Learn the secret of harmonious relations between men and women

The harmonious relationship between a man and a woman - the foundation of happiness. Today we look at the sacred secrets of the relationship between men and women. This is a very important topic on its understanding will depend on your happiness, success, prosperity and health.

Many women, after reading an article about women's share, and learn that in relationships with men, they "gave", upset. I guess? Of course, you think that this is unfair: someone has to just give, and someone just getting. My dear readers, I wish to reassure you. Giving you will have is that you have the will of nature in abundance, and for it to you and will arrive happiness and prosperity. Everything that the Creator created is always in harmony, it is only necessary to understand this truth and take.

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Read this information several times, until it's deep understanding of this important issue. Realizing it, you will be able to build a harmonious relationship with his half. In addition many are interested in the question of how to open the chakras, because of the degree of opening it depends on our well-being in all aspects of life. So, the implementation of this knowledge in life - one way of opening the chakras and personal growth.

We already know that the Creator is divided into 2 halves of a person to accelerate the development of mankind. To these halves have always sought each other, it was invented very wise mechanism: In women, sexual chakra energy is always full of energy, and in men it is always hungry, and only a woman can feed her. Therefore, men without women to live fully and develop generally can not. They need a muse. Why do women always full force sexual chakra? Yes, because it is necessary to attract a man, to feed, to inspire, to conceive offspring, bear, give birth and grow. Therefore, a woman is closely connected with the Earth, which nourishes it this powerful energy.

Due to the fact that women have by birth female sexual energy is always a lot, a woman can be considered self-sufficient. But do not rejoice and believe that you can have a great and live without a man. You can! But life is more difficult, and true happiness will not be without them, because the soul is hurt by the failed debt to the universe.

It is because man is the transformer of the world, his sexual chakra is not confined to one woman. A man must be fed by this energy always. Only in this way it can develop and produce offspring. energy Nedodast one woman, "refuel" the other. In addition, the man in the reproduction of mankind is responsible for the number of descendants. Therefore, he is constantly in the semen there is a large number of active sperm. All these factors make a man sexually vulnerable. Man by nature of polygamy. Want to have a faithful companion, a good "feed" does not manipulate their superiority. You are not in this world alone with such a gift.

The woman sexual chakra is unidirectional, if she chose a man, only it is directed the flow of energy. In women, only once a month one egg matures all. The woman is responsible to the Universe for the quality of the offspring. Therefore, it is always from nature is an adequate supply of energy and should not be concerned about her search. Woman monogamous. The issue of female infidelity is not in the power plane. The problem lies in the field of psychology, and it is not we are considering today. This is a separate issue. But once a man feels that the woman has redirected its energy from him to another, as if she had not disguised. After all, in this case it interrupted power supply. A woman can energize one man, even if he has sexual relations with a few.

When a man and a woman form a union, the basis of which it was the attraction, their bio-field come together, mutually reinforcing each other. They create a common energy structure, enhancing the potential of each. But for this system to be stable, and was created by a harmonious alliance in the energy centers to be manifested a clear division of responsibilities. Consider this for a better understanding of the schematic.

In the first chakra, the man should be given. He always this energy center is filled with energy sufficient to implement assigned to it in this lifetime problems. This is his source of physical strength. The woman in this energy center is only sufficient for survival. Therefore, a man should provide women with adequate living conditions, comfort and protection.

Please note: it is projected that chakra in a man protruding organ (penis), and the deepening of the woman. People say: "A man should build a house, plant a tree and raise a son." Moreover, a man gives a woman is not itself energy, and the material conditions of life, he created thanks to this energy, it is because the converter World. Feminine energy will be enough for the improvement of the family nest, built by man.

If a man does not provide women with the necessary protection and conditions for normal life of such a man it is necessary to run away as soon as possible and away. Unspent energy make him aggressive, jealous, he would try to spend it on sexual pleasures on the side, or addicted to strong drink. Chakra is locked and in the future is expected to male infertility (sperm will not be enough and they will be slightly active for a complete fertilization), early impotence. That you need?

In the second chakra, the woman should be given. At this center, it is redundant. This energy gives a woman a man, not only through sex (although sex is given by the largest portion of energy), through fondling, hugging, kissing, even at the thought of her lover, no matter where he was at that time. If a woman does not want to give enough power to the man, then it has an excess of energy in this energy center will result in the development of gynecological diseases (cysts, fibroids, cancer) or to nymphomania. A man will have to seek "the battery" on the side. Incidentally, in the projection of the center of convexity of a woman - tummy. If it so happened that the woman alone and no one to give sexual energy, she has to pick it up the next chakra and begin to implement it through them. This woman will eliminate the excess energy will remain healthy and achieve great success in society. But she should not forget about the mechanism of a rational harmony. A woman should not be alone long.

In the third chakra, the man should be given. But it can only be ordered, subject to a sufficient number of female sexual energy. Then it opens the third energy center, wakes up his will, tenacity, perseverance, and it rises in social terms. It promotes professional growth, career, power, honor, respect. Such a man brings prosperity to the house and can meet the desires of women already in excess of the norms of mere survival: beautiful furniture, clothing, jewelry, car, vacation, etc. That's what he pays for a woman given to him by the energy and the prospect of development... By the way the men in the projection of this chakra protuberant abdomen. In the East, believe that the bigger the belly, the richer and more generous person.

