How to make roller blinds with their hands

Windows are the subject, allowing sunlight and fresh air into the house. But sometimes, the incident light is too strong, and in the evenings it is desirable to cover the room from prying external eyes. In these cases come to the aid of the curtains. In our days more and more useful are roller blinds for plastic Windows. Melt comfortable, modern design fits perfectly into the interior of almost any style without taking up much space.

Blinds or trucks is a one-piece fabric which contains a coating of dust and solar-reflecting elements. Being resilient and having a high durability, they can last for a long time. Over the past few years for trucks are very popular due to its ease of use and care. The most common are: electrical for plastic Windows or wooden Windows. The use of relistor is quite effective and economical method for blocking light. Important factor is the material of these curtains, which will determine the price.

Trucks help to control the desired amount of light in the room, preventing damage to furniture and potted plants.In the case when you need to darken the room completely, apply blinds from special opaque fabrics view Black-Out that can completely cut off the light from the room. Also: women help to maintain the desired temperature in the room throughout the year. Also, to achieve comfort in the home use roller blinds made of natural materials such as bamboo roller blinds.

Trucks are pretty easy to use. They are secured or inside of the window opening, or directly on the wall. By chaining them down or wound into a roll, placed over the window, thus adjusting the room lighting.

Usually trucks can be bought in specialized stores, but if you are having trouble deciding or don't want to order these blinds can be done independently.

The types of blinds

There are trucks of several types of structures, each of which has its own characteristics. Trucks are of the following types:

  • Open type, so-called mini, specially made for PVC Windows. These mini blinds may be installed on Windows without drilling. The lower ledge can be fixed by means of magnets.
  • Blinds Uni-1, used when the depth of the bead reaches more than 14 millimeters. Thanks to the simple control mechanism of the roller blind fit harmoniously into the window, making him an integral design.
  • Blinds Uni-2, which is used when an oblique glazing bead with an angle of 45 degrees and a depth of less than 14 millimeters.
  • opaque: laminated Black-Out, which are designed to darken the room completely.
  • Trucks day and night, consisting of two types of alternating stripes of fabrics (transparent and opaque), have two layers. Bands of fabric when lowering and lifting the curtains constantly shifted, changing the lighting in the room.
  • Ruffled pleated curtains, made from fabric that is reinforced on a special profile. These curtains are easily assembled in a harmonica if necessary.
  • The easiest option – open blinds, consisting of a drum and the cloth, which is wound on the drum. Control the curtain with a clip and wires. Lock you can secure the canvas in different positions to obtain different degrees of closure of the opening window.
  • Relistor for plastic Windows, there are guides, so they can be installed inside the glass or on the window. Installation inside the glass is a more efficient and convenient, completely eliminating the possibility of contamination of the canvas curtains. Such a system has only one drawback: it repairs are only carried out in the workshop, although its reliability almost makes it a failure.
  • Another kind of cassette roller blinds are also designed for PVC Windows and mounted separately on each leaf, which makes possible separate control of sections of relistor depending on the desired degree of opening of the sash.
The most convenient is the system of "day-night" which allows you to smoothly and effectively control the lighting level of the room and create if desired a complete blackout of the room. Most roller blinds are operated manually, but there are also relatively complex pattern of shades, many of which are regulated through the remote control.

In addition to blinds from fabric manufacturers are also roller blinds for plastic Windows made from bamboo, a natural material which can have a positive impact on the health and spirits living in the house. These curtains can also be made with your own hands or buy a kit prefabricated.The benefits of roller blindsRoller blinds have the following advantages:

  • they are used as additions to already existing curtains, and independent design of Windows;
  • blinds are installed on any wooden or plastic Windows, adhering tightly to the glass and eliminating any opportunity to look into the room;
  • easy to care for them;
  • roller blinds can protect from strong sun exposure or if necessary to darken the room completely;
  • from roller blinds have a large variety of options, while they are fairly easy to manage.
Thanks to the convenient design relistor they don't take up much space in assembled and do not interfere when the curtains are not necessary. Also it is convenient that when folded they do not settle the dirt and dust and need less frequent brushing. This option is especially convenient for the kitchen, because during cooking the surface can get a variety of pollution. The undeniable advantage is the possibility of placing the eaves directly above the window frame, leaving the window sill free to be used as additional space or work surface.

