Create a positive mood: BOHO style in the interior

How would you describe your life? Surely almost every day do you spend on a scheme, but sometimes you want to get rid of boredom and add bright colors in everything around you.

Coming home, many people prefer to observe a discreet and strict styles, does not produce this interior among many others. But if you are a supporter of the arts, you certainly love to work with unusual colors and materials.

But in that case, if you are artistic and creative personalities, try to make a variety of everyday situation. It's enough to make your room design.

Boho style in the interior of the apartment

Due to its brightness, the use of unusual materials, unconventional approaches to the choice of colors and many other features of this style is more common among people whose life is directly connected with art.

But even if you are not a representative of such a sphere, boho style will not leave you indifferent. This approach to interior design you will be able to create an atmosphere of lightness and ease, and this is something that often needs every one of you.

So let's figure out how to recreate this atmosphere at home, and what tricks you have to resort.

Key features of the style

What boho style is different from the rest? Perhaps, glaunoy its peculiarity is the complete absence of any rules of interior design. This means that in the process of decorating you can show imagination and do not be afraid, that the most daring ideas will be inappropriate in your room.

This style involves the use of a huge number of small details, but together they evoke a sense of disorder: on the contrary, you and your friends will have the impression that every detail has its place and is an important element of the interior.

Tip: because the design identifies the comfort in your home, it is better to use mild and non-irritating shades and comfortable furniture.

The main characteristics of the interior in the style boho, include the following:

the use of cheerful colors (they should not push, but should not cause boredom. In this case, the combination of several colors);

natural materials (boho style in the interior of the apartment or room is characterized by the use of a large number of natural fabrics, wooden objects, plants, etc.);

ethnic motifs (usually, they appear in the selected for the decoration of textiles: don't be afraid to use fabrics with patterns, prints and unusual paintings);

a great number of accessories (your chosen decorative elements should fit into the overall theme of the interior).

Typically, the design does not involve the use of Wallpaper. Usually for the decoration of walls using whitewash, plaster, special paint or natural wood. Some prefer to glue wall decorative patterned fabric.

This option is especially popular in kitchens. As for sex, there is a need to provide a large number of carpets: the surface is made of stone or wood.

Don't forget that Bohemia is the old style, so the room must use a minimum of technology.


Due to the fact that every time the fans of this style out of new ideas at the moment, in practice, already entrenched the use of a few key areas.

The first method of registration is a boho classic. This style is the most strict, it is appropriate to use classic furniture, smooth lines, delicate shades.

But, typically, it is diluted for the traditional style boho ways: the walls and textiles are decorated with unusual patterns, boring fabrics are combined with lace or beautiful ribbon. And pastel colors diluted by such shades as gold, brown, beige, blue and many others.

The following area is boho-glamour (or boho chic). In this case, vintage is acceptable for the traditional design, combined with glamorous decor.

The interior can be decorated with rhinestones, fur, lace, and related paintings.

For lovers of all natural is preferred that the decoration of the interior in the style boho-eco. In this case, each of the interior elements made of natural materials.

To finish flooring using wood or stone for the walls – plaster or wood panels. For the textile items cotton, silk, leather and natural fur.

Another offshoot of style, boho think the boho-hippie. In this case, using the boldest combinations of colors, accessories and pieces of furniture.

Andthe more detail you will use for interior decoration – the more it will match the main idea direction.

Interior details

How to design the interior so that each detail only emphasized the peculiarity of your style?

If it is living room or bedroom, decorate, decorative pillows and bedspreads with colorful patterns and trim.

If it's kitchen – choose a suitable tablecloth and decorate walls original textile coasters under dishes and pot holders. For kitchen decoration suitable flowers.

And don't forget that the room can be decorated with soft, beautiful carpets. And for these purposes it is not necessary to buy something new in your interior, ideal for old rugs or blankets, hand-made from colorful scraps.

Tip: don't be afraid to combine incongruous color, as this will make the atmosphere in your room more lively and cheerful.

In order to style your room was considered complete, you must choose the appropriate furniture. This style is characterized by the use of a large number of upholstered furniture, but not necessarily to dwell on those options.

Vintage atmosphere to your home will add wicker or wood furniture, as well as options made from leather.

Remember! For rooms of small size, it is preferable to use wicker furniture to the interior did not seem too cluttered.

If this is the kitchen – use a solid wooden tables and chairs. In this kitchen will fit perfectly shops. Also this style would fit a furniture made from plastic: it is advisable to find colored or transparent options.

In the bedroom the feature of this style accentuates the old bed of wood or metal, small wooden tables and cabinets.

Because boho style is appropriate to the use of different accessories, we offer you to familiarize yourself with the basic ways of decorating interior with their help:

shelves, cabinets and coffee tables will be decorated with a variety of vases, figurines and candleholders. If you have a desire can transform their appearance: for example, using gold or silver paint to make them seem more old. For decoration of the interior is perfect Antiques;

on the walls you can put up funny pictures or pictures in wooden frames and antique clock;

be sure to consider the method of illumination: it is desirable to choose a chandelier with crystal or with patterns of metal;

to decorate the walls and cabinets, you can use the mirror in a wide frame;

walls and ceilings can be papered, original moldings.

By the way, this room will fit even large sculptures. And on the tables and the floor can accommodate a large vase with fresh flowers.

A very important role in the interior play the curtains. To make your room passed your inner state, not in a hurry to buy ready-made curtains for the Windows. Better go textile shopping, choose a fabric with a cheerful color – and pasate the curtain yourself.

You can choose the material in the tone of upholstered furniture.

Tip: to make your interior looked too dark, for curtains it is better to use light shades.

Another way to participate in the creation of decorative elements for this style is to paint a vivid picture. And don't be scared if you have no relevant skills, not even a professional picture is written off in the interior, it is sufficient to use bright colors.

By the way, if you find it difficult to match colors for interior decoration, offering you a win-win: you can use yellow, green, brown and white shades, and the variety provide through the combination of several incompatible materials.

Don't forget that hand-made is a key way to design the rooms in Bohemian style: decorate and construct your own pillows, blankets, quilts, tablecloths and even decorative figurines.

Boho style is perfect for the creative mind and allow you to add variety to the interior for a short period of time.

We have opened for you, not all the secrets of interior decoration in this style: would be better if about the other intricacies of this process, you guess yourself.


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The only thing you should remember is that you should not be afraid to experiment. Let your room conveys your inner world, and the bright colors and unusual materials are uplifting you and your family.published




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