If a man does not pay with a woman, then the excess energy and pride lead him to the greed, cruelty, revenge and, as a consequence, to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

According to the fourth chakra energy must be given to women. After all, in her heart center a source of divine love does not dry out. Moreover, the more it gives this energy, the more it receives from the Creator, and in addition has received various gifts of fate. The energy of love a woman should be given not only to the man. It should translate it into the surrounding space. This is especially true at the present time, this will be concluded its mission

Women sometimes ask: "How to give the energy of love, if not love her husband?" If you do not like, but for some reason you want to preserve the union, the love of her husband as a friend, as a brother, as the eldest son. Only then can a woman do his duty to the universe.

The man slightly open the heart center and the energy of love will reveal his qualities such as mercy, compassion, empathy, he will learn to love and then that power will release him from the power of instincts. A loving heart, a man can no longer be correct. In the Aquarian age marriages without love would quickly fall apart, and encouraged by love.

The energy of love a woman gives a variety of ways: through the aura, through the sweet and gentle look, a smile through the interior, through a kind word, sympathy, empathy, forgiveness. It energizes love everything it touches with love in my heart. It is their own hands with love making gifts to man lovingly prepares his food and so on. D. Separated mentally it can send this energy to the end of the world.

According to the fifth chakra is to give a man. By the way, men have an Adam's apple in the neck, have no women. Here is the tip of Nature, who has to give. If a woman has generously bestowed upon her husband's inexhaustible energy of love, the male opens the throat chakra, awakening his creative abilities. So a man on the implementation of the first energy center will make for a solid stool woman, now he'll do to her graceful chair with curved legs.

In addition, he will give the woman the beautiful harmonious relationship and the woman does not have to spend your energy on building these relationships using the advice of psychologists. Relations will develop almost automatically. A woman can release the energy spent on the development of art in itself.

With the opening of these five centers will be opened at both 2 and higher center, which will give them more opportunities in the development and personal growth. In addition, with such a harmonious union emotional shell filled with the higher energies of joy, love, and thus expand its top. That she learns the energy of abundance coming from the Cosmos in a much larger number. And an abundance of energy carries with it the energy of love, success, happiness, health and well-being. Such a union is doomed to the full realization of all their aspirations.

Let your man to become king, then you will become a queen. And mind you without much effort, simply by performing assigned duties to you by Nature. To do this you given the nature of all, just use it in the right direction.

If a man and a woman to form an alliance, do not perform properly exchange mechanism is formed inharmonious union. Let's see what it will bring to both of them. Here I want to make a small addition to the question of the structure of the chakra system. Between the first and second chakras, as well as between the third and fourth have safety valves for the energy transfer from one center to the other in case of emergency. For example, if a man for a long time there is no woman, that part of the energy from the first energy center will move into the second for normal body functioning.

If it happens that a man is lazy and does not want to become the mainstay of the family, using it properly this energy of nature for the first chakra, the woman will have to deal with the very issues of ensuring the living conditions and material well-being of the family. Her natural energy for this will not be enough, and it will take the energy from the sexual chakra, leaving a small quantity only for procreation.

Then the woman will start to lose sex appeal and will cease to be attractive to men, her libido starts to fall, to start different kinds of inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, menstrual disorders. The husband will transfer part of the energy from the first to the second, and begin to "walk" because his own wife is not able to feed his sexual energy. On further growth and development of both not to say it will not grow. This is the impasse.

Therefore, when choosing a partner, do not look to good looks and figure, not nice compliments, but on whether the man is ready to take responsibility for the economic welfare of the family, provide the conditions for a normal life and protection. However, the willingness of the men should not be measured by the thickness of his wallet. Ready for men to take family responsibility and to exert maximum efforts for its well-being is the basis of creating a harmonious union. But, as you understand men and women have their own particular share in this process, and each must bring it to the common cause

If you do not give your man enough energy to lift and opening his third chakra, or if a man will not ensure the realization for you on the third center, then you will have all their dreams to implement itself, the very rise in society, and energy to this drain from the heart center and the sexual chakra. For diversion, and prolonged use of the energy of love you closed down the source of its income. You implement your ambitions, but will become callous, heartless. The family will begin the endless scandals, find out who is steeper. Soon begin to malfunction of the heart, and then the disease.

Even reaching a high position in society and achieving higher earnings, such a woman is unlikely to feel happy. Her soul will complain, because it did not fulfill its most important duty, does not become a source of love in the world. In addition to up-to-date in the society, it is necessary to play by men's rules, therefore, such a woman is wasting her femininity, accumulating energy for men. She herself is not realized as a woman and a man it is stuck at a certain level. It turns out that the queen is, instead of the king next page or one and runs to the woman who is ready to make him king.

In this case, the energy shell is compounded by low feelings and emotions, and expands downward. Such a structure can not receive the gift of a lot of energy abundance of Cosmos. All have to win by a lot of effort, energy costs and health costs. In this alliance there are no conditions for the development of each and personal growth. Such an alliance requires a correction, or should break up for the happiness of both. To hold such a union needs a great effort and the help of both an experienced psychologist or energoterapevta.

Of course this is only a schematic account of this issue, but this scheme can understand the very principles of construction of harmonious relations. After analyzing your situation, one can find the weak link in their union and to correct it. After all, in our hands, and our happiness, too. Using this knowledge, you will be able to build a harmonious union of two equal halves, and find complete happiness.


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