How to equip the kitchen at the cottage

Country kitchen, even very small, has great decorative potential. Because there is always more light and wooden surfaces, and the views are much nicer of the urban jungle.


On the other hand, difficulties in the arrangement of the kitchen in the country too there are many.

In this article, we presented 19 tips that will help you plan the design, repair and decor country kitchen, dining room or kitchen-living room, photos of beautiful interiors for inspiration.19 tips on arrangement

Tip 1. The rule "work triangle" – the key to conveniencein Placing the sink, refrigerator and stove at a distance of 60-180 cm from each other (the closer, the better) so that they form a triangle, you will receive a super-comfy workspace.

Tip 2. If possible, try to compose your kitchen is U-shaped

From the point of view of the rules of the triangle, U-shaped kitchen layout is one of the most successful, as during cooking all is under the hand of the cook.

Ideally, the distance between the sidewalls of the U-shaped kitchen should be around 120 cm at least 90 cm.

It turns out that in order to build typefaces in this way, the width of the kitchen space should be 210-240 cm

If the kitchen is very spacious, the distance between the side dressers may be more than 120 cm, but then the advantage plan is lost (in this case, the kitchen is complemented by island).


Tip 3. Uniform lighting – the secret to comfort

Gardeners often forget to pay enough attention to lighting, and yet exactly the right lighting scenario can transform a country kitchen and make it cozier.



The secret to a nice simple lighting – the room should be several lamps distributed across the room evenly.

For example, it may be spotlights installed around the perimeter of the ceiling or lamps placed in different places, say, over the table, a Breakfast bar and work area.


Tip 4. Consider the location of utilities to repair

To think of the location of engineering communications, ventilation and electrical wiring need long before the kitchen renovation in the country to avoid fatal mistakes.


Tip 5. Choose not too expensive, but durable furniture

For a country kitchen makes no sense to buy expensive furniture made of precious wood, because it is so sensitive to high humidity and temperature extremes. Kitchen from MDF is perfect.

However, if you want to surround yourself with only natural materials, then you can feel free to choose the kitchen from the pine – environmentally friendly and inexpensive, and therefore very popular for cottages option.

 Tip 6. "Rustic" styles – win-win for country interiors

Of course, you can choose any style you wish, but as practice shows it is better in the cottages survive the traditional "rustic" styles. After all, they are the facades of houses are combined, and with the natural landscape, and wooden surfaces.

Besides, old clothes shipped to the country, can harmoniously fit only in the interior of country.

Here are the styles that are suitable for your garden with a probability of 99%:

  • Provence;
  • Country

  • Rustic;
  • The style of a Russian cottage;

  • Industrial;
  • Scandinavian.

Tip 7. The island or Peninsula will make the kitchen more convenient

In all was planned for your kitchen island or Peninsula will make it significantly easier. It is especially necessary in a linear layout, which is the most uncomfortable and, at the same time, the most common in the cottages.

Islands and Peninsula are good for their versatility. They can be equipped with a stove, oven, refrigerator, sink or just use as a work table, counter and a cupboard for storing dishes and groceries.

Of course, additional Desk will not fit in a very small kitchen. But the compact island on wheels the size of, say, 120×90 cm or Peninsula, abutting one end face in the wall/set, quite affordable for most suburban kitchens.


Tip 8. Give preference to natural colors in the decoration of walls, furniture and decor

They say that the facade of any rural buildings should fit harmoniously into the landscape. In our opinion, this idea is good not only for exteriors but also for interiors. It's so nice to be in harmony with nature even at home.

Therefore, planning the color scheme for a country kitchen, try to choose for the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture and textiles only the neutral and natural shades.

For example, instead of the acid green is to choose grass green, instead of black – pale-pink tint, and is bright orange – ochre tint.


Tip 9. If the kitchen is small, arrange it in shades of white

So the room will be even lighter, more visually tidy, and most importantly spacious.


The Council 10. Technique in a mini – the best solution for small kitchens

The little kitchen at the cottage can be equipped with a full set of equipment, no worse than in a city apartment. But to all fit in a small area, you should choose devices with reduced dimensions, for example:

  • Hob with two or three burners;
  • Narrow dishwasher (width 45 cm);
  • A small oven with the function of a microwave oven;
  • Built-in, not domed hood.

If the house has a cellar, and the refrigerator can pick up small, for example, a volume of 120 L.


The Council 11. If possible, install the sink at the window

Install the sink near a window on a country kitchen is easier than in the city. If you have the opportunity, definitely take advantage of it. This ensures at least good lighting in the wash zone by day and as a maximum – a nice view from the window while washing dishes.


The Council 12. Combine kitchen with living room

If the kitchen in your cottage is very small, you can combine it with the living room. So you win a couple of metres and create the space comfortable for family time and gatherings with guests. Of course, the wall between the rooms should not be a carrier.


The Council 13. Bet on natural materials

In order not to disturb the idyll of country life, you can try to abandon the use of synthetic materials wherever possible.

So, the countertop made of particleboard is to choose a countertop made of pine, which is not much more expensive.

Curtains in the kitchen to hang, not from a synthetic fabric, natural or mixed.

The interior decoration is desirable to refuse a plastic lining, vinyl Wallpaper, and linoleum.


The Council 14. Use family heirlooms as decorative items and household

You have a collection of samovars of the Soviet tea set, set of old Viennese chairs, antique furniture or simply dear to the heart of things which have no place in a city apartment? Use family heirlooms in your design project, if necessary otrestavrirovali them or redo, and then the interior of the country get particularly cozy and alive.

However, do not try to use all the treasures that you have to the kitchen turned into a Museum or storage. Collect only or what fits style or color to an existing decor, or that is worthy of becoming the starting point in the design of the interior. And, of course, pick up things with a story worthy environment of modern items.


The Council 15. Implement those design ideas that have long wanted to try in a city apartment, but did not dare

This can be the style of furniture that you like, interesting color combinations or decoration techniques.


The Council 16. Move the kitchen to the porch if the house is little space

Sometimes a kitchen in a suburban house ceases to hold its owners, for example, its size. And then it makes sense to move it to the... porch. Though it needs to take a number of actions: properly insulate the walls, floor and ceiling, beautiful brick them and, of course, to carry out communication.


The Council 17. Focus on the dining area

Everyday dinners and gastronomic gatherings are a significant part of life outside the city. Therefore, equipping the kitchen in the country, should pay special attention to the design of the dining area. Well, if the table is, first, a large (e.g., folding), and secondly, to stand by the window. What else?

Hang directly over the table beautiful lamp, chairs, pick up light and comfortable (Vienna suitable at the time!), the table garnish with a bouquet of wild/garden flowers, and on the walls hang pretty wall decor.


The Council 18. Use hand-made decor

Dacha is a place where things are made with your own hands, take on a special charm.

For example, it can be a tablecloth patchwork, wooden cutting boards, chairs, decorated in decoupage technique.


The Council 19. Remember, the textile does not happen much

Not enough comfort at the country kitchen? Fill it with beautiful textiles with Skatertny, napkins, curtains, pillows, carpets and rugs. Want to change the boring atmosphere? Just change the old for new textiles.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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