Mini encyclopedia of psychological mujchinam

Men, women – we are so different. And we so want to understand each other, we are drawn to each other because we are different.

But sometimes it's hard to understand these "alien beings" — men, – how they live, how they think, what they believe, how to treat them and how to be in a relationship?

I suggest you find a mini-encyclopedia of psychology of men. We have collected the most important aspects of the psychology of men from "A" to "z", to make it easier to understand these are just such dear and loved ones.


Male without aggression is not a man. After all, the aggression (from the Latin "go-to") is the energy that pushes man to achieve, to do, to go forward. Is the energy of life.

Try to learn to draw the male aggression is to give it form. This is the mission of the woman.

After all, a man may, for example, scream and cuss, and maybe make a nice shelf for pots and and so his aggression will be spent, the only difference is that in the second case – it is framed in a positive, creative direction.


VigilanceMan needs to be vigilant, as he is the protector of his family. Don't be surprised if your date is not very trusting to people and recheck everything 10 times. And that he doesn't like the restaurant when you sit with your back to the entrance and to everything that is happening. It is the instinct of protector: in the days of mammoths and cave men learned to be vigilant, monitor the situation around – so that no one snuck into his cave and not harm the family. So try to understand your distrust of men strongly support his instinct to protect you, and in any case, don't dishonor or criticize it.


Willwillpower is one of the key masculine qualities. Thanks to her a man is a man. The more he hardens their will – the better. Supported, if your man plays sports, even if this sport is not very like you, because it trains the power of his will. Supported in this adoption of arbitrary decisions: lost in the woods, and already the evening – listen to your man. Don't cross him, don't give valuable instructions -- he should handle himself, to exercise his will. Even if you go the wrong way, or he was wrong: try to be patient: when he'll find his way – he will be happy that found a way out of a difficult situation.


MoneyIf for women the measure of her success is how she realized as a wife and mother, for the man how much he earns, reflects the extent he is successful as a man, breadwinner, head of household, businessman, etc.

If you're sure that the income of men in the family – is not important, then most likely, you did not really support the success of its men. Especially if he earns less than you, he is likely to feel not very confident. Say of a woman depends largely on the success of its men and including earnings.

If you want your man brought home enough money – he become a reliable rear and support. Tell him, what will he intelligent and enterprising, that you with him well and that he is successful today. Refrain from criticism of "well, what kind of man can not earn!" — that you on the contrary made him into a dark corner of shame and feelings of his own nothingness.

If a man works and gives a lot of time to work – thereby providing you and the kids, don't try to blame him for what he is paying enough (in your opinion) focus on the family. Your man engaged in its intended purpose, and if you are not a source of financial injections into a joint life, enjoy what you have and respect your other half.

FoodMen love meat – juicy, flavorful, with blood... Such a passion says about healthy aggression men, which is set to "the killing of the mammoth", or simply put – for real achievements. Apparently, somewhere on a subconscious level they realize that in the absence of high-quality animal protein, they may decrease libido and worsen performance.

However, not all varieties of meat are the same.

  • A piece of veal, beef, chicken, lean pork and lamb do to tone and build cells (including sex).
  • But heavy meat and especially foods, Packed with fats, bad carbohydrates and food chemistry, to cause serious harm.

If your man would have only ready-made ravioli and meatballs of unknown origin, sausages and pork shank, he will instantly lose shape and begin to gain extra pounds. And because male fat is much more dangerous than the female, it's quick impact on the condition – the problem starts with the heart, liver, intimate failures, and all this together is called the "metabolic syndrome."

To your favorite, everything was fine "below the belt", he needs not only protein, but also folic acid, vitamins B6, B12, C, E, zinc, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids. It is these substances that affect the potency, sperm quality, psychological health of men.

  • To get enough zinc and selenium, it is necessary to eat bread made from cereals and flour (the highest grade held through the millstones of food technology, uses almost no).
  • These same substances as well as essential omega-3 acid is found in sea and river products.
  • Omega-3 acids found in walnuts and almond nuts, rapeseed and linseed oil.
 Desirea Lot of movies and books written on the subject of "what women want", but somehow not full of cinema topics about the desires of men. What really wants is a real man? Many women think that men want the same thing that they themselves – and try to give them security, gratitude and closeness. But that women's needs. The man should be different is to be needed, and to be free.

At first sight – conflicting needs, because if a man is needed, it is not free. But this is only at first glance. The man felt necessary to thank him for everything he did. For example, he bought the products — tell him: "Darling, so good of you helped, I myself would not have time to go". A man needs appreciation for what he did – the recognition of his help to the woman, then he wants to do more and more.

To male feel free provide him the opportunity sometimes to be alone. It is really necessary to men to reflect something of his, to experience heavy emotions.Every man when he needs to go "into his cave", there to gain strength and to reach decisions on how to proceed. If you constantly pull him into the family, he will be unhappy.

Men need to communicate with other men. Even if you really need help with the kids and you did not want to let go of your husband for get-togethers with friends – let me go. After all, fellowship with other men fills a man supports his manhood, sustains him, strengthens his strengths.


