Russian village. But we Empire ...

- Look who's coming, slow down.
Elena got out of the car in which sat a cop, a driver and a lady of advanced years, working in the social. service.
 - Good afternoon - she greeted with a middle-aged woman in a threadbare sweater, sweat pants, goloshah barefoot and kerchief, tied like a bandana, which could be seen on top of a sign of anarchy.
 - Good - squinting mumbled "anarchist»
 - You do not know where is the house Romashin or Romasheva? - Elena reached into a folder to see the name. Here, found ... Romasheva. - Removing a folder paper, she asked
 - Girl, everything Romasheva. Who exactly do you need? - And the woman holding her hand up as Lenin pointed toward the house, standing on either side of a country road. But unlike the leader, who pointed to the idealistic future, a village woman pointed toward the Russian reality. The reality - a half-dead village, consisting of rickety homes, home Romasheva residues. (Collapse)

 - The village is Romasheva, that we're all Romasheva - refined woman scratching his loin part.
 - Yes ... Joke straight. Romasheva of Rashi - grinned cop, who had been sitting in silence and tried to scrape a dried ketchup, which he shed on the new form.
 - Mmm, wait a minute - Elena again climbed over the paper. We need Valentina. Do you know where her house?
 - And that it you? - Continues to itch, said a local resident.
 - We are from a social service, we want to check the living conditions of her child. In school, he does not go, there is no information about it is not.
 - Yes, what then to heram conditions Axt! Which school? The girl, who does not like you to know that everything is closed down the school, the only school in the "center", while her 20 km. Look, I have this morning, the husband drunk, and children are not taken out of school and spent the night there. So ... .- waved woman
 - And how? - I glanced Elena?
 - As well as yak, vac ... the husband, children, and throws in a cart driven by a tractor, that a collective farm had skommunizdil on and drive.
 - And in the winter? - Surprised Elena
 - No of course. In winter, we only move around in jeeps, and a cart in the summer to ride on the rich ... like the TV kazhut his ... ...
Nuuu  - Convertible - yawned cop
 - In, in, he is - Stop scratching your ass and start on a new bandage bandana woman said
 - Joke? - Elena looked askance
 - Yes what there jokes, tears one
 - And what is your name? - Again reached into the paper Elena
 - Romasheva course - she finally wore a bandanna correctly. And now it looked like a true anarchist.
 - And in what conditions you have children live? - Elena glanced at the woman
Local resident, though not a highly specific and do not understand the intricacies of social and economic policy of the Russian Federation, but answered as accurately as at all possible. She said:
 - My God, the same that their great-grandfathers and grandfathers lived. In those in which we have lived with her husband in those that will live their children and grandchildren. Putin said that the main stable, and that follow the party line. This girl you me, and we all invariably, waist-deep in the muck and elbow in the soot.
 - That is the bad conditions? - I asked Elena
 - That is, the conditions of the kind that gave us our beloved state. And they're simple, like a cow's tail. The government has provided us the president dick and allowance of 50 rubles per child. We do not come to you, dear, about the conditions to ask you some sort of 250 miles to go to Moscow it is necessary, that there would be posprashat about our terms and conditions.
 - Can I go to you to see how the children live? - I asked the social worker
 - You can, but also can get a hold of his head to get smart - began to make a woman

Elena glanced at the cop, but he just threw up his hands, realizing that without papers they had nowhere to let would not, and he himself honestly did not want to go anywhere. Inside any itching that conscience that screamed that fucking brain already zaebanym people too much.

 - Okay, so, where Valentina?
 - Yes, there is, rickety house - waved away the woman
 - They're mowing - peering, said Elena
 - Well, that is what it is, I think, the third from the end, a pale blue - threw a woman away from Elena.

The quartet received the information and walked toward the house, Valentina. The car on the bumps raskoryachivshis clearly resisted, and the driver was worth incredible effort not to razdobat bottom of the Volga barge. On reaching the place, all out of the car and walked up to the porch, knocked, but no one opened. We decided to get around the house and look in the garden, but there, too, was empty. Through a hole in the fence, the uninvited guests spotted Valentina neighbor, an old lady of 100 years at least, which is trying to rein in wayward goat named Masha.

