Monochrome interior: interesting ideas for design your home

Today we will talk about monochrome interiors. If you don't know what is monochrome interior, this interior color scheme which is based on the same color, no matter it is a chromatic color (color) or achromatic (black, white gray). Although in most cases, flowers in a monochromatic color scheme still, two: white and any chromatic or achromatic color.

In other words monochrome interiors – interiors, built on a combination of many shades of one color. This does not mean that, for example, a bedroom or hallway will look dull and faded. Interesting interior, in this case, is created using correct subordination (contrast, detail) many shades of one color. While their improper use can completely ruin the beauty of monochrome interior, so let's look more specifically.

Some people prefer the interiors (and interiors) of any single color. Create a monochrome interior on the basis of one dominant color – the most simple task for the color scheme, which can solve any novice designer and the owner of the apartment or house. If you want, and you will easily be able to create monochrome interiors based on shades of any one color, after reading this article, looking at some examples, and following the tips below.

So, we already know that the monochrome interior is created using one color but in different shades. Now let's learn how to properly distribute the shades of one color for the interior to achieve interesting colors in the room. There are three main principles of the color solution of the rooms in monochrome colours.

1. The first principle of combination of colors in this monochrome interior elements of large dimensions (walls, floors) – the light shade; furniture — dark accessories – dark.

Make a mistake using this principle, it is practically impossible, even if you have no experience of such a color solution of the rooms. And not to waste funds, you can first go shopping, to postpone the suitable color and style of Wallpaper, curtains, furniture, accessories. It would be nice to do their photos. Home again to evaluate the combination, trying to the geometry of the room and lighting to the room, and then safely go shopping.

2. The second principle of combination of colors in this monochrome interior: — choose for the walls of the darkest, and for furniture is the most bright color, if the interior is dominated by bright palette.

You can choose some dark color. However, for the decision to choose the combination of colors is somewhat difficult. To realize its worth only if you are sure that the rich color of the walls will darken the room. Remember about such an important part of the interior as the light carpet. It will make the room more bright, neutralizing the dark tones of the walls.

But in General, this principle is better suited for the combination of bright colors in monochrome interiors. For example, you can use yellow, blue, green, pink. These options look good in the bedrooms (except blue), which overlook the North side.

3. The third principle is uniformly bright monochrome interiors that are created with slight differences in tones according to the level of lightness (darkness).

They are most suitable for rooms:

  • with Windows facing the North side

  • with low ceilings,

  • dark,

  • designed for relaxation.

Uniformly bright interiors look airy and delicate. However, because of the ease used the color palette, they also receive the fog effect and deliquescence of the picture. Will not save him even the white vertical parts (window frames, door, headboard, etc.), because the interior colours are too bright and can not create the necessary contrast with the white color. In the end, often, the atmosphere of the interior "floats", and he acquires the basic connotation, and the picture loses a steady view.

This effect is not considered neither bad nor good. However, this need to know and cannot be ignored. If you wish to reduce the feeling of airiness of the room, while a monochromatic color scheme, use the following techniques:

— Add accent color that is not similar to the dominant. It attracts the eye and serves as a "reference point" that supports the entire interior.

— Apply strip. In a uniformly-bright interior strip determines the structure does not allow drawing "blurred" and that it was important that visually makes the ceiling visually higher. In rooms with low ceilings and Windows on the North side, due to the vertical stripes uniformly bright monochrome interiors will look brighter and bigger.

— Use a combination of Wallpaper. Decorating the surface of one wall or area on it Wallpaper with beautiful texture or pattern, accentuate the structure of the interior, giving it a kind of "playfulness".

In General, as you may have noticed, the third principle of the combination of colors is the most difficult to perform. There are a lot of bright colors with small variations, and special techniques sets the necessary accents.

Most monochromatic interiors, though, are based on shades of bright palette. But when the same color is too much, it is almost "tangible". Therefore it is better to opt for a not very Intrusive bright color.

Also, you may ask the question: "is it possible to create an interesting monochromatic interior is based on dark or bright, and not bright colors?" Yes, it is quite possible.

For example, extremely beautiful interior, which is based on a deep purple color. The game of its many shades is always fascinating. But you probably already thought – will rest comfortably in this room? Get bored fast this interior? Of course, it all depends on taste and individual preferences. Therefore monochrome interior on the basis of a single dark color, you can choose to only being a hundred percent convinced that this is your color scheme.

In the absence of necessary experience in execution, to give beauty to the detriment of comfort in the interior of the purple or Burgundy shades quite difficult. Usually this work is done only by experienced designers and decorators.

Less elegant interior, which is based on the blue color. His "salvation" — a modern austere. Therefore, to create and master design middle level, and a person who has studied the principles of the decorations yourself.

The combination of interiors of the same bright colors is uncommon. To decorate the room only in one bright, for example, orange color, you have to be very much in love.

In the monochrome interior, based on the green color, to decorate the walls in neutral tones – grey, beige, cream, and grey, but not green. Then it will be easier to choose furniture and additional details.

Don't know if you paid attention to the fact that most of the above-described variants of monochrome interiors are very often used white. This is necessary to ensure that the interior will not be too air, dark or bright, when using shades of one color. Proceeding from this it follows that adding a large amount of white (to a lesser extent grey and black) to the shades of the dominant color is also essential. Of course, there could be a little conservative interior, but it will look extremely solemn and stylish.

Place pink, for example, can take any other colors because white is easily combined with any color palette. But the main thing when creating this interior is their balanced ratio. White should be half the wall surface, floor surface and ceiling is mandatory.


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On the ceiling it is necessary to say a little more, because you can avoid a common design mistake. It is impossible to decorate the ceiling one of the shades of the dominant color. In the interior it will "close" the space to create the feeling of a closed "box". And most importantly – the ceiling of the base color will not allow to appear the game of shades will be to suppress them. Therefore, in the monochrome interior white ceiling is a good place to emphasize the play of colors, whereas the color – to destroy or to suppress.published




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