Designs of blinds suitable for patio doors. They don't have to collect to get on the balcony as they are fixed on the door and move with it.

In the children's roller blinds can be used as a screen for TV projector.


The differences of blinds from RomanSome confuse blinds with Roman, which are very similar in appearance but have a different mechanism of lifting of curtains. So, Roman blinds when lifting are collected in a horizontally lying folds with a cord situated on the sides or on the back side. Roller blinds are the same is wound on a special bar, which is located at the top of the opening window. Wound on the rod the fabric may be placed on the mind or it can be stowed in the cassette.

Made with their own hands: decorative twist at the bottom and fix the ribbon-garters, that hang down at a certain distance from each other across the width of the canvas.


The necessary materials and toolsTo create blinds with their hands need the following materials and tools:

  • Two fabrics for the front and reverse sides corresponding to the window size. Drawings paintings may be the same or may vary. In case of shutters at the window somewhat, the number of blades should be equal to twice the number of folds.
  • Ribbons, pieces of fabric or lace for the garter, whose length must equal the length of the curtains, multiplied by two, adding spare 20-30 centimeters.
  • Wooden bar for fastening a thickness of from 2.5×2.5 inches up to 4x This bar may be replaced by a tube of metal, but in this case, you will need to purchase fasteners. The width of the timber is taken across the width of the Drapes or less one centimeter. You can also use a cassette system, having bought it in the store.
  • Plank of wood or rod of metal to weight.
  • Staples and stapler, designed for furniture.
  • Screwdriver and screws for installation made of wood.
  • Various sewing supplies
Preparations for the establishment of the blindsthe First thing you need to perform the measurements of the opening if the curtains are fastened in an aperture, or a glass sheet, in the case of fastening to a wooden frame. The width of the blinds should do more of the width of the window opening by 2-4 cm taking into account the allowances, and the length greater than the height of an aperture of window of 5-15 cm.

Step-by-step creation of roller blinds


The order of execution of works on creation of roller blinds to the following:


Lay out the fabric and sew on the reverse side in accordance with the calculations along the length on both sides, and width only one. Turn the resulting pouch is evident. The remaining gap is sewn up, if to weight to make the pocket, or leave open if you plan to put a ballast inside of the bag. In the first case, after sewing the pocket clearance is made, the cloth is inserted proslejivaetsya and weighting. In the second variant the weights were put inside of the pouch, over it make the indent 0.5 cm and prostrachivajut the curtain to ensure that the weighting does not obstruct when rolling. Then sew up the remaining gap. The canvas is wrapped around a bar, fastening with the help of stapler. In the case of using a pipe it is wrapped, prostrachivajut or stitch the fabric by hand. Cooked garter thrown through fastening to the top and fixed with a stapler or primatyvajutsja thread. The timber is secured in the opening or to the frame through the bottom. The upper part can be decorated with a shaped edge. To make a window shade can be easily changed, you can replace the fasteners of steppler hooks or a zipper. In the manufacture of roller blinds for plastic Windows, it is attached directly to the window, for mounting in the upper part you can use sticky double-sided tape, and the weighting of the wooden rail. Thus, it is possible to hand-make several types of blinds, changing the look of the room according to your mood or according to the time of year. Made by hand blinds will talk about the skill and taste of their owners. Make these curtains yourself is quite simple, you only need to be careful and prudent. The necessary materials can be purchased at any hardware and sewing stores. To care for stormy roll quite easily and can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and wipe with a damp cloth. More stubborn dirt should be washed with soap and water. published

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