Veranda at the cottage: the best ideas for decorating

Veranda – outbuilding serving as the connecting link in the duet "house — garden". It is designed to combine the warmth and beauty of the surrounding nature.

She plays the role of a cozy corner where you can relax enjoying the beautiful scenery, or to organize fun gatherings among close friends.

How to equip an addition, and how to choose the design of the veranda, very light and comfortable, let us consider in more detail.

Characteristics of different types of porches


Before proceeding to an analysis of the intricacies of the arrangement of the veranda, turning it into a cozy area to relax, you should determine what type of construction is extension.


Type 1 extensions for the open execution

Many people mistakenly believe that outdoor deck – this is the same terrace in front of the house. The difference between architectural elements that porch is a room attached to the house and the terrace area is located on a separate basis.

Light and space – the main decoration of the porches of the open execution. The design is intended to emphasize this advantage. As a lighting design outdoor verandas are perfect pastel colors and shades as close to natural colors.

Planted around the perimeter of the extension flowering creeper will be elegant decoration of the space and to protect the room from dust.


Type 2 — glass constructions


To glaze the veranda or not is a matter of taste of the owner. It is possible to glaze only part of the openings, or all Windows.

It is interesting to look veranda glazing which is made without the use of frames. The glass ceiling literally erase the existing distinction between the interior and the surrounding nature. Frameless glazing acts as a great solution when setting up on the porch of the winter garden.

Want a veranda with a small area to make a visually lighter and more spacious? Then decorate the roof extension glass inserts. The glass roof gives the appearance of extensions of lightness and airiness.

Veranda with a transparent roof are lined with bright streams of sunlight. Through the arches of the domed glass roof during the day will penetrate the sun's rays, enlivening the room with its glow. Your task is only to increase the effect, filling the room with furnishings in bright colors and creating light atmosphere of the rest area at minimum cost.


Recommendations for design of verandas


The designs of porches with the use of texture, color and style solutions, countless. But to create a holistic and harmonious way must pay special attention to certain points.

Choose finishing materials

The most common finishing materials for floor coverings of verandas, and use ceramic or stone slabs. This method of cladding is not just attractive but also practical. Moisture-proof materials in an unheated room won't dampen in the cold. And cleaning the surface of residue after Pets or dirty shoes takes a little time and effort.

Wood flooring can emphasize the texture of brick or stone walls. It remains only to complement the interior wooden beams and atmosphere will acquire a light patina of country living.

Thanks to the harmonious combination of rough stone and natural wood creates a feeling of being outside of a suburban area, in a cabin in the woods.

The use of different wood species, each of which has its own unique hue, will allow you to create unique and memorable interior. Bright upholstery will support a warm color for your atmosphere.

The arrangement of the stone oven or fireplace on the porch – a fairly common design technique. The presence of a fireplace in the room that need the heat source, will give an excellent opportunity to relax in comfort, enjoying the scenic landscape.

Cozy fireplace in the background of the large spacious Windows and neutral finishes soft furnishings create a calm and relaxing environment.

Finish the space with elements of stone masonry interior brings the spirit of the past, giving a feeling of safety and security.

All about furniture and accessories


The design of the country porch is also well-chosen and comfortable furniture. It is adjusted depending on the size of the extension, focusing on the stylistic direction of the design.

If the space is small, we must first determine for themselves which area you plan to place in a small space.

In order not to clutter the area, you should choose foldable furniture. To save space, use furniture that is included with the window sills:

  • folding sofas
  • tables with folding tops.

When constructing larger quarters, where it is possible to swing, the main decoration of the interior can be a comfortable sofa.

Furnished with fully glazed room in which the furniture will be protected from exposure to weather conditions, is to be feared only that it will fade under the action of sunlight. Therefore, for the design is best to choose items with unsaturated colours.

Great when sofas and chairs this cozy corner pleasing to the eye their natural origin. Wooden coffee tables, upholstered cotton chair slipcovers will be the basis of the decoration of the outdoor extension.

Removable padded seat will help to arrange a comfortable Seating area and to add bright touches to the interior, enriching the color palette of the porch.

Bright glassed-in front veranda – the perfect place for book lovers. Through the large window openings floor to ceiling most of the day in the room the sun's rays penetrate. So why not use this advantage by setting up on the veranda of a home library with reading areas?

Very harmonious in the interior and an open extension looks furniture with elements of forging. It is able to fit perfectly into styles with an ethnic flair:

  • Country rustic style, embody ecological design;
  • Chalet – an Alpine style, characterized by originality, simplicity and romantic design;
  • Provence – interiors French provincial house, ennobled by the abundance of flower solutions and design techniques in creating the "game of contrasts".

As decor is best suitable floor mats from dyed straw, wood sculptures, hunting trophies, porcelain vases with dried flowers and glass trinkets.

Mediterranean style, as well, and styles, country, or a Chalet, characterized by the abundance of wooden furnishings. Wide deck Board as flooring, rustic wooden benches and chairs are the ideal solution for finishing the ethnic styles. To complete the picture will help tablecloths, cushion chairs and pillows are of warm sandy shades. A special charm will bring a placed on the tables and floor ceramic and clay amphorae and vases.

Covering wooden items with a special varnish, you will give them a spectacular vintage look.

Thinking through the design of porches in a private house, it is not necessary to use in the design of a large number of pieces of furniture. They will only clutter up the space.

Interior decorating best small accessories, using:

  • original sweets bowls and vases;
  • whimsical figurines and boxes;
  • colorful rugs and furniture covers.

These cute little things will help create a home-like atmosphere.

How to choose curtains


In outdoor spaces or verandas framed with glass surfaces, the sun is often too much. To solve this problem the easiest way, hanging blinds. They are very convenient to use.

Curtains for porches play a key role in creating a harmonious design. Fabric blackout curtains will save you from the scorching sun rays and transparent and heavily draped curtains will make a great attribute for celebrations.

In the design of verandahs in the Mediterranean or Scandinavian style is the best fit of the curtain of light and translucent fabrics. A mix of pale hues creates a festive atmosphere of abundance of light.

Plan to create the original design of porch at the cottage? Then choose curtains of bamboo. Vertical or horizontal blinds will fit seamlessly into any chosen interior.

Fabric curtains on open porches should be only used in the warm season, after which remove them from the cornices and hide indoors.

Landscaping elements


A real decoration of the verandas provide floral arrangements. Live, beautiful and fragrant flowers will give you a sense of peace and tranquility, creating a favorable microclimate on the sunlit veranda.

A spectacular addition to design will perform forged shelves, decorated a few pots with dekorativnolistvennyh plants. And just placed everywhere in pots, dwarf trees and flowers unusually decorate the room.

Pleasant aroma of essential oils secreted spicy plants, will become an additional source of pleasure from staying in nature's lap.

To complement the herbal composition may be diluted with their lacquered penechki, tinted branches or beautifully laid natural stones.


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Veranda — decoration of your holiday home


Today there are a lot of interesting styles and original designs, due to the variety which you can choose what you really will like.

The main thing to design a country porch in harmony with the architectural ensemble of the house and the surrounding landscape.published



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