How to equip a suburban area - 8 bold ideas

My country station is my own territory, at the arrangement that I can fulfill your any fantasy.

This is one of those pleasant Affairs, which want to start immediately. How to equip a suburban area, what will be the garden where the pond will be, it all depends on us and our desires.

Having received personal property in a suburban area, we have the opportunity to access the artist within, to Express their creativity, to realize their long-standing dream. How to equip a suburban area will depend entirely on our will and ability of our hands.

But first it is necessary to identify those circumstances that do not suit us. Maybe it's old trees, remove debris remaining from the former owners, large stones. Before all of this is to uproot and throw away, I suggest to decide that you actually wish to receive.

Make a plan of action, outline a specific goal. It is possible that the regeneration of a suburban area, a stones can be used to create Alpine garden, and an old tree stump would make a very nice table. When the stage of site clearance will be left behind, I suggest to start planning future buildings and landings. To determine where is located the house, and where planted garden plan planting of lawn, the construction of pavilions. Maybe for privacy, you'll want to equip the pergola or in the cosy green arch. Everything is in your hands, and all plans can be easily realized.

Eight specific steps to plan a garden.The first step. Let's all imagine how and where each of the participants sees himself in the country. At this stage of the planning do not need to specify the quantity and varieties of fruit trees in the garden or in the presence of corn in the next garden, are determined, that is to say, strategically.

Sketches of simple geometric figures and sign future elements of our site.

Just want to warn and remind you about some important points regarding the future of friendly relations with neighbors giving:

  • it is not necessary to design the house closer than 3 metres from the neighbour's territory, it is prohibited the construction rules, why constantly feel under attack;
  • the placement of the septic tank, compost bins to better align with its neighbor. This, of course, possible, but to warn still stands;
  • well fit Swabedoodah trees is to limit the three-meter distance to the neighbor.
There are many options that you can imagine: from the factory to divorce the "cultural" earthworms, and ending with a private forest where you can collect mushrooms.

Imagine that we will focus on a compromise solution that suits most families.

In General our country needs to have:
  • residential house, moved back from the road at least 3 meters below the dust from the road, we do not interfere;
  • business premises in one place away from your holidays to a neighbor;
  • Parking for vehicles on the North side of the house;
  • productive vegetable garden and a garden (our pride) with the square while the trees in the garden will be small, these elements of the garden can be partially combined. Though this combination and it is believed many gardeners mistake, but, in my opinion, on tree trunks of trees bleached enough to get the original round beds for greens, onions, and cucumbers with beans. And we must remember that for one hundred square meters of garden we will be able to grow six, seven high Swabedoodah fruit tree;
  • gazebo for barbecue and benches.
The second stage. Time to move on to the specifics. Make a complete list of plants that you want my family to see at the cottage. Fruit trees, shrubs, vines, flowers, ornamental plants, please don't miss out.

I am sure that many of the items on your plan to change, something will be removed and something added. The main thing is not to forget that jail trees is always much worse than negociate.

Excess trees will be attracted to the light, forgetting about the harvest, and they still have to cut. And during their growth they damage the close growing trees.

Step three. Think about "geography" of your site. For example, if you have the area is marshy and waterlogged places, and the list of desirable plants are moisture-loving, so it's the perfect case.

Conversely, if you are a lover of cherries, and the groundwater level is high, then you must use the drainage grooves to drain the landing place of the cherries, and possibly make a mound.

Stones, pits, mounds, stumps, if you're not going to turn in elements of design flight of your thoughts, establish beauty with your own hands, then it would be better to remove it all.

Step four. Crops in any case can not be planted in the shade. Being in the shadow of a tree to survive, it must grow to permanent direct sunlight.

Therefore, in order for the tree to bear fruit, it must be put in place, and not to poke anywhere.

To do this, draw the shaded areas of our site:


  • take a blank sheet of paper, imagine that we are in the area;
  • denoted by the cardinal points and approximate the movement of the sun;
  • schematically put future buildings, growing big trees, fence and everything that can provide shade;
  • specify the height of all the above in the previous step;
  • painted all the shadow areas. We believe such a rule: the width of the shade less than two times the height of the object, which gives the shadow. The places where according to our calculations, will more than half a day shade, is considered unsuitable for planting productive plants.
The area of full shade can be scheduled only under the walkway, gazebo, benches for relaxing, perhaps for the flower garden design with interesting solutions.

Step five. So far our plan was dominated by some constraints that make it impossible to implement our Grand plans.

Don't give up hope, all the desired plants we can put on our site if we know that:

  • all trees react well on CROWN MOLDING. So we quietly with their hands can be any shape – from 4 meters height to normal dwarf size, width of the "flat wall" of up to 6 meters;
  • well and itself the geometric form of the crown of the tree can be any creeping along the ground, in the form of "balls" or "walls" of different heights;
  • the rows of fruit trees and bushes always route from North to South (or Vice versa). This arrangement will give a total of less shade, so you can use the aisle;
  • bushes of gooseberries, currants, and trees with crown shape of a "bulb" planted in a staggered manner, as if in the corners of the triangle. This will give a more rational use of space and improve the lighting of your plants. recommends red currants, gooseberries planted in lofty dry, well-lit areas, and black currant on the contrary feels good and wet, in more reduced zones. Raspberry let it grow in isolated areas of the site, it gives a lot of root suckers, and so it will be easier to control its growth area.

