What do not forgive men, and that women do not forgive

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That's just not have any illusions that men don't forgive that don't forgive women: all these tales of men and women no more than in order to intimidate or to scare each other.

As is usually done, you know, they say: I will never forgive you never! – everyone heard it and said, regardless of gender.

Men do not forgive and not forgive women that don't want prostitot you the big "secret": Men and women – people do not forgive what you do NOT want to forgive.

This, in General, the topic could be closed because this is the essence of forgiveness or not forgiveness, but something yourself, even, is not entirely clear.

So, let's figure out why and what exactly is not want to forgive men and not less vengeful woman?

Well, the answer to the question: Why women and men do not forgive each other or anyone? – here is easier:

And what, we actually ALWAYS follow it when I want or don't want to do anything, including forgive or not to forgive? That's right: their needs or interests – conscious needs.

In front of these needs and interests of the person, NOTHING is able to resist neither pride nor dignity, nor even the hatred – of men "WANT!" is not yet able to fabricate, and not something to forgive or not to forgive!

No, of course, if we WANT to forgive or want to forgive, based on their needs and interests, we think and talk a lot, beautiful, pretentious and convoluted to justify themselves in their own and others eyes.

Think about duty, and about humanity and about compassion, and about the commandments of God, and of love, and combines the past, if you forgive.

And if you do not forgive, we will focus on our own honor and pride, their morals and principles. Until they can agree that, like Pontius Pilate to speak: I want you to forgive wholeheartedly, but people do not understand and do not want — well, as always: I'm innocent.

The conclusion is, if we're honest about the true state of Affairs: That men do not forgive, women forgive, only when it is not profitable – when it conflicts with their needs and interests. And in other cases, when they need to and I wonder if they will forgive ALL.

Someone will say, what about morality? And how can you forgive, if the person had violated your moral principles: betrayed your values and overstep your moral principles and beliefs?

And there is no contradiction here: for to comply or not to comply with their morality – to be satisfied and calm, or to suffer from a guilty conscience – it's also a question of human interest.

Want to stay moral and to forgive immorality will not. Unable to live with their own conscience and convictions with a third-party, will forgive even the most immoral act, like adultery, and betrayal.

Men, women, forgive or not forgive. Why?Men do not forgive do not forgive women: it happens. As it happens, I forgive. To forgive or not to forgive, it is of course important, but more important still, the question is: why?

On that note, we, again, meet, based on their interests. Here, here all confused and all-around interests, which is typical. It is possible, because:

1. Forgive, conclude, forget, and move on, not breaking off relations with the guilty.
Good life option, which is used by most intelligent people. When to forgive willing and able, of course.

2. Not to forgive, hold a grudge, but continue to live – to save the relationship.
Well, this, as you know, in General, excuse me, dead, right, not life.

3. To forgive and "let God": I forgive you, but to live with you, to have a relationship with you can't and won't.
It is, however, forgiveness without forgiveness. In my opinion, is the best and universal life option if to forgive is, indeed, impossible.

4. Not to forgive and so to part to terminate the relationship or transfer them to another plane.
Yes, sorry, what for it is necessary to have later in life headache, remembering this is not forgiveness and scrolling through this situation in my head over and over again?

What you personally choose in your specific situation – your business – your interests and your life.
Men do not forgive do not forgive women when they themselves are not guilty

The men that women are not particularly inclined to forgive in that situation when they BELIEVE that they are not guilty of faults fault no.

Well, like, I never cheated, was faithful and you cheated on me! Or: You're a fool, well, I'm here with!? Or, even simpler: You himself (itself) to blame!

Wait, calm down, zealous accusers: You are in a relationship with this person, you're "under the gun" to them is not forced – it was all voluntary?

So, if something wrong happened in this relationship, then your fault in this, though in half an hour, without any conditions or reservations, there is! You just don't want to or can't, foolishly, to see her.

And even more, don't want to admit it. How? Here's how: all relations, inherently, a priori, is a mutual action of two entities of the relationship.

Sorry for the harsh, but totally accurate comparison: people's attitudes are two cogs in the machine of life – from how cool-lives alone, depends entirely on the behaviour of the other, and Vice versa.

BUT of course, this does not mean that always and everywhere you need to forgive your partner for the relationship, not the contrary: You can not forgive, and much.

BUT if you do not forgive, and besides, don't plead guilty, then be ready to spin-to live without this person, because he has every right not to forgive you for what you have not forgiven.

But most importantly, you, more than once, then have to get into such a situation when someone is, in your opinion, before you blame the problems of your life and you again will not forgive.

Until you understand the guilt that you are cheating, you are humiliated, betrayed and so on and so forth.

And here is the event, when, that men do not forgive and not forgive Sandinista from the above, we can say only one thing: That there are situations in relationships between men and women when they are confronted with the question of "to Forgive or not to forgive".

And what will they choose forgiveness or not forgiveness on the basis of their personal interests in these relations. Even if they themselves will think and to explain all that was forgiven or not forgiven, guided by something else.

What is a situation of tension when you have to decide to forgive or not to forgive? And, in fact, in fact, under the forgiveness or not forgiveness is not only the preservation or rupture of relations, but a sharp turn in life.

