Three pre-revolutionary recipe for pickling mushrooms

In Russia the collecting and harvesting of mushrooms have long been equated to one of the national sports. From the mushroom requires patience, endurance and, at least, attention

And of course, every mushroom hunter has their own preferred method of salting, drying, pickling of trophies. Here is the traditional methods of pickling mushrooms from the book Pelagia Alexandrova-the Ignatyeva "Practical foundations of culinary arts". M.: AST: Corpus, 2013 (edition of 1909)

SALTING of WHITE Gribble pickles, you can use different varieties of mushrooms. In this article, we describe two methods of pickled Borovikov, i.e. mushrooms. It is best to take the young, not wormy and big mushrooms.

Step 1
Selecting the right amount of mushrooms, clean and trim the roots almost on a par with hats. Pericystic mushrooms, soak in slightly salted boiling water and boil a few times, and then boiling water is drained, transfer the mushrooms to a sieve.

Step 2
Lay the mushrooms in barrels or buckets of lime wood, which are pre-necessary "to dissolve the stone". Stacking mushrooms in buckets, each row of mushrooms need to pour salt on a bucket of mushrooms — 600 grams of salt, and put a little Bay leaf and allspice.

Step 3
Placing the mushrooms, put the plank on top of a small oppression, and store in a cool dry place. The General rule in pickling mushrooms — always boil the mushrooms, not to pickle them raw, because then they will soon spoil. If you own brine mushrooms give a little, you can add brine, which you need to boil water with a small amount of salt and vinegar, then the broth to cool and pour it over the mushrooms. In the second method, salt is used the same amount
tion, as in the first case, but only it is placed immediately, but in stages in this way: placing peeled and boiled mushrooms in a stone pot, pour each a number of a small amount of salt, add a little allspice, Bay leaf and leave for 24 hours in a cool place.
When the mushrooms will give the brine, drain them in a sieve and rastolstet, then cool, fold the mushrooms back to the pot, pour some more salt (all from the same number), pour the cooled brine and leave again in this position for 24 hours.
On a different day to repeat the same operation; when laying in a pot, add the remaining salt and leave for 24 hours.
On the third day mushrooms need to boil several times with brine, then let it cool down, put into pots, cover with planks, put nebolshogo and store in a cool dry place.

SALTING Grundartangi harvested mainly in late September and half of October. Presented here are two methods of pickling mushrooms. The first is used for pickling of large and old mushrooms, and the second — for young and tender mushrooms.

Step 1
Selecting the right amount of mushrooms, cut them from the roots and soaked them for two days in water, often changing it.
Step 2
Then the mushrooms are removed from the water and dried on the sieve, fold in the lime or oak barrels, the bottom of which is covered with cabbage leaves. When laying each row of mushrooms sprinkled with salt (one-bucket — 400 g salt).
Step 3
Filling the barrel to the top with mushrooms, cover them with cabbage leaves and put on top of the easy yoke. In the second method, the mushrooms not soaked in water, but only peretiraetsya towel; then fold into the lime barrels on cabbage leaves, and each row of mushrooms sprinkled fine dry salt, and is filled with sprigs of dill.
Salt is necessary for small mushrooms 400 g in a bucket, and in such quantity that each row of mushrooms were lightly interspersed. Of course, be sure to take the pickles are only one of the hats of the mushrooms, and roots are cut off completely.

For marinating to select the small white mushrooms, clean them, rinse, drain in a sieve and drain off the water. Meanwhile cook cool salted boiling water in such quantity that he could cover the mushrooms.

Step 2
When boiling water is ready, to give it the washed mushrooms and leave to boil them a few times. Then drain in a colander, spread out bigger (one mushroom) on the sieve and allow it to dry. Then tightly fold the mushrooms in the jars, interspersing English pepper and Bay leaf.

Step 3
Stacked mushrooms so pour a cool broth of vinegar so much that he fingers on the three missed to the brim of the jar. A decoction of vinegar is prepared with different spices, which are placed in the raw vinegar and then boil him.
Vinegar is better to take not strong, and common, table; in the broth, put some salt. Of spices — English pepper, Bay leaves and even cinnamon and cloves as desired. The latter is taken in a small amount: can of mushrooms or two or three pieces of cinnamon and a few heads of cloves.
The Bay mushrooms with vinegar, pour on top olive oil, so the Bank was full to the brim. Zamarinovat mushrooms, put on top a thin plank of oak wood (no other, because the scent, for example pine, is transmitted to the mushrooms), then tie up tightly with bladder and keep in a cool dry place.


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