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It was very interesting to see how the inside looking New York office buildings. What is there for the interiors and what types of windows. But to get inside is not so simple. Pass by invitation only someone who works there. Recently, thanks to Dmitry aka newyorkrealty I was able to go in the first new housing built the World Trade Center. It's about building called "7 World Trade Center." It was built in 2006 and has long been fully leased. There are offices of various companies, and one of the floors was cast into startups. There we go.

So in my view, should sit financial bigwigs :)

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Developer and owner is a company Silverstein Properties, the same as building and other buildings of the World Trade Center. It is owned by billionaire Larry Silverstein. The building was built on the site of the previous WTC7, which collapsed on the September 11, 2001 there are a lot of different opinions and questions. Now I do not want to touch on this topic, as it is in the post a little bit about the other.

2. The view from the ground. Buildings 1 World Trade Center (left) and 7 World Trade Center (right).

3. Log.

4. It is in close proximity to the entrance to the station PATH, so there is always crowded and a large number of police officers.

5. Lobby. Entrance through the turnstiles. If you meet, there are no documents to display is not necessary.

6. Further waiting elevator button 46 floors and we have in place. A total of 52 floors of the building.

7. This office is different from the others in that it does not give up a single company, and set. You rent one, two or three rooms, but the benefits of using a full-fledged office.

8. If you do not know, so you could not tell. No no plates, and the rooms are not very different from each other.

9. In addition to the rooms there is a reception with his secretary (he was on the photo 6), several conference rooms, skype room (show below), two meeting rooms, a cafeteria and a copy of the room, where there are shared printers and copiers. If not his, it is possible to use them.

10. Rooms are mostly small. Here is for two people. But what kinds!

11. There are offices for one person, two, four, five (he pictured). Still there is angular with two rooms and a large bedroom. In the photo someone very nicely asleep :) I shot through the glass wall.

12. I am particularly interested in the price. How much is to sit in a room with such species? Reporting. Prices start at $ 1,900 per month (this is for a small room with no windows) and up to 20 000 (this is for high office of three rooms). A total of 60 start-floor office space.

13. Double room with a view is worth $ 4,500 per month (plus additional expenses such as telephone, internet and electricity). Take them not so much because of the species (they are quite quickly stale), but because of the prestige of the address.

14. Cafeteria. There are refrigerators with drinks, coffee machines, etc. All for free. There are tables and chairs (they are behind me).

15. If you need a meeting room for business meetings, it is necessary to rent for a fee. The one on the first photo is the most expensive and costs $ 200 per hour. There are smaller for 100 and 50. In the photo below skype room. Size of the room does not allow privacy for an important call, and then comes to the rescue this room. These two rooms. there is a tablet and phone. For the use of facilities and equipment to pay nothing.

16. Interior corridor, where hang the photo from the site. There is a classic drinking fountains and bathrooms are. In order to get to the toilet need to know the code.

17. The photo on the wall. Access to the office there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but on weekends, as well as in other large office buildings in Manhattan, here turn off the air conditioning system. Window, as you might guess, can not be opened.

18. The idea of ​​the general office (one of the ideas) is that the owners of the building itself raise serious future tenants. Startups can become large companies that need a good office and they know where to go. I am confident that in economic terms it is also brings a profit. Yet it is the only opportunity for start-up companies rent an office in a prestigious location. Large room (as pictured) Contracts shall be for a term of 10 years and with the newcomers there will not even talk. As in the rest of that is due to the expensive real estate in New York, just having money does not solve anything. Still must be a corresponding reputation, financial history, etc. Interestingly, the rental office on the photo obviously costs money, but it generally does not get off. One large space with concrete floors, cluttered office furniture.

19. Now to the species. They immediately captivating and inaccessible to most New Yorkers (to say nothing about the tourists). Only when finished with the construction of the tower and there 1WTC open observation platform, people finally got the chance to look at New York City from this angle. In the meantime, in any way, unless you have friends / acquaintances who work in these offices.

20. The building without windows in the center of this 29-storey telecommunication center AT & T Long Lines Building, built in 1974.

21. Building under construction is a very interesting project 60-storey residential building called 56 Leonard Street. Just look at the render future home to understand how unusual project. The authors of the Swiss architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron.

22. The brown building in the center is a 24-story 60 Hudson Street, the former Western Union Building, built in 1930. He was the headquarters of the company until 1973. Today it is a huge telecommunication center, and as they say, "one of the most important Internet sites in the world." To the right of it (and a little darker) 27-story building 32 Avenue of the Americas, the former AT & T Long Distance Building, built in 1932. Previously, there was a communication center is responsible for maintaining international calls. Now it houses offices and workrooms of numerous telecommunication companies.

