How to look like the offices of world-renowned companies

Ninety two million four hundred fifty thousand five hundred fifty two

Many modern companies have realized: that the staff were not exhausted imagination, diligence and of course, the desire to work, they need to create inspiring space to work. And it's not just colored the walls, and all kinds of entertainment like Lounges, gaming zones, corporate cafes, gyms, seasoned with the extraordinary design.

The website decided to look into the creative offices of famous companies.

Headquarters in California, USA

Office in Paris

Office in London

The office in Dublin

Office in tel Aviv

Office in Singapore

The office in Austin (USA)

Office in Zurich

Office in Los Angeles

Office in San Francisco

Office in Hong Kong

The office in Sao Paulo

The office in Milan

Office in London

San Francisco

Office in Toronto

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Photos on the preview lisa_lee07, jamesbwhiteside

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