20 perfect combination of colors for interior design

Any interior design starts with the choice of color combinations. For correct use of color - the key to a harmonious, stylish and holistic interior.

That is why the Website divided cheat sheet that will help you choose the perfect color scheme in the design of the house.

Bedroom in gray-beige ottenkah

Room in the gray-blue tonah

Bright spalnya

Bedroom in a red tsvete

Scandinavian minimalizm

Living in the dark sinem

Bedroom in biryuzovom

Interior neutral tonah

Bathroom color tiffani

Children's room in beige tonah

Bedroom in blue tonah

Living in zelenom

Peach stolovaya

Living in pink and lazurnom

Bedroom lilac tonah


Bathroom in zelenom

Living in colors ohry

Bedroom in gray tonah

Bedroom in crimson tsvete

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