How to grow white mushrooms in the estate

It's not a myth but a reality. It is important to know some features and then growing mushrooms is effective (it would be surprising if the king of mushrooms, had their own requirements for care).

In this article we will talk about how to grow mushrooms using two methods. The first method is the cultivation by the mycelium, the second with fresh mushroom caps.

But first a little bit about the mushroom.

White fungus is considered among the most valuable of the edible mushrooms. He has a fleshy big hat and a thick swollen white leg. It is tastier and more aromatic than other mushrooms. And is called white because it gets dark in the procurement and preparation. This mushroom provides fine flavored light sauces, broths and soups and many other dishes.

All these qualities allow us to call the white mushroom is the most desirable in the basket of mushroom. But if it will grow in your own garden, it's even better.

Well, now about the cultivation of mushrooms on the estate.

Growing mushrooms from mycelium


This is the first method of growing, in case if you don't have time to search for mushrooms in the forest. For growing in this way, first, you need to purchase a white mycelium of the fungus. Fortunately, the Internet can help in finding the sellers.

In addition to the mycelium you need:

  • growing trees are deciduous or conifers, it is better not very old (about 8-14 years mainly oak, pine and birch);
  • branches, moss, dead leaves;
  • compost.
By the way, from may to September is the best time for planting mushroom mycelium.

Well, everything is ready, any season, start planting.

First, prepare a place to land. To this end, near the trunk of the tree must be removed with a shovel the top layer of soil (10-20 cm thick) thus, to obtain approximately circular bare area from 1 to 1.5 m in diameter with the tree in the center.

Then, on the bare area lay either the compost or soil with a high content of peat with a thickness of 1 to 2 cm, and then put the pieces of the mycelium of mushrooms. Put the mycelium in a staggered manner at intervals of 25-30 cm. One pack of mycelium should be enough for one tree.

Then cover the layer of soil that was removed in the beginning.

Now pour the landing site. The water must be pouring gently through a nozzle to erode the soil. On one tree you need 2 to 3 buckets of water.

It is recommended to cover the area to plant mushrooms 20-40 cm layer of straw, to maintain the humidity of land at 40%.

The mycelium should not be dry. From time to time the site will need to be watered to maintain the necessary humidity. In the water when watering, it is recommended to add effective microorganisms (e.g., Baikal EM-1). This increases the likelihood of germination.

To protect from frost and cover the area with mycelium with straw, moss, fallen leaves or spruce branches. The radius of covering of about 2m in the Spring, when the probability of a return of severe frost will not be a blanket cut.

The first mushrooms will appear within a year after root mycelium. And so the white mushroom house will delight you with about 3-4 years. If from time to time to water the ground with the mycelium water with effective microorganisms (EM), you can harvest longer – sometimes even up to 7 years.

As you can see, the technology of growing mushrooms from mycelium is not very complicated.

Growing mushrooms with fresh mushroom caps


The technology of growing mushrooms.

As in the first option, you need to be coniferous or deciduous trees aged from 8 to 12 years.

And now it is time in the woods for mushrooms, that is, so called "seed". Those are fruiting bodies of mushrooms and, of course, hats. Your goal is more Mature mushrooms (at least 5-10 pieces) caps with a diameter of 10-20 cm. When breaking the pulp should have a light greenish tint. If the mushrooms become infected insect larvae – not scary.

Now proceed to the planting process.

Growing mushrooms with the use of hats in something like farming the previous method, but has its peculiarities.

For growing in this way we have:

1. To prepare the collected mushrooms for sowing.

2. To prepare the site for planting.

3. "To sow" mushrooms.

And now more about it.

How to prepare the "seed" of mushrooms?

Place in a bucket of water (preferably with rainwater) collected for planting mushrooms (5-10 PCs) and leave them for a day to get wet. After insisting mash the mushrooms with your hands directly in the bucket. Should get a homogeneous mass. Now this solution, strain it through a sieve or cloth with the rare since. The pulp that remains, do not discard. It also need to be planted. So you got the solution with spores and the mushroom tissue itself.

Preparation of places for planting, and the "seed" of mushrooms.

Space for planting is prepared in exactly the same way as in the previous method of planting. But the seeding process is different.

In this method of planting on bare land to pour on the roots of the tree the filtered solution (about 2 liters per square meter). After watering put on top of the roots mushroom tissue that is left after straining. After that, cover all the ground that had previously made near this tree, and pour water. As in the previous method of planting, watering very carefully. The amount of water per tree – 4-5 buckets.

A plot of romance, as in the case of planting mushrooms with mycelium. That is, maintain soil moisture (especially in summer) and the winter (and especially before the first winter after planting) cover the ground around the tree. In the spring remove the covering material.

To water it once a week for 4-5 buckets of water on each tree. Although it depends on the area where you live. If you often rains, then, of course, watering can be reduced.

After a year or two, if the mycelium has taken root, you collect your mushrooms. They can be from 2 to 5 kg.

By the way, if you "sow" mushrooms in August, mushrooms will appear next fall, then caught part of the caps of mushrooms. Well, if the mushrooms will appear after 2 years, stuck disputes.

As in the method of cultivation through the mycelium, you will pick mushrooms somewhere 3-4 years. So if you enjoy collecting your own mushrooms, again put them on the same method within a few years.

What you need to know to increase your chances of the mycelium to settle down?

Mushrooms are better able to settle down, if you use the followingrecommendations (some of them can be used for both growing methods).

1. When searching for mushrooms for further planting, choose mushrooms that grow near those trees near where you plan on landing. That is, if your site is dubachek, look for mushrooms too near the oak. If you have lots of trees on the site, we also collect "seeds" near different trees, but preferably in different bags or baskets. The trees must be healthy.

2. After he collected the mushrooms, they should immediately soak (max 10 hours after collection) and on the next day of sowing. To store the mushrooms before soaking for longer than 10 hours is impossible. They quickly decompose. Of frozen mushrooms you do not grow, so don't even try to freeze them, then once put.

3. When soaking the mushrooms (in the preparation of seed) in water, add sugar or alcohol. This will help the mycelium to settle down better. Just need to remember that the alcohol is added first, mixed with water, and then placed the cap on steeping. The amount of alcohol is 3-4 tablespoons per 10 liters of water. If using sugar, it should only be sugar. Sugar cannot be used. You need 50 g of sugar in 10 liters of water.

4. For 2-3 hours before planting mushrooms the bare land should be watered with a special solution to disinfect. But fear not, it's all natural substances and your eco-garden will not suffer. But pathogenic fungi and bacteria partially lose the hyperactivity and can harm your white mushrooms.

5. For disinfection phase uses the solution of tannin. On one tree we need 2-3 liters of such a solution. It may be cooked from either black tea, or of oak bark. Water the site can only be cooled with saline.

To prepare tanning solution, you can:

— black tea:

to prepare 1 l of the prepared solution you need 50-100 g of low grades of tea, pour one liter of boiling water and wait for it to cool down.

— oak bark:

to 1 liter of water is taken 30 g of oak bark. Boil for an hour. In the process of boiling the water refill to the original volume.

6. The planting period of mushroom – to mid-September. Later they will be worse to root or not root. 1-1. 5 months until frost mycelium can take root and grow. This would provide the best wintering.

7. The best time of planting mushrooms – August to mid-September.

8. Follow the humidity in the area planted mushrooms. In hot summer, once a week watering plot with mushrooms 3-4 buckets of water.


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Now you know how to grow white mushrooms. To have a little work, but it's the king of mushrooms and it's worth it. And imagine, as you watch the growth of the mushrooms without fear that someone else will break them, because they grow in your area.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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