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With approach of warm days, an increasing number of our compatriots try every weekend to visit their plots. What could be better than relaxing in the nature, to breathe fresh air, enjoy the sun and richness of the plant world? Only possible to extend this pleasure for a longer period to spend in the country not only weekends, but also holidays, and maybe all summer. But it is necessary to build a small dwelling in the suburban area. If you have not got a country house, this publication can be a useful and inspiring for you.


Before proceeding to the choice of the project for a summer house, you have to decide how often it will be used and what length will be living in it. Will you use a country home only in the warm season or are planning a visit to garden in the cold season? Maybe a summer house you need only to stay overnight and storage of tools and fixtures necessary for country labor, and to spend the night in it no one will? The answers to these questions will depend not only on the choice of the sizes of a country house, but also the material from which it is made and finished.


For many people, the country house has ceased to be a luxury, becoming a necessity. Some like to spend every weekend outside the city fuss and fume, and for someone all your summer time spent at the cottage are the best months of the year. And there are homeowners who spend a lot of winter days in the room of the home country. It is therefore better at the initial planning stage to decide whether you will be heating and water supply in the house and other engineering systems (electricity, likely to be held by default).


When we talk about permanent housing, we mean an apartment or house that reflects the lifestyle of the owners, their stylistic and taste preferences, and even way of thinking. The country house is not much different from primary place of residence, it is also able to reflect your views on the perception of different concepts. So you should pay particular attention to the priorities in the design and arrangement of the summer (or year round) houses for the garden.

To feel really relaxed, comfortable and safe in the summer house, it is important at the planning stage of construction to find out all the advantages and disadvantages of various projects, to find out as much information about building materials and methods, the rapid construction of temporary shelters for suburban areas or thorough erection of monumental buildings for the long and off-season rate.


Select the project of a country house

Nowadays, the projects of country houses – one of the fastest growing areas of design and engineering. Regardless of whether you're building a small summer house or a solid dwelling for living, at the design stage will need to consider landscape features and soil of the suburban area (this will depend largely on the choice of Foundation).

Projects of country houses can be divided into generic (ready) and individual (created to your requirements, wishes and features of the landscape of a suburban area). If you go to a company-Builder for the sample project, you can be sure that your chosen option has worked (you may even be able to see how look the projects of this company a few years after implementation). The risk in this case is minimized, and the cost of such a project would be acceptable, available.


But what if the standard options of cottages you are not satisfied. If you want uniqueness, originality and creativity with utmost respect for practicality and comfort? In this case, you must order an individual, special project, which will take definitely more time and financial resources.


When ordering individual project, you will need to work in harsh conjunction with the designer. It is important that the features of the design solutions had a harmonious architectural embodiment. For a country house should be a balance in the use of decoration, as the exterior of the building and its interior. Try to avoid the congestion around the better tends to minimalism in this case.


The ideal would be a house project, which failed to take into account not only the practical side of matters comfortable stay of owners in the country, their stylistic preferences and budget for the project, but also the harmony of the building with the environment, landscape design suburban area, nature area stay.


What material to choose for building a holiday home?

If the design ideas you've already figured out, it's time to think about what materials will be performed on your Bungalow. Let's try together to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular materials for the construction of a country of temporary or year round dwelling.


Modern construction market offers a considerable range of materials for the construction of suburban housing, the most popular are the following:

  • tree;
  • stone, brick;
  • the foam block;
  • frame of the product.


Of course, it's not all the options of materials for the construction of country areas, there are houses with concrete slabs, metal plates, or even straw. But we will explain the most popular and practical options.


Country house of foam blocks

Foam blocks for construction began to use not so long ago, but this material has already become popular among our countrymen. Houses built of concrete blocks are quite durable, comfortable. They have high efficiency and energy saving. In addition, the foam block has a surface that is easy to handle and decorate. In the end, not only the building, but his finishing cost acceptable to most Russians, an amount that for many homeowners is a key aspect in the choice of material for construction.


Advantages penobloki buildings:

  • comfortable indoor climate regardless of the time of year;
  • high fire resistance;
  • excellent soundproofing;
  • reasonable price;
  • durability;
  • good resistance to manifestations of the climatic characteristics (the house of the foam block keeps them cool in summer and warm in winter, and thus, electricity for heating and conditioning the home to spend much less);
  • low load on the Foundation.


If you plan a longer stay in the country, but without the extra engineering systems, Penology house will be the most advantageous option.


Disadvantages of houses of foam blocks:

  • the necessary Foundation, and therefore the additional costs of material and labor;
  • time for construction is required much more than when you build frame dwellings.


As a rule, houses built of concrete blocks, decorative veneer panels, giving them a very respectable and attractive exterior.


Housing for cottages of stone or brick


If you plan to spend in the country a lot of the time, including in the cold season, it is necessary to consider the option of building a house of brick or even stone. It is obvious that similar structure may last you many decades with minimal care. But how such houses are durable, so is the road from the point of view of purchase of material and payment of the construction (especially stone buildings).


The advantages of brick and stone dwellings:

  • durability;
  • strength;
  • reliability;
  • resistance to humidity, temperature extremes and climatic characteristics (strong wind, for example);
  • high soundproofing;
  • good heat capacity and, therefore, savings on heating systems


But besides the obvious advantages, there are drawbacks that become tangible when it comes to suburban housing:

  • the high cost of material and labor for the construction;
  • much time must be spend to build a house even smaller size;
  • the only possible Foundation – monolithic (save will not work). This is due to the high density of the material and as a consequence a large mass of the walls.
  • the monolithic construction of the Foundation involves the use of special equipment and necessary waiting (for a month or more) to purchase a concrete of the required strength.