The nameBunny, Cat, Masya, Pussy – what are the only names we don't call our beloved men. As they say, a zoo! But often we do not think that such names or affectionate nicknames doing to our men! As the saying goes – call a man a pig, he'll grunt. Something similar is happening with our men. Well, unless you want your beloved became a Bunny (I immediately comes to mind kindergarten – and boys dressed as bunnies). Or Kitten? Or worse, the Masika, or Nubbin? Such nicknames are more characteristic of little boys and call them, mostly mothers. So calling her man – you make him a little boy and his mom. And then wonder where all the lost masculinity of our men?

The man was still a man next to you – call him by his name: Tom, Andrew, Sasha (but not Temko, Andrey, Sashulka, and it will remain "Casulli"), can also call him "dear", "beloved", "native". These words will support his masculinity, without turning it into a child.

CompetitionCompetition is one of the main attractions in a man's life. After all, how many sports games and events, which attract men is built on the principle of rivalry or competition. It is not surprising that men have long is conquerors, they fight with other males for females and for resources for survival. Men get great pleasure when I won the competition, and the process they are no less inspiring. And most importantly, those men who are not afraid to compete and women like!

So your man was always interesting to you, you could respect him, appreciate and love – keep his craving for competition. He is involved in karting? Go with him to competitions and cheer for him. What is he will win for sure in this. And if it didn't work out – it was just an accident! Rejoice, when he talks about his achievements in business – his company competed with another for the same client and won the competition? Tell me you don't doubt that it will happen, because I think her husband the strongest. So your favorite will feel the reliable back and make more feats. And most importantly: herself believe in what they say.


Logicunlike women, many men have a better developed left hemisphere of the brain – it is responsible for analysis, logic, processes information slowly. That is why men are more cool and rational when solving any tasks, they tend to react less emotionally than women. If you are unable to take appropriate and fast decisions in some situation, you get overwhelmed with emotions: trust the man. It was his brain created for such cases. Sluchaya him and do what he says.


Missionthe Meaning of life each man is the fulfillment of a mission. Ever wondered why some men are so fond of computer games? Because that's where they are given certain missions to accomplish. Having or knowing his mission, the man feels that he lives not just so that life is filled with meaning and he realizes the meaning of it. In performing its mission, a man can find happiness.

Sometimes women think that if the meaning of life is family and children, and the meaning of man's life is the same. This is just a great delusion. Family for men – very important but not the most important attribute of his life. Man is created to do important things that will be useful to the world, society, people in General. Every man should find their mission, to define it for yourself. When a husband knows his mission, his wife and children calm. If a man is confused and does not know what the meaning of his existence – his family will be worrying.

Don't try to force a man to constantly be with you, to sit at home and think that family is the most important thing for him. This is not so. Let him go into the wild to search for his mission, to carry out important men of Affairs. It was then he will be grateful and happy with you.

 The recognition ofWhen a woman acknowledges her man, she is sure that he is strong, independent, able to cope with many life situations. He is able to figure out what to wear today, take care in time to have lunch at work.

If a woman is confident in her man and considers him a little boy, she will say "get a warm coat, it's cold today", "You just had lunch at work? Why not? Well as you can!". Like a conversation with a child of primary school age – and in fact often women talk to their husbands. And then wonder where they are – men.

Analyze everything you say to your husband. If you noticed some "phrases-parasites" — throw out them from your vocabulary. This does not mean that we should cease to care about her husband: just do it differently. As with an adult. For example: "I heard today passed minus 1 degree – maybe you it will be useful".

ResultsIf for many women the process is important to some action – for example, transplanting flowers, embroidery or something else. For men are almost always important is the result: what happened in the end. We can say that they resultorientation people. And if he doesn't see his goal, the result, which wants to, he will have no motivation to make the process.

A successful man also appreciates the results that he has. How much money is earned, what positions have changed, how many were women, how many trophies received, etc.

Treat his men with respect and admiration. It is hardly necessary to say, "Not winning is not important, important is that you participated". For him it is just important that they did not win and want to win. Better to say: "It was a good experience to think about it and win next time."

Sometimes men don't notice or forget about their results (if they are not immediately visible). Remind him. For example, what are his obedient and successful children, a wonderful house that he built, as the year progressed. He will – as a balm for the soul.

 Freedom isFreedom for men is like a drink of water – very important. If a woman unhappy that the man retreats out to chat with friends, he needs his own personal freedom for their own Affairs – this pair is unlikely to last long. To release the man on his works and do it with joy – the challenge of a real woman. This is the kind of woman I want to come back with flowers and a new mink coat. Take the pencil!


Emotionsdon't be surprised if your man is not accustomed to show their emotions, and of your violent emotions respond with confusion and begins to give advice and quick to help you solve the problem. The fact that men do not tend to openly and violently to show their feelings. Why? Well, first, boys are brought up – men don't cry, they get upset. Secondly, if a man is too emotional – he does not Orient and will miss the spear flying at his opponent. Well and thirdly, rationality helps to ensure the safety of yourself and your family to find a solution – and quickly.

Women have differently. When we are overwhelmed with feelings, we need to talk. Just to be listened to and all. We'll see ourselves out, if we need, or ask for help from the men. The important thing is to explain to the man that you now it is important just to talk to you listen. That the male and female organisms works differently. If your man will know about it, he get a clear answer to your clear question and will not attempt to decide something for you, and you're not going to get annoyed.published

Author: Elena Mitina


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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