10 ideas for kitchen design style dining

Kitchen cafe is a kitchen, stylized cafes in the spirit of retro or vintage, namely under:

  • French bistro;

  • Italian trattoria;

  • English bakery;

  • American diner 50 years;

  • ... or any other cafe.

For those who want their hands to simulate in the kitchen a relaxed and casual atmosphere of coffee shop, pastry shop, pizzeria or restaurant, we have prepared a list of 10 decorating ideas and many photos for your inspiration.

10 design ideas for kitchen in cafe style

1. Get the bar

The bar will not only support style dining to your kitchen, but will make it more convenient for snacking, parties or work at the computer.

In a small kitchen it can replace the dining table and the big one to divide the space into zones of kitchen, bar and dining area.

The most authentic version of the bar is a strut in the niche partitions, as, for example, in this small kitchen in a Studio apartment.

Tip: if the kitchen has no storage space, you can convert in the bar the window sill.

2. Prepare dining area a La bistro

Special attention should be paid to the dining area. After filling it correctly, you are already halfway will achieve the very atmosphere of the cafe.

Kitchen cafe style will fit:

1. Wrought iron tables and chairs;

2. Wicker furniture;

3. High tables and chairs;

4. Round tables;

5. Tables on one leg;

6. Sofas;

7. Bench;

A combination of 2-3 small tables as, for example, in this kitchen in the style of a French cafe:

And here is a selection of photo examples of dining areas (scroll the slider to the right).

Tables on one leg in the style of cafe

And of course, don't forget about the themed decor of the dining area. It could be small bouquet of flowers on the table, hanging a clock or a sconce on the wall, signs, and decals (for details on this issue will discuss below).

Tip: search for the tables and chairs in furniture stores, don't forget to look at the Department of garden furniture and contact the organization that sells a specialized restaurant furniture, including street.

3. Use open shelves, racks and rails

Open shelves in the kitchen is not very practical, but they exactly match the Canon style bistro, reminiscent of a display of cakes or workplace Barista at the coffee shop. Completely abandon hinged scatophagidae is not in every kitchen, but for a couple of shelves and rails in addition not so difficult to find a place.

If the kitchen and dining area are isolated from each other, the kitchen can turn into a professional kitchen for the chef to "warehouse" in the form of a rack as in upper right photo.

Tip: don't forget to put on shelves styled cafe decor, for example: jars of spices, bottles of oil, wine glasses, copper Turks, etc.

4. Included in the interior a distinctive color

In interior design, advertising and branding of restaurants and cafes were most often the use of color, stimulating the appetite: red, orange, yellow, Burgundy. This is especially true for American Diners of the 50-ies.

Tip: the kitchen in the style of American cafe red, orange and Burgundy is most often diluted with a contrasting white, black and blue tones. The kitchen interior in the style of Parisian, English or Italian bistro more appropriate muted shade of red or Burgundy in the neighborhood with more natural shades of grey, terracotta, beige, brown, etc.

If your kitchen faces South or bright warm colors is not to your taste, you can choose any other color as your primary. For example, green as in the photo below.

5. Choosing the right finish

What materials to choose for the walls, floors and apron?

1. Real brickwork or her very good imitation of the decoration of the walls;

2. Chalk Wallpaper slate paint with lettering to design 1-2 accent walls;

3. In the facing of the apron — tiles;

4. On a floor a parquet Board and/or tile, especially faience authentic colors of paving and black-and-white;

5. Wood paneling along the walls;

6. Old-fashioned Wallpaper design with flowers, the cage, etc. or with a themed print;

7. Themed mural to highlight accent walls

8. Airbrushing, painting or murals on one wall;

6. Made out of a window cafe style

Curtains is another stylistic detail of kitchen interior design cafe style. For impromptu French, Italian or English restaurant is suitable for curtains, sober colors and country tunes of the following types:

1. Curtains-cafe;

2. Roman blinds;

3. Awnings-awning stripe — this is a direct quote of bistro-style. The photo below shows an example of how you can beat these curtains in the kitchen interior in the style cafe.

The interior of American diner fit the same awnings-awning red color, blinds and any curtain or chess themed print.

Tip: ready-made curtains in the right colors and size are hard to find, so it's best to order them in the Studio, on the website of the "Fair of masters", or better yet, sew by hand.

7. Give preference to equipment and plumbing fixtures in retro style

If you are on the planning stage of your kitchen design, try to choose all the appliances and plumbing in the retro style, today the benefit of it can be purchased at any store.

If your goal is to upgrade and remodel the interior or you have no possibility/desire to choose all the equipment from the fridge to the coffee machine and in retro version, then you can only buy a couple of stylized devices.

Tip: in the interior of the kitchen in a cafe style small appliances is not only the right thing, but also part of the entourage. If space on the countertop enough, the instruments can be many and hide them in the closet is not worth it.

8. Decorate the walls with vintage or retro signs

Creating in the kitchen a little France, Italy or England, don't forget to add one or a couple of signs and display phrases like ‘Bon appetite!’, ‘Bistro’, ‘Patisserie’, ‘Café” French, English ‘Bakery’, ‘Tea time’, ‘Coffee’, ‘Cookie’, ‘Good morning!’, etc., and the Italian “Cucina’, ‘Ristorante’, ‘Pizza’, ‘Spaghetti’ etc. For American retro theme suitable signs with LED-backlit like ‘Open’, ‘Grill’, ‘Bar”, etc.

Tip: a large variety of different simulations and real vintage (or retro) signs you can look for on the website or Etsy to make your own hands.

9. Create a cozy lighting

Adopt techniques restaurant light design, with their help, you will be able in a moment to create an atmosphere of intimacy and romance in your kitchen, for example, during dinner. The lighting in the stores are always local and warm, so let on your dinner table, too, is worth the candle, and hanging over him sconces, ceiling lamp shade, chandelier is a chandelier or a lamp in country style.

Of course, the well should be covered and working area, and to entourage you can hang wall lamp-lantern-type street.

10. Select themed decor and accessories

As you know, the style of the interior make details, so try to choose decorations, tableware and various accessories relevant topics, but keep in mind that they should be of good quality, in order not to appear a sham.

Here are the decoration items to decorate the kitchen in the style of a French bistro.

But such a kitchen in the style of an American diner of the era of pop art.





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