Brick or stone house suitable for living in winter in it, only if you plan to spend there more than two days (weekend). In an unstable accommodation in a brick or stone house, whenever you turn on the heating system (gas or diesel), you will need to wait almost a day (depending on the size of the house) until it warms up.


Wooden house for garden – material features

From the outset the occurrence of country homes, people preferred houses made of wood. Natural raw materials will never lose popularity. Wooden houses are the most environmentally friendly, they give the owners the atmosphere of coziness, warmth and tranquility. Currently, the country houses of our compatriots are mostly one-storied small building.

But there are also buildings with lofts and two-storey houses. Often the need for additional space is available, and the dacha under construction. In this case, the option of summer house with a loft of rescues. It helps and in case of need in the garage. But be aware that with permanent residence in the country, to heat a building in two levels will be difficult and costly.


The advantages of wooden houses for the garden:

  • cheaper than brick and stone;
  • the construction takes less time;
  • due to the lower weight of the material you can use screw pile-foundations on almost all types of soils (its installation is done in a few days and without the use of sophisticated construction equipment, no need to dig the trench);
  • wood is a poor conductor of sound waves, and therefore in the wooden house will be quiet and peaceful;
  • excellent thermal insulation (in the winter I'll have to burn the minimum amount of fuel, heat loss is small);
  • in the winter to heat the cooled, non-residential building is much easier and faster than brick or stone;
  • a lot of room for imagination, there are practically no limitations on the shape and size of wooden houses (due to low weight and high strength material);
  • high ecological safety for people and the environment;
  • tree samoreguliruetsja moisture levels – if moisture is in excess, the material it will absorb, otherwise the lack of moisture will be absorbed by the wooden walls and floor. In the room with the wood surfaces are very comfortable to be in.


This option building material is perfect to owners who are not able to reside permanently in the country and out there just for the weekend.


Disadvantages of wood as a material for construction:

  • high fire risk (the need to process a special solution of all construction material);
  • low resistance to the appearance of fungus and rot (application impregnation of antiseptics significantly reduce the risk of mold and possible subsequent destruction of the material).


Unfortunately all of these impregnations are very complex chemical composition and applying them for wood, we deprive the material is environmental and breathable properties. The inevitable dilemma between security, aesthetics and environmental properties of wood.


From the point of view of design options there are several types of wooden houses. The most popular of them – chopped wooden house, made entirely on the basis of log cabin or country dwelling of laminated veneer lumber. Such homes can be a attic, attic, as well as frame.


Under construction of wooden houses is usually used the following types of Foundation:

  • solid;
  • columnar;
  • pile.
It should be noted that in our country the greatest distribution was received by the permanent structures of timber on a solid Foundation, but with little penetration. A material such as timber, suitable for La quick construction. Only a couple of weeks it will take to secure the construction of dwellings with good thermal and sound insulation and minimum expenditure on subsequent heating. But you need to be prepared for the fact that the timber home will require insulation and exterior finish (which is to begin no sooner than a year after the end of the first phase of construction of the house).


As for glued laminated timber, you are in for a suburban area are delivered ready-made templates-costruttori made in the factory. The house, which is called "turnkey", it is possible to build immediately, glued laminated timber – dry material. Due to the fact that the beam is subjected to obstrugivanie from all sides, the finished surface almost do not need additional finishing. But a little sanding of the walls and cover them with a protective layer of still have.


But none of the material is not without disadvantages. If in the process of manufacture laminated veneer lumber, there was a technological error (e.g., not dossil Board), it will affect all the properties of the material and the structure as a whole. So do not chase the cheapness (and the finished houses from glued beams are attractive because of their affordability), it is better to choose a proven company-Builder with recommendations and a well known name in the market.


There is another variant of the manufacture of wooden houses – log cabins are handmade. In this case, the logs are subjected to minimal processing, cut only a small part of the top layer of wood, which will certainly affect the material's properties and further the whole structure. The houses are strong and durable. For log are the logs of the highest quality, they are carefully sorted to perform the distinct requirements of building geometry. As a result, you can be assured of a high heat-insulating properties of wooden houses. The calibrated frame is handmade is different from the log of the roundup that is the minimality of the initial processing of the raw material – logs. But the cost of such a dwelling will be significantly higher not only frame houses, but also buildings from glued beams.

Features frame cottages

Many of our countrymen the prospect of a country house just a few days. You just choose any building project from the contractor and sign the contract. Further, most of the work on the collection of timber frame shields the developer produces on its territory, to your site gets a constructor to soft. With the help of special equipment, the finished panels are going very quickly.


Light weight design allows you to use a pile type of Foundation that requires the minimum cost in time and material. Frame houses have an attractive appearance, and their cost is much lower than the brick or wood.


But this house will be for you a good ratio of price and quality only in the warm season (in our country it is approximately from may to September, depending on the climate in the region). The fact that the original technology frame "fast" houses was developed for use in Europe and the USA, where in most regions even in winter the temperature does not drop significantly below zero degrees. Even with good insulation, the heat loss of the house will be quite high fuel consumption for heating buildings in winter (even in temperatures down to -10 degrees) will be maximized. Even the heating system can not cope with a sufficient heating of the buildings in a hard frost, and about the Central heating and can not speak. Yes, and all kinds of insulation materials, very favorite different types of rodents, which is an additional problem for owners.

Summer in the heat in frame houses too uncomfortable. The walls are strongly heated by the sun and begin to give off heat into the room, eventually the house will be simply impossible. Requires the installation of mechanical ventilation systems and air conditioning systems.


Frame houses cheaper to build, but expensive in operation. Besides the design features do not allow the building to "breathe". Several layers of the film under the insulation absolutely does not leak air.published

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