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You've heard of the river with the name «D» or village «Å»? There are a small number of global locations, the names of which consist of only one letter. Each of these names have special meanings in local languages. 1. Village «Å», Norvegiya

Å - a village in the municipality of Moskenes, Lofoten, Norway. This is traditionally a fishing village that specializes in dried fish, but now also a tourist destination. The town has a museum stockfish and Lofoten Norwegian fishing village museum. 2. River «D», SSHA

River D - River in Lincoln County, Oregon, United States. Once nameless river, known as "the shortest river in the world," was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the shortest river in the world length of 440 feet (130 m). This title was lost in 1989, when the book of Guinness World Records named the River Roe in Montana in the shortest in the world. 3. Hills «Ø», Daniya

Ø - a plot of land in the valley Nørreå in eastern Jutland, Denmark. Its name means island (ø in Danish) and probably comes from a similar approach to the island of land, although it is not completely landlocked and surrounded by meadows. Ø known among lexicographers due to the extremely short name consisting of a single letter. 4. River «E», Velikobritaniya

River E - river in the highlands of Scotland. It begins in the north-west Monadh Liath south-east of Loch Ness. This river runs in a north-westerly direction about 10 km (6 miles) and then flows into Lake Mhòr. River E has the shortest name of a river in Scotland and beyond. 5. Village «Å», Shvetsiya

Å (pronounced: "Ai") is a small village in the municipality of Norrköping, Östergötland County, Sweden. Its population is about 200 people. There are also at least 12 other places in Sweden called Å, most of them or only some farm houses. Å means stream or river, is a contender for the title of the shortest place name in the world - even though other places with names, Å, Ö or Y may also make such a statement. As a consequence, many tourists came to the village with the sole purpose to take pictures of the sign with the name of the village. 6. The village «Y», Frantsiya

Y (pronounced: «i»), a village in the Somme department in Pikardib in northern France. This village has the shortest name in all of France and one of the shortest in the world. Residents call themselves «Ypsilonien (ne) s». The village of Y is located 32 miles (50 km) east of Amiens, at the intersection of the road and highway D15 D615, in the Far East of the department.

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