The interior design of small living room

Small living room always confuses the owners of dwellings, especially if it is a small room in a one bedroom apartment. Any owner wants to have spacious, cosy living room, which would comfortably receive guests and relax yourself.

Design small living room besides the placement of the bed, still requires the presence of a coffee table, wardrobe, fireplace, cabinets for books and things, shelves. To properly execute the guest can pre-determining the most appropriate lighting, color and placement of furniture in the room.

The choice of color

The choice of colors in a small living room requires a special approach. Perfect for interior small living room Wallpaper bright colors with rare miniature pattern. They will visually expand the space of the apartment. In rooms with low ceilings it is best to hang Wallpaper with vertical lines. So can make the room wider. Wallpaper with horizontal lines, on the contrary, narrow living room, making it smaller.

Avoid anonymity is possible, using the interior of a small shapeless gostinichnye dark accents. This can be a feature wall combined with colorful Wallpaper. If you want to expand the narrow living room, you can at the planning stage to exploit the idea displayed the opposite wall, hanging mirrors. Design small living room can be changed if to divert attention from the small space of the room and the low ceilings, vivid murals.

The choice of furniture

When you select the color of the walls, you can proceed to the selection of furniture. Design small living room / best made in a minimalist style. It would be better instead of the sofa set as a sofa with two armchairs to buy a sofa or some folding chairs with footstools. This will allow you to save some space, making more free movement of residents. The interior room in a small apartment requires a minimum of furniture. It must be compact, compact and multifunctional.

The choice of lighting

To narrow living room seemed wider, it is necessary to choose appropriate lighting. In bright light the room will seem more spacious.

In lighting, it is recommended to use lamps, wall lamps and sconces.

Natural light is provided by light curtains. We should say no to solid curtains, because they only "steal" the extra space and to opt for Roman blinds that give the room additional inches of usable area.

Narrow Studio apartment can be expanded by combining living room with kitchen. In this case, it is sufficient to apply the method of zoning, dividing the arch into two zones.

Guidelines for design of small living room

The interior of a small living room requires the fulfilment of two main objectives:

  • proper arrangement of furniture;
  • arrangement of decorative fireplaces;
  • to maximize the space.
Small living – room, where there is no need for a massive upholstered furniture. Therefore, compact folding two - or three seater sofas, shelves, low cupboards, cabinets for TVs will fit perfectly in the small area interiors for small rooms living room.

When creating a design for a mini living room should adhere to the following rules:

  • a compact place soft furniture in the interior of a small living room;
  • decorate the room in bright colours;
  • use white background and colourful accessories in the form of vases, paintings, carpets, pillows with a goal of avoiding "boredom" of the design;
  • the use of simple geometrically (this is true not only of furniture but the walls, ceiling, floor).

The original solution can be used in the bathroom glass furniture or furniture made of durable plastic material (provided that the house or apartment, no small children). Glass interior greatly increase the space of the room. Despite the fact that they look like ordinary furniture, living room seems so much lighter and more mobile.

By selecting, for example, a set of furniture, "two chairs+sofa" in the room decreases available space, but at the same time, sold the compact. Choosing a corner sofa, keep in mind that in this case, it becomes impossible for the reshuffle, but there is more space. Pay attention to the solidity of corner sofas. A great option – you purchase a compact bed.

In addition, the interior of a small living room can be decorated in a miraculous way, if you do not take a seat near the window. Easier to put under a window dresser for the TV. If this cannot be done, is to organize a sleeping place.

You should not be afraid of heat from the batteries. Furniture will not be damaged if you put it 30 cm farther from the heating. In the event such placement creates a cozy living room design, is the fourth wall becomes an acceptable distance from the eyes to the TV screen (to 3.5 metres). Unusual and will look great in a small apartment, replacement of Central heating a narrow fireplace.

The option of placing the sofa in the middle of the room saves space and catches the eye with its originality. Here the focus is on the window. To it in no event it is impossible to put furniture. Welcome window decoration fabrics with the addition of lightweight tulle and curtains of light shades.

Do not need the living room curtains, if the owner wishes to hang Roman blinds. Today they are very popular, easy to care, stylish and elegant.

In the case where the owner – the owner of a small living room in a Studio apartment on the first floor, wants to change the style to a modern design, it is recommended to use Japanese curtains.

In General, the walls and window of the guest room should not be overloaded. All you need is to create the interior of a small living room in an unobtrusive style, without extra draping and Ruche because their abundance makes an already small guest stuffy.

Design narrow living room it is more expedient to arrange with the addition of shelves with open shelves or transparent, illustrative examples of which can be viewed on photos sites that offer repair services. Thanks to the so-called "artificial" voids improves the overall look of the room.

Looking through photos of contemporary interiors for small living rooms, you notice the following feature: the decoration of the walls colored Wallpaper, the installation of modern energy-saving fireplaces, expanding the space of the room by painting the ceiling.

Tip: plain Wallpaper or paint walls living room – ideal for visual expansion of space.The design of interiors is very wide, but they are not infinite. Do not try to make narrow rooms are 18 square metres Royal hall. Classic design a small living room – no Drapes on the Windows, massive furniture in dark tones, patterned walls, dark carpets. Remember that they are designed for large areas 40-50 squares and not for interior small living rooms.

The easy design and bright light – that will turn narrow the guest in a spacious comfortable room.

In a small living room, you can create a wonderful design. You only need to choose the right decorative elements to enhance the room and create a style on your own.

To increase the area of the living room:

  • colors;
  • a good furniture placement;
  • the correct choice of decorative elements (paintings, fireplaces, statues);
  • versatility light;
  • the optimal plan.
Tip: the right combination of colors has a positive effect on mood, health, performance.Designers recommend to combine in the design of the living room no more than five colors.

The yellow color in small apartment is unique, because it symbolizes wealth. Combining it with fresh shades of green, the owner enhances the activity and vitality in the room.

For a small living room in walls suitable monochromatic light Wallpaper. It is easiest to pick up, given the room configuration. For example, Wallpaper with photos give the opportunity to extend the guest. As for decorative elements, they must be the same style and always be combined with each other.

Remember that the most important thing in creating the living room is the creation of space in the apartment that is right for yourself and available.

The color scheme should be executed with a particular taste to focus on some "more profitable" areas of the room and hide the others ("less favorable") zone. In General, the design of the guest should be made in calm tones and adjust to a comfortable relaxation.

The determining factor in the interior of a small living room must always remain a TV. It is only important to correctly install it to successfully "fit" in perspective.

Today owners are increasingly choosing the design small living room modern high-tech style, trying to turn it into a cozy place of rest. published


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