7 tragically abandoned cities of the 20th century

Nothing is forever, sooner or later becomes unnecessary, matches and files, tires and shoes, cars and factories. Entire cities are dying, leaving the stone skeletons on pickings looters or fun tour. So it was, is and will be, in every century has its Pompeii and Klondikes.

1. The island of Hashima (Hashima) - one of the most unique desert islands of Japan. Almost the entire area of ​​the island occupies abandoned ghost town Hashim. Surprisingly, there was not any man-made disasters or epidemics. Thriving city with an ever-growing houses and buildings are simply left after the stockpiles of coal mines dried up.

Coal mines, like water for a living organism, fueled life in the city, given the income and jobs, but after the development of the coal mine stopped life in the city and its residents began to leave. In 1974, Hashim turned into a ghost town - it completely left the people, but we have a unique opportunity to see what happens in 35 years after "disappearing" people.

At the moment, visiting the island is prohibited. So the Japanese government tried to protect the island from the "black diggers" - objects of everyday life from the dead city are hunted wealthy collectors.

Now to get to the city Hashim only by private boat or boat. But it is illegal in Japan! It is made specifically to protect the city from the "barbarians" stealing household items and construction crumbling ghost town.


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