How to choose curtains for the apartment?

Curtains come into the interior even during the Renaissance, when they perform a decorative function, closing a window shutters. Over time, people have come to the conclusion that the curtains may protect against drafts, dense fabric also absorbs noise. Yet the main task of the curtains - to create comfort and ennoble housing.

Decor will not look finished, until it is not beautifully decorated curtains. But in order to choose the right blinds, you need to consider a lot of nuances. Designers exteriors say that when choosing curtains no insignificant moments.

For example, if you choose curtains for large spacious rooms, you can pay attention to the fabric with a large pattern. If the room is small and with low ceilings, you can visually raise the ceiling fabric pattern in vertical stripes.

If the room is narrow, and the ceiling is high, it can slow down your choice in horizontal bands.

It depends on the choice of curtains and the room for which they are intended. The bedroom is well suited translucent or transparent curtains complemented by curtains of dense tissue. These curtains will protect your sleep in the morning. To make them even more comfortable, you can decorate them beautifully draped with ruffles, fringe or braid.

If you are selected to choose curtains for the guest room, then it will look great with curtains expressive and rich pattern can decorate a large room and freshen up.

In the nursery you can hang curtains made from natural materials with a bright ornament.

In the kitchen it is better to buy a lightweight translucent fabric, which will be large quantities of transmitting light. It is worth noting that this premise is necessary to choose a fabric that is easy to wear and resistant to steam.

When decorating the windows should take into account the overall style. So, if you love the classics, you can choose a classic curtains with a modern edge, they may combine elements of different styles.

If you close country style, which looks especially good in the kitchen and the nursery, you can choose curtains with frills, bows, ruffles and zavyazochki. You can combine fabrics with different textures, it will make the color deeper, more saturated.

Perhaps your style is strict and elegant, it is possible to recommend a Roman blinds that do not lose their popularity for many centuries. For their production used a variety of fabrics, as dense and heavy as well as the finest silk.

They can be combined with lambrequins, and classical curtains. If you want something extravagant, you can use a semicircular Roman blinds. These blinds perfectly decorate the kitchen window or the window in the nursery.

If you want a modern interior, then you just need Japanese curtains. They not only add the original design, but also to help, with the need, zoning space. The peculiarity of these curtains is that they are best used in the windows of large size.

You can combine light and heavy fabrics, you can experiment with colors. They look good and plain curtains and drapes with a pattern, including a major. Close to the Japanese curtains and Chinese, but they are not made sewing fabric combine different textures and shades. The main element of Chinese shtor- the tissue, usually the original, with beautiful embroideries expensive or gilding.

Author: Modest Zonov.


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