Creative solutions for design of the walls in the living room

Before starting work on changing Your living room, decide what will change: only the old Wallpaper, upholstery or the entire interior. The design of the walls in the living room will help in solving many issues: visually enhance if necessary, the space, add light in a dark room, set the tone for the further selection of interior.

Think about all the little things you need in advance to any nuances not spoil the end result.

Choice of colors

Choosing a color palette that will be used in the design of the living room, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • which side goes room;
  • prospective or existing color of the furniture;
  • the personal wishes of the inhabitants of the house.
Choosing the right color palette taking into account the part of the horizon will give the room harmony. To the North, deprived of sunlight or shade, growing on street trees, rooms, the ideal option would be a warm pastel shades of yellow, olive, peach and similar flowers; for the southern side will approach the colder range.

If in your plans the main focus of the room to put on the furniture, the walls should be in contrast to her color. So, for light furniture suitable bright colors wall design and dark, on the contrary, calm, light tone.

Tip: use to accent the unusual mural on the wall, carpet on the floor. Such elements will not clutter the design a large number of colors.If choosing a basic color palette, family members did not come to a consensus, use a compromise that would suit all, mix and match colors.



The carpet simulates the grass, combined with the brown floor will help you to create an atmosphere as close to natural.


What is better Wallpaper or paint

Still in the planning stage you need to wonder what to cover the walls and that of the proposed materials to choose. The most popular materials used in the decoration of the walls are paint and Wallpaper. Choosing between them, consider the future decoration of the living room. So, under the paper with a pronounced texture or print, the interior also need an appropriate.

Tip: choose a monotonous or white Wallpaper, designed for painting, without a strong stamping, with a further design to avoid problems and additional conditions.


Minimalism or expressive

To make the room interior more expressive, a kind of aristocracy, use this element of decor as molding. With their help, you can visually raise the ceiling.

If you want to make your room look light and weightless, designed it in a minimalist style. To be clear, do not use in the finishing of moldings, moldings and other decorative details, which load the wall.

decorating the walls with moldings

living room in minimalist style



The fireplace has always been a symbol of home and comfort. Well, if the project is a private home allows you to schedule it in the interior. And what about those who live in the apartment where to equip a real fireplace, usually impossible, and the like.

Come to the aid of drywall, from which you can construct a structure where the later is an artificial hearth. Another option: follow the pattern of the fireplace on one wall.

This element of decor will attract looks and be the center of attention. It is known that to look at how the fire burns endlessly.

just for show in the living room


Niches and other decorations of the drywall

Plan apartments, particularly in older homes, as a rule, is not able to satisfy their owners. To make it more comfortable will help the drywall. One of the techniques that are most often used when modifying the walls is the formation of niches. Of this material to create shelves on which you can arrange pleasant view trivia, Souvenirs or depression in the ground designed for relaxation.

Also, this material is used for forming the base, where it is subsequently mounted light, which will give the room coziness and mystery. It carried out of the column, bas-reliefs and other elements that adorn the living room.

niche with lighting

Glass design and mirrors

Mirrored walls perfectly cope with this task as a visual increase of space in the room. Living room, where the walls are made mostly of mirrors, looks fascinating and gives you the opportunity to dream. But the cost of such processing will be significant. To use this material for the walls, it will be necessary to conduct additional training facilities. For example, you might need a significant increase in window openings, as well mirrored walls combined with large Windows and light tulle, modern furniture made in hi-tech style.

lounge in the style of hi-tech

Color scheme needs to be designed in steel, black and white, grey tones. As scenery use crystal lamps, figurines of glass, tall floor lamps.

Tip: if you're a fan of soft home comfort, this style is not for you.Fans of eco-style can be used as a finishing material for walls and natural materials. A stone or a tree in the living room will create a sense of unity with nature, antiquities, the materials in the old days you used to create the home.published

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