Useful country trash: effective use of

The simplest oven stove for the garden made from the available material, and sometimes — even of the suitable waste. Fuels are wood or sawdust, much less coal.

Read more atНаиболее simple oven stove for the garden made from the available material, and sometimes — even of the suitable waste. Fuels are wood or sawdust, much less coal. Buy oven stove, or sleduet to note that the idea of savings from a self-service stove stoves is highly questionable. Agree that to compete with the cost of industrial processing methods of metal is simply illogical. Even with the use of free raw materials the cost of consumables (electrodes, cutting wheels, coated abrasives, etc.) would negate the savings on the metal. Except that will be able to adapt a furnace body of a gas cylinder, thick-walled iron casks or other metallic trash. The garbage at the cottage is always a hindrance, especially in the autumn when you want to clean the cottage and leave it clean until the spring. But other stuff not so useless, after all, you can use it to your own needs. So today we are talking about the benefits of garbage in the country, as corny as it sounds.

Many country ideas involve the use of old things in the country. But today we will touch on new topics that our readers have never heard of, and will tell you how to effectively use country garbage.

Recommend to take seriously the question, because in this way it is possible not only to improve the usability, but also to avoid many of the costs.

Tree branches into compost and firewoodCutting orchard, we often forget about the branches that can remain in a heap for many years. But when they are needed for the barbecue or fire chamber of the furnace, the branches are already suitable for this, since "fell victim to the" insects and moisture. Therefore, we recommend to think in advance about the branches that can be used to better advantage.

First and foremost, thick branches and even trunks of uprooted trees is a great wood for cooking on the fire, meat and other dishes. Especially if it is the wood of fruit trees. Also, time harvested and folded in the constructed tog pile of logs will help the melt furnace in the house, especially in autumn and winter.

Smaller branches can also be use useful, not just to burn, watching a high stake. They make an excellent compost, and a few years will give one of the best fertilizers, which can only dream of in the country.

The old boards on the boxes

Use crates in the country is very practical to store in the drawers of the tool, different things, vegetables and fruits. So that's it for the production of such boxes and will fit the old Board. There is nothing wrong, if they stab and nails, the boards can always be efficiently processed.

Mounting the dryer will help to strip excess paint from the surface, pliers – to cope with the nails, and the new impregnation is to provide protection for years to come. Now that the Board is prepared for the manufacture of the products, just shoot them from the boxes and bins and even shelves for the house, shelves in cellars and basements.

Useful debris

Construction debris should not be thrown away, after all, broken bricks, pieces of concrete and cinder block – a great alternative to a new granular material.

Why order a whole carload of gravel or crushed stone when you can not just take out construction garbage. Here it is seen at once a double benefit – you do not spend money to buy material so as not to spend it, and removal of alternative material, that is, garbage!

Where can construction waste go in the country? Yes, wherever you go. This dumping site in areas with standing water, and laying of the drainage layer in trenches if the groundwater table in the country surpasses even the filling of pits and gullies, repair of access roads.

The metal in the country can not throw away!

Throwing rebar or mesh, you can pass the big spender around the country the co-operative, as all that has to do with metal to many people at once converted into tight bundles of cash. But it is, after all, all metal products that are in the country, are very expensive, and sometimes much easier to use even old and rusty metal for some construction site or anywhere else, than buy a new one.

Let's look at some examples to understand how we need the whole country metal:

  • Fittings and parts will be used to install new frames for weaving plants and hedgerows in spring. From these materials you can make an arch for grapes, a metal fence on the economic court, or just a support for plants;
  • Metal beams and metal beams that remained after the construction or dismantling of any building, will be perfect for a summer shower in the spring, for a barn or building a cellar, it is with the help of these materials is the construction of ceiling and floors;
  • Smaller metal pieces at the cottage can always suffice for fill the Foundation under the landscape construction for the ligation, instead of expensive fittings. Mesh, wire, pieces of the rod – useful for all.
The leaves and the paper is not garbage!

We do not offer to collect the parcel scraps of paper and old Newspapers to take them to recycling. I do not advise you to store and leaves. But to put it all into compost, with the same branches, waste, and even cardboard is the perfect solution. It is not necessary to throw away something that could be totally free fertilizer for the soil where you grow seedlings, berries, vegetables and herbs.

Old tanks, basins and bucketsOf the old baths in the country you can make a small lake of buckets – flower beds and protection for seedlings of basins and bowls – the base for ornamental fountains.

As you can see, this stuff can play in your favor, as with old buckets, pots and bowls possible not only decorative crafts, but also more useful things. For example, in integer containers during the warm season it is possible to defend the water, to prepare a fertilizer, store bulk materials and products, etc.

Windows and sills – useful junk!Replacement Windows in the country – a good idea, because in the winter, new Windows will help keep heat in the house. But it often happens that the old wooden Windows at once go to debris, glass broken and the frame burnt. This is not worth it, for a long time we have for them a great solution – a greenhouse from Windows, or just parniczky for seedlings.

Another interesting fact is that throw is not necessary, and window sills. They can always turn into garden paths. Of course, this is not the best solution, since the appearance of similar products not attractive. But there is an option to place the following paths on the economic court in the formation of puddles or in such a place.

To use the old sills can be in the form of curbs, as a reason to install something, the same summer shower, well, if they are generally in poor condition, then smash the window sills into small pieces and apply them as debris.

Useful trash in the country there, and now we know exactly what to do with it. So do not rush to throw away something that at first glance has no value. published




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