4 rules that will help not to screw it up with makeup in dark colors

Dark shadows — the real trend of this season. But this does not mean that they must use. They require special attention, because the dark pigment is so intense that one mistake can cost you the whole way.

The website will tell you whether or not to apply makeup to dark colors and how to do it.

Eye color

For each eye color for a darker shade. If you have blue or gray eyes, give preference toblack and coffee shades. Green-eyed better suited to a dark brown color, but you can also try purple and dark green shades. On brown eyes look gooddark chocolate and black colours.

The size of the eye

Dark shadows enhance eyes, but make them much smaller. If incision your eye and so small enough, you should refrain from dark shades and try out more bright and vivid tones. It is also worth to adopt a neutral beige tone is suitable for any eyes.

Day or night?

Very long time it was thought that dark makeup is appropriate only in evening and night time, but now it is in the past. For everyday use it may not quite fit, but on special events it will be fine.

To the makeup did not look too bright, dilute dark shadows and bright lipstick. To soften the image, you can combine them with a beige color, a touch of champagne and gold metallic.

Skin color

You should be careful with dark shadows if you have very fair skin — they can give you a pale and sickly appearance. To avoid this, you should combinedark and light shades of shadows. In this case, the dark shadows create contrast, which will mark out your eyes.

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