Why did you choose the wrong men

Manipulators, alcoholics, liars, tyrants, traitors - why they come your way? And maybe not just there - and you live with one of these men

? In this article we will look at the most common types of destructive (karmic) relationships and spiritual reasons for their occurrence.

Read on to the end - and find out what makes you step on the same rake and how, finally, stop doing it

. ... And I will never leave him.
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Ask any woman what she needs a relationship with a man.

The answer is - to live happily, mutually develop, to love and be loved, to create a safe family

. But if things really?

How is it that obeying "his heart" you suddenly find yourself in a destructive relationship that:

harassed your nerves,
beat on health and wallet,
deprive you of faith in themselves and break the self-esteem?
By doing this you "understand everything", but if "can not help myself» ...

I, as a spiritual practitioner and healer, I will describe the origins of the problem, based on the concept of the relationship between souls.

The roots of the reasons for your choice of the wrong men often go beyond the usual reality, rooted in the past incarnation, and the space between lives.

That's when you took certain decisions - contracts, oaths, vows - who continue to work so far

. Channeler and author Sal Rachel calls this phenomenon

«karmic relationship." Here and hereinafter the quote from the book by Rachel Sela "Man unites. Integrating Soul. »

The most typical kind of relationship souls on Earth - a karmic agreement

. Such relationships usually begin with the primary attraction in a previous life, often sexual, and desire to know each other more deeply.

Then, since almost no one in the world is not healed, between people having problems and they are not permitted in the physical life.

Then steam showers decides to meet in the next life to continue to work together on problems or concerns.

The degree of energy intensity that accompanies this decision determines the difficulty of breaking.

These agreements between the souls, usually accompanied by "formulate solutions" given a higher power, to others or to himself -. Vows and oaths

You forget about them, and they operate through time and space - sometimes, destroying your life

. How to manifest the karmic relationship

Meeting with the "karmic partner" usually accompanied by a special, unusual state of body and psyche.

For example, you over-react strongly to the unfamiliar person.

Love at first sight? Not at all.

In fact, you really do not know the man and what he had in mind, and "tumble into the abyss of passion" for you safe.

For the occurrence of trusts normally would take months of communication.

But if it is "karmic man," you like "something is going on in addition to your will».

Here is a description of typical karmic relationship of one of the clients:

"I still can not explain what I saw in him. He did not even match the exterior of the type that I like.

But just after the first conversation I had "blown away." I do not like is controlled.

He was married, we have seen very often. But I remember that feeling of "disease" - as if I could not live without him. When saying good-bye and departed from it two steps, the body starts to break down and twist like the flu.

One day, he promised "soon come" eventually disappeared for several days and did not call. I woke up on the third day and realized that almost nothing to eat all the time and sat at the window.

Only common sense helped me back to reality, and I'm an incredible effort of will-bye to him. But a few months shaking from mentioning his name.

The oath was "with him forever." I am happy that this torment is finally over. »

Signs of karmic relationships and the availability of vows:

You are left alone with him, not knowing anything about it.

What is dangerous for all of it, you do not care ...

© King and the Clown. Sorcerer Doll

The feeling of "kinship" or "love at first sight" - you've seen the man a couple of times, but "love it"
. Uncontrolled physical attraction, until the pain and heat in the body. Too fast and rapid sexual contact.
"It is not the possession of a" painful, debilitating condition zavisimostot men.
Naive trust unfamiliar person, because "he is a good and can not deceive».
The far-reaching promises from the very first meeting ( "I will save him," "I'm his wife, no matter what", "We are made for each other»).
You are constantly swirling in my head hysterical songs or books, movies ( "Beauty and the Beast", "Cinderella", etc.) This indicates a strong connection to your Scenario.
Inability to walk away from it, even if you realize that you are suffering, and normal relations not

Why is this happening? Referring again to the spiritual sources.

Agreement between the oath and the souls are printed as essential imprints and energy patterns of the causal body.

- The etheric body contains a template of the physical body. Many physical conditions, including diseases originate in the etheric body, and then gradually go down to physics.
- Causal body has a causal relationship with other human bodies. This part of the soul, carrying the memory of past lives, karma, decisions and contracts Soul.

So, you're having all these strange feelings, because the etheric body and the causal powerful influence on your physical condition and emotions.

More simply, you do not there is "love at first sight", and exhausting love from the past.

This condition is shown to you finally noticed a problem - and freed himself and karmic partner of this burden

. Sometimes it is enough just to understand and complete the oath or agreement.