1. Men do not forgive and not forgive women: Infidelity

Well, everyone knows what a strained relationship – cheating. Moreover, no matter so, what treason: full — nudity or possible, the virtual treason, for example, in the social. networks of the husband, the wife wound very close friends.

What, you never wondered when the wife is unfaithful, and the husband forgives her? Or when the wife is only a hint of innocent flirtation of the husband with another woman, kicked him out of the house?

Why? Yes, he forgives, because, for example, loves her, or simply have nowhere to go, or he's a pervert – love him. In any case, the cuckolded husband, the forgiving infidelity or his wife's infidelity, has its own interest to forgive, which is perhaps known only to him.

Or maybe he does not forgive, and only pretends to take revenge in the future, in case this happens, by the way.

A woman who is violently depicted a scene of jealousy, honour, dignity and unforgiveness, you see, a week runs and flutters: it turns out, she needed these men to get rid of, and that's all. That is not easy, therefore.

The conclusion, repeatedly voiced by me personally: to Forgive or not forgive betrayal, it's up to you personally, and, naturally, in their own interests. And don't need somebody to drag, children, for example.

2. Men do not forgive and not forgive the Betrayal

Here it's more serious than cheating: to change something you can without betraying husband or wife, lover or mistress – so casual sex has turned — not to use it?

BUT, then, back to the wives, husbands, lovers, mistresses: I didn't betray you – I remain, forever faithful.

In short: betrayal is a betrayal is an event least forgive. Men do not forgive do not forgive women? Betrayal. Or, if you forgive, then very rarely and in exceptional cases.

Besides, treachery can not be detected immediately or a traitor can come to confess, after a while, ask for forgiveness. Well, in General: a delicate matter, complicated matter – matter, to forgive or not to forgive betrayal.

3. Men do not forgive and not forgive women: Humiliation

To endure humiliation — neglect to its honour, dignity, human rights, we are taught and learn throughout its history of civilization and each person, since childhood.

It is possible that some of this is already enshrined in the genes. BUT, you need to understand what normal human relations, in principle, can not be, if one of the people putting down another.

We can somehow accept and tolerate this in formal relationships – at work, on the street, BUT to endure humiliation in close personal relationships – this is masochism, without exaggeration.

If it is a single act of humiliation with further restoration of parity in the relationship, it is, in General, the "stuff of life", but forgive the constant humiliation is to recognize yourself in the role of a handicapped member of the relationship is, excuse me, for everybody.

4. Men do not forgive and not forgive women: Stupidity

It is generally considered that stupidity is not a Vice and forgivable: after all, by and large, people are not to blame that he is stupid – "God did not give the mind, so do not add".

BUT women don't tend to forgive a man of constant stupidity, that men do not like and do not forgive dumb girls. Although, of those that they are willing to use stupid people.

BUT to forgive them presence near me with their stupidity... well, as always, everyone's business: what kind of man can and a pleasure to have a friend, a fool, and a woman use to fool handy.

And those, in turn, a pleasure to live in humiliation. Life is very complex: for every fool there is a smart and, on the contrary, to the pleasure of both – and this happens.

5. Men do not forgive and not forgive women: the Discrepancy between sexual status

That is what is really rare when you forgive men women and women men, so that their non-compliance with the declared status.

In fact, if a man makes a relationship with a Woman, and she, subsequently, is not entirely a Woman for her inner and outer, above all, sexual properties, such a set-up man, well, I can not forgive.

If a woman meets and begins a relationship with a Man and later sees that he has these men's properties, then to forgive, excuse, then, itself in nothing to put as a woman.

6. Men do not forgive and not forgive women: Threats to life and health

To live with someone or even just be with him in a relationship where he's really dangerous — threatening words and actions, your life and your health, it must be a masochist.

Normal, mentally healthy woman and a mentally adequate man, this will not be tolerated and will interrupt such relationships – this cannot be forgiven: let these "soldiers" are to be treated, and then dealing with people.

7. Men do not forgive and not forgive women: Deception

Usually, especially men, quite indifferent to the facts and attempts to defraud ourselves of the opposite sex. In particular, oddly enough, from the loved ones: wives, husbands, friends, children, relatives.

BUT, deception is deception hatred! If you cheat and you from this "neither sweet nor bitter", and even sometimes funny to watch and turn a blind eye is one thing.

But if you cheat "by and large", then it does more. For example, husband, wife cheat hiding his "second life" or having their secret savings plans.

Yes, you never know, some cheats can be when people believe, trust and he is behind you, doing their dirty deeds and dealings, contrary to your interests.

To forgive is such, if you are the deceiver unmasked, and he repented and asked for forgiveness?

It all depends, as usual, your interests in this relationship with this person, the degree of depth of deception, and your ability to risk is to believe that this won't happen again.

Summary: That men do not forgive do not forgive women?OK, ladies and gentlemen, first, as you understand, to forgive or not to forgive – especially individual case and depends on our immediate and future interests with the object of forgiveness.

And, secondly, you need to clearly understand that living in a state of unforgiveness of anyone for anything, literally, "own peril" since it means to have a permanent "headache" and "hemorrhoids" in their lives.

I can not forgive and live with it and have these relations further?- so sorry and discontinue relationships: "Let it go, myself, with God!"

The guilt and realize that someone made something not so in your relationship with him. Otherwise, and will for life to be stuck in a situation where someone needs to forgive or not to forgive. published


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