23. Skyline mindtauna Manhattan. In the center of the 103-story Empire State Building, built in 1931.

24. On the left is under construction 89-storey skyscraper 432 Park Avenue. It will be higher than the tower 1WTC and become the tallest building in New York. Completion of construction is planned for next year. I have accumulated a pile of materials on it, including somehow I'll write a separate post. Sticking to the right box 59-storey MetLife Building, built in 1963, as Pan Am Building. Below is a white building with a golden roof is Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower, built in 1909 and became the highest in the world. In 1913, the palm he took the Woolworth Building (it is below). Now the building is changed for the hotel. Widespread light building right behind him, it Metropolitan Life North Building, built in 1933. It was planned 100-story and was supposed to be the highest in the world, but the Great Depression did not allow him to rise above 29 floors. The building is finished building only in 1950. Well, right you are and you know. If suddenly you forget, then remind you - this 77-story skyscraper Chrysler Building, built in 1930. He was the tallest building in the world from 1930 to 1931, has not yet built the Empire State Building. Even the most beautiful skyscraper in New York.

25. Let's look in the opposite direction. This view of the southern tip of Manhattan Island.

26. If you look down, you can see the fountains at the site of twins and the building of the museum complex 9/11. Picture taken on September 11, at the time when the memorial was opened only to relatives of the victims, so the fountains are almost no people. Left sticking skeleton under construction Hub World Trade Center authored by Santiago Calatrava.

27. Above him the rudiments of the 80-storey skyscraper 3 World Trade Center, which will be built no earlier than 2017. Above stands 74-storey glass building 4 World Trade Center, which is put into operation at the end of last year.

28. Type of right obscures the tower already built 104-storey tower 1 World Trade Center. While this is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. The first tenants will enter there at the end, the beginning of next year. As long as there are in all the finishing work.

29. Type of between 4 World Trade Center and 57-story W New York Downtown Hotel and Residences. In the foreground, Governors Island and Castle Williams (1812), followed by visible Brooklyn Bridge and Verrazano-Narrows (1964), which connects the area with Staten Island.

30. The ferry coming from Staten Island.

31. View of the east. In the foreground is a building under construction 30 Park Place, which with its 82 floors will soon be the tallest residential building lower Manhattan. Completion of construction is planned for 2016. Bright ugly building with dark windows on the right, is a 56-storey residential building Barclay Tower, built in 2007. Behind him sticking a 76-storey residential building New York by Gehry, built in 2010. To the right of it is low (compared to others) with green building turrets on the roof - a 30-storey office building Park Row Building, built in 1899. Prior to the construction Singer Building in 1908, it was the tallest office building in the world. Behind him is visible Brooklyn Bridge.

32. A building with a green roof is a 57-storey skyscraper Gothic Woolworth Building, built in 1913. Prior to the construction of a skyscraper 40 Wall Street in 1930, this building was the tallest in the world.

33. The building with a spire is 40-story Manhattan Municipal Building, built in 1914. There since it opened sit various urban services.

34. A building with a pyramidal roof left of it, is a 37-storey building Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse, built in 1936. There is a Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Federal Appeals and the US District Court for the Southern District of New York.

35. If you look down, you will see the following picture. Quite right you can see the construction site of the future 79-storey skyscraper Two World Trade Center. Its construction has not really started. Green spot on the marketplace refers to the chapel of St. Paul, built in 1766. Church spire now in scaffolding. In the shade of the trees is an old cemetery. Two large buildings in the foreground is 90 Church Street (right), which belongs to the US Postal Service. The building was built in 1935. And Office Building 100 Church Street (left), built in 1958.

36. Campus College Manhattan.

37. View of the Hudson River and New Jersey. This is the west side. Pinnacle standing in water, this road tunnel ventilation shaft Holland.

38. Residential buildings District Battery Park City. It is located on the territory of the bulk. Previously, there have been numerous piers, but in the construction of the towers of the World Trade Center, there began to throw off the ground taken when digging pits under the foundations of buildings.

Then simply types.

39. Students going to college classes.

40. Machinery, taxi and school bus.

41. Districts residential development. It is interesting to look at the roof.

42. Many rehabilitated. Somewhere installed equipment for konditsionirovnaiya.

43. Many have chairs, tables and chairs

44. In many broken small garden.

45. Assume that in the land of bags for lawn or garden / vegetable garden, which will break on the roof.

46. ​​Sacks closer. Visible pipe sprinkler system.

47. Many roofs are painted with silver. This is done to ensure that they are less heated by the sun.





52. Playground.

53. A vending machine for drinks.


55. Heat and waterproofing of the roof.

56. Little house on the roof, it's light window. Many houses were built at a time when there was no electric lighting.

57. Parking.


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