Step six. Plan a vegetable garden. Think what a crop of vegetables you want to collect. Precisely what amount you need.

If you are going to feed all your relatives in the fifth knee, maybe you have enough of the round beds in tree trunks.

Later, you can create the same round the garden, scattered around your garden. Optimal width for them is equal to approximately one meter.

It looks very nice. So it was also practical, you will need to put decorative borders with a height of 30 centimeters, can be higher, fill them with humus. Then you can cover it with mulch (grass, rags, husks, straw), then watering and a little weeding can be no more than once a week.

In the beds, install the trellis. For climbing vegetables throw a "vegetable alleys" — spalenki connect a little higher than the roof, a kind of overlap. So you own hands shall do the cucumber or bean the alley.

Another round the beds perfectly to make a pyramid on center install support, to which is tied a half-two dozen ropes. You still up there to build "umbrella".

In such constructions the vegetables, except the fact that beautiful look, and excellent fruit.

Make their beds along the southern or Eastern walls of the house, business premises. In such places plants grow several times faster than on a simple bed. The main thing is to make the waterproofing of walls, or beautiful, decorated with your favorite vegetables wall will eventually collapse.

The ideal bed, which is visible from the window of your kitchen. Vegetables growing in this garden, as if to feel your constant presence, and grow a lot more fun.

Seventh stage. It remains to consider how we will move through areas of your yard. Think about what, how and where you will have to carry and carry.

It is not necessary to plan with a rectangular scheme of movement around the country. These tracks will constantly cling to you for their angles.

Don't be afraid triangular, semicircular, oblique sections, respectively, of the paths in your cottage.

If such a geometry requires the ease and convenience of travel, feel free to arrange such garden paths.

All territory that is not under the beds – it's your lawn. If we want not to bother on creating an English lawn, remember the main rule, constant brace completely destroys all weeds. Will only Prairie grass, the brace – this is their favorite state.

Will have to learn to work on the trimmer and consider it the most competent method of environmental care for the earth in the country you have learned.

Step eight (closing). Plan type "half a dozen trees behind the house and five bushes of berries near the garden," absolutely nothing.

Need to plan just like you do at home repair. Know exactly where it will be TV – there should be a socket and the antenna Jack.

So with the project of cottages, all must be literally: "When I sit on the terrace, then I will see the Apple "Pippin saffron" her Apple "Reinette red banner" to the left of her pear "Tolstovka". In the garden trellis will come from the North to the South, in the side of the house will be attracted cucumbers".

Only accurate view of what and how we want to give the opportunity to avoid future unnecessary alterations, corchiani trees and a bad vegetable harvest. Believe me, much easier to consider everything once, and not to suffer every summer to no avail.

I found an interesting video on the arrangement of the suburban area with their hands, please check out:

Where to begin Design of the Suburban Area? How to make a Garden?

The elements of the arrangement country Castiglia decoration of the villas, you can schedule a lawn. For this it is necessary to level the site, dig and remove all weeds. Then pour the ground and sow grass. But if your plans include creating an Alpine slide, align, and nothing else, for the other the desired roughness.

I would suggest to create a pond. It will be a beautiful arrangement of a suburban area, decorated with aquatic plants. It is not difficult to do with their hands. The first step is to dig a hole, and give the soil time to settle. Then plan the layout of water from the water supply. It's not complicated. The bottom of the pond to put a special film, so that it covers and the walls, but not vnatyazhku. The film advise you to take black will create the illusion of depth. The edges of the reservoir it is necessary to bring on two feet, and covered with sand, and then impose decorative boulders. It is possible to do and easier to buy a plastic tub, or any other form, and dig it on a plot level with the ground. To impose decorative stones, pour colored pebbles, and along the shore to plant water-demanding plants and turf grass.

Thinking how to equip a suburban area, it is necessary to take care of the lighting. This is an important point, especially after dark. Surely in the evening after work in the garden, you will want to sit out on the terrace with a Cup of tea. Here is a handy inexpensive and beautiful lanterns on solar batteries. They will create in the gazebo and soft lighting, highlighted in the dark whimsical line of the track. Can these lanterns can create with their hands, using the waste cans or glass jars, decorate them with different colors and sheet metal cut patterned holes. Will look spectacular wrought-iron lanterns on the pillars, beautifully and mysteriously illuminating a romantic bench in the garden.

If you got a small space, where you have to save every square meter, a great solution is to build a dacha plot the vertical beds. So from an old wooden barrel to make a real strawberry tree by drilling over the entire surface of holes with a diameter of 5 cm and landed them in the bushes. The very same barrel to completely fill the earth. published



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