Consider the kinds of exhausting relationships with men - and what energy patterns (oaths, vows, solutions) you need to complete

. Karmic relationships and their respective oaths

1. Man does not love you

Manifestation in your life: The long unrequited love

. You are in love with a man who is not really needed, and tries to win his love (which is impossible).

You can even behave obsessively - you ashamed, but you keep ...

A man can honestly reject you. It is painful, but not the worst option.

Where harder if he had a long and coolly using you for their own purposes.

Or, you silently, silently yearn for a pipe, but dozens are worthy partners in the past this time.

You can even sensible to understand that there are no chances. But something like a "stronger than you» ...

Oaths and vows to complete: a vow of eternal love, the oath "to be always with him," an oath of loyalty / allegiance

. The spiritual origins:

Many times the soul enter into an agreement to stay together forever.

This stems from a misunderstanding of the nature of the universe, because all the soul, and so forever linked with each other.

However, due to the belief in the separation of the soul often they go to the winds, to keep in touch with each other.

If you meet in the next life, a sense of duty or obligation to each other. »

May I should add that it is often women with these vows injury occurs to the man: "I have so much to do, and he did not love me

. This is also resentment from past lives - he does not remember you and your love, and yet you "agreed»

. It is because of this kind of relationship is difficult to complete - it seems that if you wait a little longer and try, it always "remember". But alas ...

2. A man with whom marriage is impossible

Manifestation in your life: you just can not get married

. For example, you choose married men who "feed" your promises.

Or, meet with the person who expresses reluctance to marriage with you. But you stay with him, in the hope that "he will understand the power of your love and change his mind».

Oaths and vows to complete: a vow of celibacy, marriage vows from past life

. The spiritual origins:

You can meet men who will not take you married, the two spiritual reasons.

Either you all "forbidden marriage" - a vow of celibacy, the abandonment of the family for the sake of "spiritual service"
. Either you are "already married", that is, you continue to operate the marriage vows and vows from past lives.
When the feelings between people (souls) are strong, they may want to sanctify their union ritual and ceremony.

Such rituals can survive the death of the physical body and transferred to the next life in the form of energy patterns.

Marriages are not always last "until death do us part." Sometimes couples retain the intention to be together forever.

3. A man with a heavy dependence

Manifestation in your life: Your chosen a man suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, etc.

Option - "total dependence on you," as if he was "not able to cope with life" and without your relationship "can not live»

. This may be accompanied

his outbursts of aggression, threatening your life, mental health;
lack of money - he can not earn enough or instantly "pulls" them to the wind;
it ''s relentless "depression, suffering, talk about the meaninglessness of life and suicide;
his suspiciousness, outbursts of jealousy and paranoia.
Often, you are also very angry and breaks down at the man, however, did not finish the relationship.

Oaths and vows to complete: a vow to stay with this man, in spite of everything ( "Love is above my personal interests"), a vow lifeguard oath to sacrifice yourself for the sake of another

. The spiritual origins:

If the energy is expressed with restraint, with the full recognition and acceptance of oneself and others, there is no karma.

If any of you is in denial of the fact that you project to another, or get away, your partner's energy deeper and deeper root into your aura and your - in his

. There is something called codependency.

Codependent heart runs approximately as follows: "I accept your suffering, because I love you so much that I suffer from the type of your torment. I'm strong. I can handle.

Let me be your savior. " Partners deeper and deeper bogged down in the quagmire of possession bindings, their emotions are mixed.

For example, a man may feel depressed because he can not see that for several past lives takes on the negativity of the other partner.

The woman starts to feel anger, as she lived under the yoke of suppression and frustration, not an integrated partner.

4. Man - home tyrant

Manifestation in your life: In a relationship with a partner you are constantly suffering

. A man can humiliate you by criticizing your values, appearance, behavior. If you hurt betrayal - is openly flirting with other women

. Most relationships are accompanied by psychological pressure and strict control.

There are subtle manipulations that you almost do not know what he done - but feel shattered and devastated

. At the same time, you may even feel guilty - and always will be, "for which»

. This includes men who commit unspeakable acts towards you - physical and sexual abuse, a major financial fraud, a painful break with attempts to "ruin your life»

. This is one of the most dangerous for your health and mental relationship types.

Oaths and vows that need to be completed: an oath to atone (you think that suffering "deserved" because of some misdeed in a previous life), the oath "a tooth for a tooth" (you have sworn to avenge his past life, and now his behavior he "once again gives you a reason»).

