The Golden color in the interior: ideas of application

If you love Scandinavian minimalism, not in a hurry to turn our noses up options Golden color in the interior. Because in any decor can add warmth, Golden light and to give Antiques a gilded framework.

Of course, mostly the Golden color in the interior prefer fans of classic interiors with an emphasis on luxury. It is not necessary to cover the walls with gold paint or buy the gold furniture. To give a light Golden color, many leather details, Golden light from the lamps and sconces.

At all times the color gold was associated each of us with this luxury, aristocracy and wealth. But if you had to decorate the interior with gold leaf really could afford only the most wealthy representatives of high society, but today the use of gold shades is available to everyone. Moreover, in recent times, namely the Golden color is among the most relevant and popular in design. Despite its garish and expressive, it manages to create a unique harmonious style even in the face of minimalism, not going over the top with the pretentiousness of the image.

Golden lighting easy add to any interior design warmth and comfort and will give your light a nice chap, which is always set up for rest and relaxation. And does not matter in what quantity and for what you will apply this shade: even a single gold decoration will be enough to dilute the routine and permeate the design of the room more noticeable elegance.

Combine Golden hue with other warm and cold tones, getting a truly unique and inimitable interior!

Of course, no shades of white gold does not look so gentle and harmonious. For kitchen areas, a combination of white and gold will become like not the best solution: created the atmosphere is relaxing and sets a nice day.

At first glance, the gloomy gray tones seem to be completely incompatible with gilding. However, diluting this ensemble of white flowers, you will get an interesting image, expressive and incredibly stylish.

Nothing can so advantageously emphasize the luxury bedroom as the use of Golden color in the interior. Calm Golden hue of the walls, unusual ornament is a slightly darker shade will add brightness and soft milky carpet on wooden flooring will give an overall picture of tranquility and harmony.

If you want a more flashy design, use in bathroom Golden shades. In particular, the effect of the gilding is achieved when mass coverage light floorboard and wall coverings in imitation of the same tree.

Even a rich black shade may favorably complement the gold tone. Often this decision is made for offices, but to avoid excessive contrast it is better to use matte black.

A similar trend will be suitable for decorating your living room. The dim lights add to the interior more romance and heat.

In the sleeping quarters, most of the more relaxed application of Golden shades. And the combination with the coffee-milk tones and even creates a feeling of absolute comfort.

To give solemnity to the way the living room will be able gold tone, well complemented by dairy and light brown accents. And glossy floors give the effect of greater light, which gives the feeling of being in a luxurious majestic Palace.

The combination of black and white would look boring, if not for the gold notes in the design of the walls and furniture. And mirror panels on the wall will only strengthen the unique effect.

Don't be afraid to use a Golden color, even if you want to leave the greatest possible harmony with nature. It is no secret that Golden hue harmonizes very nice with the imitation wood.

Perhaps gold is the only color that can easily dilute even the most gloomy black interior, making it expressive, incredibly stylish and solid.

Similar to the effect of "solidity" easy to create in the bedroom: don't be afraid that the black will ruin the harmony of the interior.

The more lighting used in interior design with gold, the more interesting it becomes and modern style. And to dilute the obtained result will help small black or dark brown.

If you do not have enough comfort in the interior consisting of black, white and gold tones, try adding a little natural greenery.

Another confirmation of the perfect combination of gold with black and white tones of the interior. Wall decorated with black-and-white photography looks very nice against the bright white-gold light fixtures.

Even if you love the iridescence in the design of the house, try to leave one of the shades of main, using it most often. Innovative and interesting solution would be the allocation of some gold decoration.

Golden color will not spoil any one design solution. Quite a few parts with its use: it can be a picture frame, table top or lamps over the fireplace.

To create the effect of brilliance will help not just gold color, and gilding, used in the form of a mosaic of multiple colors.

Don't want too overwhelm the interior of white and shades of gray? Add a little lighting with the installation of Golden lighting.

To create the effect of antiquity, there is no better option than the Golden color in the interior. Unleash the experiments!