 - Well, nurse, go, go. Come on, dear ... - wailed grandmother
Koza just bleela and rests with all four hooves. At some point, she contrived and slightly teased horns Babkin weedy ass, expressing their outrage that everything what it somewhere haul, against his will.
 - Oh, you bitch zasrataya! - Outraged grandmother. Grabbing drin she ebnula beast on the head, so that the latter came to and realized that it is better to walk than to receive a shaft Intermedia horns.
 - Grandma, good day, you do not know where your neighbor? - Asked Elena.
 - Who's there? I can not see without my glasses - croaked Grandma
 - We are from a social service, looking for your neighbor - said the hole in the fence Elena
 - What service? - I can not hear you, speak louder
 - Social! - Shouted Elena
 - Communists or what? Agitiruete? - Grandma asked.
 - No, we do social service
Ment, realizing clear parity spoken words: social. He shouted: This is the police, which is your neighbor?
 - Oooo, policemen .... War or what? - Clearly tupila Grandma

Workers and Social Service cop looked at each other. Ask me anything was useless, but then he heard a woman's voice sane:

 - Stalinida Pavlovna go home already, with whom you are talking to there? You have to lie down and not run across the garden - on the treatment it was clear that the daughter of the grandmother said that was trying to drive her home.
 - My daughter, yes there, some policemen came to the Communists - and grandmother gestured toward the fence
 - Stalinida Pavlovna, how many times have you said, at your age you can not consume as much brandy what else to hell Communists? - Angry sister-
 - Sorry, you do not help us, we're from the social services, to your neighbor come, do not say where she is? - Shouted Elena
 - Here ... .I did say the Communists - grandmother insisted
 - And why is it you? - Shouted the woman
 - Check the want, the conditions in which the child lives, he does not go to school - kept throwing the word over the fence Elena
 - Ahhh, I do not know where she is, and if I knew, I did not. You come only when you need to. And when asked to come and deal with the fact that we have a kindergarten, a school and a medical center close dick who drew.
 - Woman, I'm from the police, is a serious matter - called cop
 - Oh, where do without you. You all make serious, my husband of 5 years caulked not for that, I can not see you. Go to the dick on good for health. Stalinida Pavlovna, you've come on this goat, went to the house - she shouted
 - The woman you're so not express, I at execution - angry cop
 - Well, go and do, fuck you go with this mandavoshki, children are selected? Last willing to take.

 - Try me you turn up, killing one and all, manadalai. As the weight on the neck we hang - continued screaming woman
 - Look, there behind the fence, in the estate - and the cop pointed to two figures that the top back to picking his potatoes.
All three were rushed to the field. Approaching, they saw a boy of 10 and five women who dug potatoes.
 - Valentine? - Elena cried
 - Yes - the woman turned around. Her eyes were tired and the complete collapse of life. His eyes did not burn the soul of the experiences of disease and labor long ago he died or moved away, living only a shell lived because the next tinkering son, and she needed him.
 - We are the center of social life, your child is not in school, it is not clear that you have going on, we want to look at the living conditions of the boy - and Elena climbed over the documents.

The boy is clearly not sensing Okay, he quit poking around in the ground and buried his mother. Oil painting, power, and the beggar and the people. In some documents, and are determined to bend the person at the other nothing but potatoes for dinner, fear and faith. The cop looked at Elena, then looked at the mother and son read the fear in their eyes, and hastened to reassure:

 - Yes, we just look and everything, do not worry
 - Yeah, see if everything is all right, it's good, if not, you will have to write out a prescription - while continuing to be picked in the papers, replied Helen. Why a child does not go to school?
 - So, it was closed and no transport, not 20 kilometers to go to the same school center? A neighbor is awkward to ask, and they do not go every day, diesel fuel costs money. Invalidkoy I do not work in production at the time I worked there irradiate the tumor, surgery. Money is not enough. Her husband died a long time - the woman hesitated

 - So you can not raise a child for health reasons? - I asked Elena
 - I did not say, just explain why the child is not in school - lowered his gaze Valentine
 - Okay, let's go, let's see the living conditions - said Elena.

Woman with patsanenkom dutifully trudged for social services. women workers and cops.
 - Mom, that these women want? - I asked the boy
 - Nothing, just came to visit, do not worry - said the mother
But he did not believe all and more pressed to Valentine.

They reached the house. Valentine opened the door.
 - You lock the door does not? - Surprised Elena
 - No, and in that? I take nothing ... - sighed Valentine

Going into the house before the eyes of the inspectors opened a picture of the standard country house. It was poor, but neatly and in Rural comfortable. Elena looked around and began to make notes. He looked into the old refrigerator, which contained mostly home-made, inspected the water dispenser and a sleeper boy.

