Blinds for veranda — cozy ideas for country house

After completion of construction and interior decoration rustic Hacienda, you can think about the arrangement of the favorite places for relaxation – porch or gazebo. The cozy atmosphere allows you to enjoy fresh air, beautiful views, relax. From small troubles like mosquitoes or sudden changes of weather protect at the cottage curtains for the front porch.

The design of the veranda or gazebo fabric curtains would be appropriate if the building is rarely used, mainly in the summer. Lightweight translucent fabric provides excellent protection from the sun and create a romantic mood. White curtains will be a wonderful addition to the interior verandas, decorated in a country style.
White fabric curtains creates a feeling of airiness and lightness

Popular material for curtains is acrylic – it protects from ultraviolet radiation, has the property to repel moisture, not absorb dust, easy to care, for example, dirt is removed with the soapy solution.

Curtains can be the main decoration of the veranda, to create an atmosphere of comfort and peace

Protective curtains for porch

In addition to decorative function, the fabric on the veranda should also be protected from rain and wind. Most suitable option are transparent curtains made of PVC film. Plastic curtains can decorate textile curtains, without fear that the fabric will get wet in the rain, in addition, in this case, the furniture will not be affected by the negative effects of sunlight and moisture. The material is quite dense, durable and environmentally safe.

With frequent opening and closing of the plastic curtains lose their attractive appearance. For demanding customers, manufacturers are offering roller blinds. This canvas from water resistant dense fabric that can be easily turned off in a roll electrically or manually.

Manufacturing of curtains with their hands

If you have the desire and some perseverance you can make your own hands a wonderful curtains for porch from scrap materials. The curtains in the form of a plurality of leaves made of fabric, which are attached on the cords, will help to create a shadow even at high noon, will miss the fresh air.

For their production we will need only durable slim cords, wooden slats across the width of the opening and the fabric is green or light green color. But for more bright colors suit orange, yellow and gold fabric.

The curtains in the form of leaflets from the tissue is difficult to distinguish from real plants

Stages of the manufacture of curtains of leaves Need to prepare "green": from fabric cut a lot of leaves. They should briefly dipped in liquid starch or melted wax, then they will retain a given shape. In addition, it will protect the fabric from fading. Then the leaves are fixed to the cords. Stringing on the cords prepared sheets, distribute them evenly. Each leaf is secured by a thin wire. Now assemble the cords with the leaves in the sun curtains. They are fastened by both ends to the plates. The upper plate then you need to attach into the opening, and the lower leave as sinkers that will keep the cords in a vertical level position even in windy weather. It is also recommended that sparsely twisting such threads transverse cords. Alternatively, you can use the grid as a basis for the manufacture of sun-protection curtains. At the top of the curtains need to make two large hook. Then the curtain can be rolled up and rolled up into a roll with the bottom rail, then put up on the hooks. If attached to the leaves with bright flowers or even butterflies, the curtains will benefit from this. Curtains of vines Original look made of vines rings, threaded one into the other. To make them easy. Willow vines are cut in autumn, when the SAP is already not moving. Thin stalks are boiled for an hour and then purified from the skins and lay under the open sun so that they become brown. When the material dries and "tan," it is soaked in warm water for ten minutes for flexibility.

The curtain of vines is easy to weave with his own hands. First, just cut the vine and make the required number of rings

It is now possible to weave rings. A small thin rod rolled into the ring, passing the free end several times around. The next ring is woven, threaded into a first, second – third, third – fourth and so on. When the rope from the rings will be the right length, it should be attached to wooden or metal rail. Then a new lagging rope. And so until then, until you complete the opening.

All rings must be of the same diameter. The thickness of the rod should also be the same. To rings had not undone, and long retain their functionality, it is desirable to process them in the parquet and furniture varnish.

Soft light translucent roller blinds are a great solution for screened porch

Curtains of vines is perfect for a wooden deck or the gazebo, where there is wicker furniture made of rattan. They look great on the Windows of the veranda and in the doorway, where they can gather, bandaging tape, or cord. The only drawback of this material is the brittleness of the rings, so long they last can't.

The curtains should be suitable to the overall style of the buildings

What would be curtains for porches were not selected, as long as they liked the host and hostess. Aesthetic pleasure, a sense of comfort needs to be supplemented with functionality – the ability to protect against sun, wind, rain, insects. A thoughtful choice will help to keep a uniform style interior of summer house and veranda. Maybe someone curtains seem minor but competent approach to detail all depends on the situation and the atmosphere.



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