How to build a terrace at the dacha with his hands

Today we will talk about how to construct a terrace from scratch, build it and equip, to prepare for the winter or just ask a light, warm mood with a cozy interior.

What could be the terrace at the cottage?Terrace cottage – a small area, which often is an extension of the main building. This indoor recreation area that will help brighten your free time with comfort and convenience.

To divide the deck into many types, depending on the style, design, architecture, direction, and so on, but today we want to share the terrace only two basic types –open and closed terraces.

An outdoor terrace at the cottageOutdoor terrace – year-old building, which is only used in the warm season. It is built in the form of a canopy which is mounted on a special platform, and fenced polistinae or decorative peresadkami.

Private terrace at the cottagethe same building, but only fully equipped for year round use. It is a medium sized room with ventilation systems and air conditioning systems that will be useful in the summer, as well as, high-quality heating on the terrace you can relax and winter.

Also, I want to introduce you to universal terraces in the country, which can be both summer and winter. First of all it is a summer terrace for the winter period closes existing Windows, installed doors which in the summer are not needed, and so on. But, this terrace was originally to be equipped for such a transformation.The terrace at the cottage with his own handsToday, we decided not to go into details of the process and tell me again how to mix the concrete, set the beams to cover the roof, and so on, simply disassemble the process of construction of terraces in stages, so that each cottager knew that he would need to start construction in the moment when he this step will be solved.

The design of the terraces at the cottageIf you have a large country house, designed landscaping and exterior of the site, the garden design must meet. The project, in this case, can be entrusted to professionals who will quickly and efficiently do the job, but, of course, and will require a lot of money. But better that than to spoil the General appearance of wrong or unremarkable construction.

If we are talking about the standard cottages, the owners of which we are in the majority, it is recommended not to allocate a serious budget too artsy terrace, because you can build it for a very reasonable sum... and agree, a terrace which looks more expensive the house, we do not need. You can choose an ordinary, rustic style, to include fantasy and to connect all your skills, and within weeks to bring the project to its logical conclusion, getting comfortable, beautiful, and most importantly, very comfortable and cozy and warm terrace.

Choosing a design for a terrace house, the main thing is to start from the General style of the site and be compatible with the building in a ready-made model of the landscape and structures.Type of terraces at the cottageWe talked about what can be served at the cottage, and therefore, I advise you initially to consider the construction that it is the most practical for you. For example, if you are in the country only in the summer, is spent on HVAC equipment, glazed terraces at the cottage and rich arrangement is not enough comfort summer construction. If the cottage is not only used for the cultivation of ecologically pure product, but also for year-round recreation, to build a winter terrace terrace or universal, God himself commanded.

Project terraces in the countryIf you noticed, each of our material on major buildings and major structures, we referred to the project for construction. It's not just because, believe me, because of the project begins any good work, and that is how it ends, if the project was compiled correctly.

Fill in the project size, guide the layout of the site, will appreciate how this version suits you and how it fits into the landscape. Select the material for construction, calculate the number, analyze the availability of the necessary tool, fill in project materials protect the building and its internal and external decoration, and so on. In truth, project terraces – serious stage, and in may take even several days. But let it does not scare you, as you will know in advance how much and what you need to get started, and what forces and how long the construction will be over.

 The construction of terraces at the cottage: the main stages of constructionIn the first place, we prepare the site for construction, align it and cleaned from debris, efficiently spaced on the project.

Next, pour the Foundation and lay the main beams, which will lay the floor. At the same time, in the basement of the fixed supporting frame – supports for walls and roof.

The material for the floor covering needs to maintain its functionality in almost outdoor conditions. And, of course, have high aesthetic qualities.To choose this coverage on the website of Skill-spb

Equips the base of the roof – beams, joists, trusses, make it straight, sloping and even gable, your own choice.

Now, set against the terrace wall, which may be of wood frame and sheathing, foam blocks, bricks and so on.

Covered with roof slate, metal, shingles, Onduline, polycarbonate... the one that was identified in the project.

And when all is ready, go to the fit-out.


The external finish of the terrace, depending on the type of terrace and its purpose, it can carry on its own island, completely different finishing – artificial or natural stone, block house, wood paneling, paneling and so on. Importantly, the main material the buildings were efficiently protected against penetration of cold, moisture, insects and fungus. Antiseptics and other means will help to provide the foundations of the terraces need protected. And, of course, the finish must be no less quality because it performs not only decorative, but the same protective function, and thus proper sealing of joints and seams, spaces of work, timely correction of errors.

Glazed terraces at the cottage and insulation, We start from the universal requirements of winter or the terraces, but because now we'll show you how to glaze the terrace at the cottage and make it warm.

Terrace means an open building, without doors and Windows, but with high quality openings and bases for their installation. Make the greenhouse a universal or winter due to this. It's simple, to the finished openings shall be custom-made double-glazed Windows (although you can make them yourself), which are fixed on the same universal fixture, which can be at any time to Unscrew the back. That is, no screws, only bolts and nuts, no screws and dowels, but only removable brackets and special hardware.

Now on to the insulation, which is not less necessary, because if you spend the money for the glazing of terraces, but forget to insulate the walls and partitions, there will be no use. Insulated from inside with mineral wool, which laid a layer of vapor barrier and install a decorative finish. Most effective, pleasant and easy to work with wood, and therefore, it is recommended to use as finish wood panel.


Arrangement of terraces in the countryto Build a terrace – built, glazed terrace in the country – glazed, it is now necessary to move to the final, but no less time-consuming and costly step. So, how to build a terrace in the country?

Garden design in the country starts with the interior, and here you can choose absolutely any material. For ourselves we have defined the tree and all that it involves, you can choose among the many modern materials – tile, paneling, painting, trim and simple decorative plaster, and so on.

Now, the interior terraces in the country, which every host will register independently. Depending on the type, area, destination and some specifics, the terrace can be arranged very differently. Some choose a small table and wicker furniture, others more like a couple of rocking chairs and a fireplace, as some, and in General, equip the terrace as an extra room, in some cases, very original and cute.


Construction and interior design summer terrace

How to decorate terrace in the country, you just choose, but if advised, we would like to offer just a few necessary things that must be present in the indoor or outdoor areas for recreation. In addition to chairs and small sofas, tables and shelves, we'd like to recommend a mobile table, which is very convenient to bring food and drink if you are going to have lunch or dinner on the terrace. Also, very handy if on the terrace there is a China Cabinet, small but roomy enough for glasses, cups and spoons, saucers and plates. Not interfere on the terrace and a small radio or TV, as well as, easy lighting, but it is to the design of equipment and appliances.

The construction of terraces at the cottage (video)


Terraces and verandas at dacha is quite a popular construction, but to create them must be careful, certainly with the drafting of and compliance with each requirement. The main thing is to perform each item of the project efficiently, and then your building will create an original, practical and comfortable, regardless of the ordinary summer terrace is being built near the home or expensive roof terrace garden.

We hope that our prepared material will tell you how to build a terrace in the country, how to equip it and prepare to use in summer and winter.




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