 - On the whole, passable, but there nedos remnants. I'll write you a prescription, you need to hold water and to heat better, it is very cold. Just find a way to deliver the child to school, after all. And the menu of the child somehow diversify something. I'll give you to eliminate the above remarks two weeks. And try to find at least some work kakuyu-.
 - I can not. Resellers of the milk and cheese come once a month, so only buy firewood closer to winter on the water I have no money. I really want a child to go to school, I try to sell a portion of potatoes and pay neighbor diesel fuel, and is awkward to ask for a reason. But there is no work, only in the center, and there it is, in fact, are not. To invalidkoy need - said Valentina

 - I understand, but we understand you, there are norms. If you do not meet, we have to take action - making a prescription, said Yelena
 - I understand, but ...
 - You see this child, not a toy. He has to learn, and not dig potatoes - said Elena. Perhaps you should consider the option of the children's home, there is food, and training.
 - No - cut Valentine
 - Your job, in any case, if the requirements are not met, we will have to take the child - cut official in
 - I have nothing to answer you, cry and will not ask. No I had tears. But baby I will not give up - hugged her son, a woman
 - In any case, the Commission will decide, so did - finishing append instruction, said Elena

Outside, he heard a noise. The cop looked out the window:

 - People are going, go, get out - and he went into the yard.
 - What do you want her? - Shouted a neighbor
 - Calm down citizens is a routine checkup - said cop
 - We know all these checks in the next village robbed mothers of children of hell dog! It does not help, just check - shouting woman with two children.
 - There is a law, calm down - trying to pacify the people cop
 - Go to dick with his law. All your law only for that would put Russian human cancer! - What is the grandfather shouted
 - I do not forget the performance of, and 15 days can get
 - Oh, scared, drysch. I spent as much as all your relatives lived - cried grandfather
 - Leave her alone! Baba and so the latest live pull! Sin is - was indignant that some old lady.

At this point, the porch came Valentine, son and inspection of social services. service.

 - Went on their dick Val, her we did not give up - screaming neighbor
 - You like the Nazis! Children are selected - screaming woman with two children.

The situation grew tense, cop, knowing that in the crowd there and the men did not dare to respond rapidly because the views only talked about one thing: ryavknesh here and bury.

 - What they want?
 - I was given a prescription - paper showed Valya

A neighbor jumped to Vale, snatched the paper from his hands, tore up and threw the pieces in a pointed face Elena. The cop did not poshelohnulsya.

 - Get out of our land, and there is more - the male bass shouted from the crowd.
 - Okay, we'll come back with an all-out test - Elena grinned
 - Come on, come and see how you are here in winter on their heels through the snowdrifts will test repair - after a woman threw

The inspectors were in the car and the cries, and mate moved towards the exit from the village.

 - What do they want - said "anarchist»
 - Yes, say the child does not go to school
 - Well? And you?
 - He said that uncomfortable neighbors strain that would be carried even told about the water - holding to his son, said Valentina
 - Oh, well, do you scatty Valka. What strain? A water hoses tomorrow you perekinem, dug to keep chilled and everything. Wan, do you hear me? - Said the woman
 - Chavo? - Said the husband
 - No FAQ, and that idiot. Tomorrow Valkin son also go to school, do not forget all count. And a hose in his tracks - his wife ordered
 - I think today is a glass, like a holiday, the church - said Ivan
 - A yoke between the eyes. God commanded to work and not to raise glasses - she barked
 - Okay, I'll do - resigned Ivan

Meanwhile, in the car, Helen bursting with indignation.
 - No, you've seen? That redneck. Nothing, I'll make them. They live like pigs - Elena cried. And you? Police also me. Well, I'll write them characteristics.
 - Oh, shut up, chicken - suddenly blurted second employee. Do not fucking what? His children do not have and that's kurazheshsya. Just a bitch, try something to roll, I'll write you a cart that age is not otmoeshsya.

Elena looked at his colleague

 - What are you watching? I to these villages is not the first to wind. Our country can only rasprekrasnoe that children from parents to select, without giving anything in return. And rowing indiscriminately. And here people rallied, they also fool you you said that all Romasheva, they shove useless.
 - Yes, but there is a law - outraged Elena
 - This law they put in a position - so sit down and shut up better.
 - Tomorrow I will write a report, life is no longer poedu.- said cop

The car sped along with inspecting broken-down roads of Russia. A Valentine and his son discussed tomorrow he will go to school and collected no cunning student belongings.

It does not matter who will be the son of Vali, which will bring its fate, as long as he could remember, that Russian people more than bad people, and for them to live and serve the country.




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