Abandoned Places

Abandoned houses, castles, hospitals and entire cities, all of them striking for its size and architecture. Under the rust, dust and moss hidden some mystery and charm. I offer you a selection of interesting abandoned places and objects. Miranda Castle, Celle, Belgium


Maunsell Forts

This naval fortifications located in the estuaries of the Thames and Mersey, during the Second World War, defending the UK against threats from the North Sea. Tower is equipped with 21 cannons, shot down during the war more than 22 German planes and 30 cruise missiles. With 50 years of XX century forts are abandoned - several times attempted to dismantle them, but these strange tower still standing off the coast of North Kent.


Nursing Home «Hafodunos Hall»

Hafodunos Hall - once a beautiful two-storey building in the Gothic Revival style, with galleries and a spacious loft. With 40 years of XX century there was located a female guest house, where the young lady after the Second World War taught the arts, dance and housekeeping. Then, in the 70s, Hafodunos Hall was the last refuge of old men, but in 1993, the nursing home was disbanded, because the building does not meet sanitary and fire protection requirements. The fire broke out in it October 13, 2004, the year - then Hafodunos Hall almost completely destroyed and abandoned.


Bodiam Castle

This fairy-tale castle with round towers, crenellated city walls and a drawbridge, located in the South East of England and was built in XIV-th century. Its founder - Edward Delingridzh, but from 1378, the year at the fortress was replaced by more than one master. It is believed that this is one of the last real English castles extant, however, Bodiam, though, and there are guided tours, practically abandoned.


Ship SS Ayrfield

It's all forgotten ship in the Gulf of Homebush Bay on the south bank of the river Parramatta, near Sydney Australia. During World War II SS Ayrfield, built for the transportation of coal in 1911, the year in the UK and reaches 80 m in length, was used by US forces as a transporter of munitions. It is not known how it happened, but the ship was abandoned as a result of today he is something like a large artificial island.


Beijing "Wonderland»

Not far from the Chinese capital is one more abandoned amusement park: its construction began in 1998, the year, and it was assumed that "Wonderland" will be the largest entertainment center in Asia, but due to financial problems, construction will soon "frozen." Returned to her only in the year 2008, but, alas, the crisis broke out again, and the result is almost 50 hectares are unfinished castle princess and fairy houses.


The yacht "endless sea»
Not so much the object itself, like a photograph. Brrrr ... In the country my parents, one of the bridges over the tiny rechuzhkoy, near the shore lay submerged boat. It was so terrible, but so attractive. That's why I liked an object. Underwater ghosts - it's all my theme.

April 7, 2012, the year the Brazilian research vessel with a beautiful name "boundless sea" (Mark Sem Fim) is sunk in the waters of Maxwell Bay near Shetland archipelago. The ship, headed by well-known journalist Juan Lara Mesquita (João Lara Mesquita) sailed to Antarctica to film a documentary, but got stuck in the ice and eventually was crushed by them. Fortunately, the TV presenter and four crew members were rescued by Chilean sailors, but the boat went under the water, where it remained until the beginning of 2013., when she got to the bottom and towed to the dock for repairs.


Fishing hut

In the only alpine national park in Germany "Berchtesgaden", covering more than 210 km2 and tee is part of the heritage of UNESCO, in the middle of the lake, "lurking" flimsy fishing huts. It is so organically fit into the local pristine natural landscape, it is difficult to imagine that this house has been created by human hands.


Dutch island

Dutch island - an island in the Chesapeake Bay (North America), where once people lived, but today is absolutely deserted. The first inhabitants settled on it in the 1600s, and by the middle of the XIX-th century, the island was densely populated by peasants and fishermen, and by the beginning of the twentieth century, on it, there were about 70 houses and 360-residents had their own school, church and even a baseball team. Soon, however, a strong wind began to destroy buildings - the islanders were forced to move to the "mainland." And finally, in 1918, the last family left the island, and in 2010 collapsed last building constructed on the Dutch island back in 1888.


Miranda Castle was built in 1866 by an English architect for the family-Bofot Ledekerke. The family lived there until the Second World War until the house was seized by the national railway company of Belgium. He vacant since 1991, the year, in part because the owners refuse to transmit it to the municipality.


Bannerman Castle, New York, USA

Scottish immigrant, Francis Bannerman, bought the island in 1900 and built a castle for ammunition storage, forming the basis of its business. Two years after the death of Bannerman in 1918 year, 200 tons of shells and gunpowder exploded, destroying a small part of the building. Then, in 1969, a fire burned part of the floors and the roof. Since 1950 the island is considered to be uninhabitable because of his service ferry sank in a storm. In 2009, the year the remaining part of the building collapsed.


And after ...

Glasgow is also a lot of creepy abandoned obektov.Naprimer, a lot of abandoned train stations. And kilometers of tunnels abandoned. One of the stations is located right in the Botanical Garden, in pretsizhnom area of ​​the city and I have a thousand times went by and did not suspect that these trees with wire fencing is actually a century Peron just below ground level. And a tunnel under the River Clyde, which was closed at the beginning of the last century due to the fact that he was the new Lager was too creepy and people just refuse to use it. But two preserved rotunda at both ends of the tunnel, which is now something like cafes and restaurants.

Abandoned station Botanical Garden


Another commuter station ground Possil station


Back in Glasgow many abandoned bridge or bridges, for which hardly cared.
The most famous in the city center, the bridge on which the trees go - City Union Railway bridge :) recently drove past the bridge with her husband (right in front of him that fateful pub, which fell last week, the helicopter), and saw that the tree was removed from the bridge and it seems to be restored.


Generally, in Glasgow a lot of abandoned places. Just within 10 minute walk from our apartment of the current ten - a school, a kindergarten, an old mansion, guest house, again - a wasteland of a strange structure in videvokzala or hangar. I'll go and take pictures.


But the most chic place (why it is not in the rankings ?? most likely because it is not mentioned in the Russian-speaking Internet), an abandoned mental hospital Gartloch Insane Asylum. When I was younger and is in a childless, really wanted to go see. But on the forum wrote that there is a strong protection and favor no one there, except that photographers with an official certificate.
Clinic was opened in the first decades of the last century and worked until the end of the Second World War.







In his best years. Well, a bunch of ruins of castles and manors ...


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