The spiritual origins:

If souls come into the karmic relationship, believe in revenge, betrayal, or some other based on the ego, the negative pattern, they may think that they need to get even for past life or, conversely, to correct an imaginary evil.
< br> Dear, keep in mind this is not a situation of punishment. No one requires you to revenge or redemption. Just two souls agree to balance the karma means to solve the problem of the past life.

In this case, it is sufficient to heal his guilt and let go of resentment.

5. Loveless, boring for you man

Manifestation in your life: you enter into a relationship or marriage with a man who is almost like

. You feel a huge gap between you, the disparity of values ​​and levels of development. You trite boring, lacks

«spark». This man, like, you did not do anything wrong, and you almost hate him. Although it may not admit it even to himself. And, for some reason, keep these relationships.

Oaths and vows to complete: a vow "Together forever," vows from past lives (they may already be outdated, but the work and make you get close)

. The spiritual origins:

"Not all souls are developing at the same speed.

If on your way you will progress faster than the one to whom you "should", that person will pull you back.
Because of the love of the soul, moving forward, it can slow down your spiritual growth, to "wait" another. Sometimes it works.

But very often the soul, refuses to grow up, will pull down your soul as long as both become unhappy.

You may be offended that he did not share your spiritual aspirations.

And he was angry, because not able to meet your expectations and understand your strange behavior. »

I should add that in the modern world, this situation is exacerbated by a number of courses, uchaschimi woman "grow your man».

"Take from my husband a millionaire", "If the relationship does not add up - it is the fault of women, put it in them even more energy»

. I met some tips from coaches women to slow its development, to stop the implementation of the "for the sake of man».

In fact, it may briefly "smooth the conflict" - but in the end, even lead to mutual hatred

. But decide for yourself.

6. Unattainable "ideal" man

Manifestation in your life: All the men you meet - "do not fit»

. You know exactly what should be correct, beautiful, high relationship - and every time frustrated, not achieving them with another partner

. Do you have a memory like an ideal of love and understanding, in comparison with which all else - petty vanity


Oaths and vows to complete: a vow of eternal love in a higher dimensional spaces, vow to find his twin flame, the oath of allegiance and service to a higher power ( "bride of Christ»)

. The spiritual origins:

In 99, 9% of the cases one member of the pair is geminate in high places, and the other goes to explore the lower worlds (embodied).

The planet has a lot of built-in restrictions to prevent premature contact with the twin flame. Uncontrollable passion turn away earthly soul from earthly obligations.

Such a soul no longer wants to live in peace, and will not think of anything other than meet with counterparts in the higher realms.

And it's not just because the love between them is so strong that it does not focus on earthly matters. But also because, along with it comes the remembrance of higher dimensions - there is no war, poverty, suffering, etc.

Most of harmonious relationships on the ground fastened between kindred spirits (they have quite a lot). These relationships can be quite intense and beautiful.

Completion of vows - the gap or maintaining relationships

? Made in the article the question of comments:

"Is it possible to output a joint partner with a different level of relations? Of course, provided that both are working on. Or out of the relationship need to go? »

In fact, the end of the oath does not always mean a break in relations. It just means a sober look at the relationship.

Simply put, this "debt of the past" will no longer affect you both. If you close the karmic connections, you will see a real chelovekai your relationship with him.

And you are able to stay with him on the "duty", but by their own free choice. It may even give access to a new round of love and trust level.

Or, honestly and quietly close the connection. Sometimes it is necessary to accept that to a man, however, an urgent need to leave in order to save his life and psyche (and often - and particularly in the case of codependency)

. In many cases, you can convert a karmic love affair into a friendship. This man is dear to you man, just no longer have responsibilities of its "eternal love" and live with him.

In fact, in time to give up, in fact, much more love than in maintaining a mutually exhausting relations.

Man can not know about all of these processes, and not to support them. It is, in fact, does not matter. Закрыв клятву со своей стороны, вы освобождаете и себя, и партнера.

Завершение кармических отношений может стать настоящим даром вашей души его душе.

Большая радость заключается в том, что тянуть клятвы из века в век и страдать вовсе необязательно.

Вы по свободной воле принимали когда-то эти решения, в вашей же волезавершить их.

Надеюсь, этот материал послужил большим шагом в вашем переходе к счастливым, полным любви отношениям!
Автор: Ульяна Радная


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