The abundance of brown in the Central interior — a real help in the creation of exclusive contemporary design.

Feel yourself in a real fairy tale, like staying in a mansion. This will help the combination of gold and white tones with a light "airy".

The lighter Golden shades are used in the bedroom, the more delicate becomes the overall image of the room.

Don't be afraid to deviate from the standards. In combination with gold gray tone not so dark and boring without it.

Silver and gold is the most effective way to demonstrate their worth. Stick to this trend in interior design.

To the interior seemed even more solemn and aristocratic, prefer, Baroque style, while remaining committed to silver-grey and gold.

Consistency, sophistication and elegance combined with comfort is what allows you to achieve gold color, light grey interior.

As in the previous embodiment, is comfort and warmth. However, replacing the light gray was a nice gentle beige.

Complete with Golden mosaics one of the walls in the bathroom and no longer need additional elements to create an aristocratic interior.

Even the most non-traditional shades can be combined with gold. Purple and crimson colors make the interior brighter and more fashionable.

Finds use gold in the design of public institutions. Nothing so profitable emphasize the luxury and richness than the abundance of gold on the walls and lots of light.

If the goal is to obtain interior peace and not of contrast, give preference to pale shades of gold: even these colors will look interesting.

The presence of a light gold in upholstered furniture, floor covering and on the walls makes the image of a harmonious, warm, and fun.

To get rid of congestion brightness it's possible, choosing a gold interior more glass furniture.

This interior is difficult to name a single color. However, smoothes the sharpness of the contrast is still the same gold color evident in the design of the walls and floor.

The more gold and milk shades in the interior — the lighter and radial turns room, even with the presence of the grim details.

It is not necessary to apply for the design of the living room or dining room solid gold. Interesting geometric pattern on the floor with the use of dairy and dark brown shade focuses the attention, immediately creating about the interior a pleasant experience.

Often the presence of gold in the interior testifies to the creative nature of the owner. Create a creative atmosphere in the house, experimenting not only with color but also with shapes and patterns.

Celadon is another relevant solution for interior decoration in combination with gold. A gentle violet, and all will take you to distant warm beaches, always reminding of late summer.

Don't be afraid to combine gold with non-traditional shades. The color of the waves and gentle blue will reduce the sharpness of the image and make the interior more attractive.

Massive Golden chandeliers, luxurious sofas Baroque style and, of course, a lot of light in a big space, the observance of these trends will help the best way to emphasize the gentility of the host.

How about feeling the incredible softness? For the bedroom it will be the best option, you only need to use beige, gold and light blue.

More rich and saturated look of the interior with gold as the base shade for him used dark gray.

Light blue combined with Golden tones becoming more and more relevant in the design of the bedroom.

Even a small element of gold, as a thin frame for paintings adorning the walls, will help to improve interior room, without creating a color overload.

The combination of gold with a hint of milk chocolate — that's what will make this bed room really elegant and aristocratic.

To create a luxurious punch, perfect not only the gold, and silver mosaic. However, no gold decorative elements to have a full picture will be difficult to achieve.

Minimalism is a unique style, where it is important to choose wisely every shade. The presence of gold will make an attractive and stylish by even the most monotonous design, emphasizing all the advantages of the interior.

The contrasting blue tone is not prohibited to use in the design of classical interiors. It is sufficient only to dilute it: use more white, and for creativity add gold decor.

Already a classic is a combination of bold black and white in any room. Make the room more attractive, by making a small "Golden" adjustments.

Experimenting with color and using jewel tones, try to be creative in the forms. Unconventional design lamps in the form of massive balls, and also elegant armchairs as well as possible will help to equip the living room of your home.

Solid the precious ceiling will be a real highlight of your interior, if you paint the walls in a less expressive color. Stay on the blue — and get a dramatic look with a minimum of decorative elements.

Usually in the design of the living room afraid to use cool colors. However, if the goal is to create luxury, try to combine the white stone walls with gold accents, as on the surface of the walls and floors and even in furniture. We guarantee that you will get a great result, even if minimalism is almost involves nothing but the sofa and a glass coffee table.published


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