When we, as spiritual beings, capable of guaranteeing their right mind be so, as it is, while respecting the dignity and worth of his experience, even if it falls into hysterics, we open to getting a deep compassion from his spiritual "I". And that compassion has the power and ability to heal everything. It opens the mind to new and beneficial ways in which it can go without experiencing resistance, which occurs when the mind believes that he has something to take away. Ultimately, this leads to sustainable human and fully awakened state of being.

I also opted for in 2015 the word "abundance", as in the past year, many of us have begun to change their views on what really means in abundance.

Abundance is not limited to those material goods that people could accumulate. Abundance is achieved at the moment when one realizes that it is a direct consequence of his love for yourself, for others and for Vselennoy.Esli man lacks, lack of some of the areas of your life, whether it be finances or relationships, it means that he does not love himself enough, and in fact, other people and the world around him.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to live with the apparent lack. It is a personal choice of each person who is worthy of respect in the same way as any other. However, if you are willing to give up the reality, which reflects this lack you and generate more abundance, just make a commitment to do the sacred love for Me their top priority from now on.

This may include switching to healthier food, the allocation of more time for classes that you enjoy communicating with kind and respectful people and, of course, a similar treatment and with himself.

Try it all in the first quarter of 2016, and you will see great shifts and changes.
2016 - Year of Wonders

When I began to connect with the energies of 2016, to me it's just the word "miracles." A significant contribution to the creation of miracles makes our openness and willingness to inspired actions.

In 2016 we will be able to achieve many of the things that we want to create in your personal life. Mass movements like political revolutions, will depart this year a little bit on the back burner, and a central place will be private extension. It is through a private extension we will be able to have more influence on the outside world, because everything that we do, is not more to do with external "them", and with our bundled "I AM", where we are strongest.

This New Year will also give many people a new energy. This is especially true of those who for some time felt confusion and fatigue on their spiritual path. This upgrade will greatly assist us in finding the motivation and the rapid completion of ongoing projects.

Another component that helps attract more miracles in our lives, is the attitude to everything with ease, joy, "playfulness". Energy 2016 will support many of us in that way of moving through life. Seriousness should occupy its rightful place, but fun, sense of humor and a light, playful attitude toward life still vazhny.Takoy look at the reality that surrounds us will not only expand our relationship, but can significantly improve the situation, and the business and career. If you find that they have become too serious or that your mind has started to lean towards patterns of survival, just ask yourself, what can I do now for fun and joy. And then follow you may have an idea, whatever it may be. This will create in your life more space for joyful wonders.

Also this year there is a great likelihood of non-standard, unusual solutions to previously unresolved problems you have. This happens when we decide to go on a greater than before risk to invest more energy in the exercise of their most cherished dreams and visions, moving to the rhythm of his own music rather than trying to adapt to others or to please them in order to love us .

The openness of this new energy will help you achieve greater success and wonders in all areas of your life.
Global influence

From a global perspective in 2016 - a good year for the release of the old rigid structures and the transition to new concepts, supporting flexibility and creativity for all mankind, not just the select few.

Make sure that both are destroyed and drop the old ideology and structure, and the new-based "heart" of ideology, technology, business initiatives and lifestyles around the world come to the front when driving on plan.Klyuchevym this year wonders with greater ease and ease is the openness, the lack of resistance and the movement of the stream. Those who are able to remain in this state of existence, seeing miracles in their lives are multiplied and increased the most amazing way.
The intention for 2016

An excellent intention for 2016 can be such:

"From this moment on, I completely accept and notice all the miracles happening in my life.
I retain its openness and move forward in the natural flow of life in order to continue to expand in the achievement of greater love, peace, joy, freedom, and financial well-being, creative approach to life, balance and stability, satisfaction, faith and trust, connection to Source and Divine Memory, health and wonders with ease and ease.
And all this together and even more. And so it is! "


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