If the same means thousands of Russian doctors of traditional medicine, as well as thousands of Tibetan and Mongolian lamas have healed their sick, that means it can not be bad.

1. Of all antirheumatic drugs is the strongest and most radical. The name of the agent in the vulgar tongue - root-fighter.

A method for preparing medications: Take a quarter of a pound of roots of aconite (it should only take root, not the stems), pour a quart of strong or diluted drugstore ... 60-degree fortress and put in a warm place for 3 days. When the tincture will get the color of strong tea, it is suitable for consumption.

Instructions for use: people with very weak hearts is recommended to use at each rubbing no more than one teaspoon of tincture (generally the same dose - one tablespoon of tincture for each rubbing). It means it has a tremendous force. When rubbing it increases blood circulation so that the patient immediately feels an unusual heartbeat. If hurt both arms and legs, should be subjected to rubbing one leg, the next day - another; then the one hand, and so on. d.

Tincture rubbed dry. Place subjected to rubbing, keep warm, preventing the inflow of cold air.

Rubbing is best done at night. Two hours before getting up from the bed of the patient cast is removed. In the morning, when the patient stands up, that is, two hours after removing the bandage, you should soak the cloth in cold water and squeezed tightly, wipe it subjected to rubbing place. This should be done quickly. Slow rubbing can lead to colds.

If very painful rheumatism properties with tumors, the rubbing made four to five weeks every day before going to bed.

Drink infusion of the roots of aconite is not recommended.

If anyone after rubbing tincture does not wash his hands with soap and a brush, but it will wash at all, he risks remain without eyes.

Aconite highly toxic. Sometimes the calves ate one, two sheets of aconite, and fell dead.

It should also be remembered that if the patient does not make rubbing two hours, and for a few minutes before going on air, he will meet with a lot of trouble about his health.

Proven recipes of Russian healers.

2. The oldest strongest remedy for colds:

Based on the life experience known naturalist Kneipp recommended the patient cold, high temperature, cold-fill bath with ice water and stand in it for exactly one minute. No more, no less. Then, wearing woolen stockings, continuously and quickly walk around the room for 15 minutes. Then go to sleep.

Proven recipes of Russian healers.

3. Historic and wonderful folk remedy for many types of rheumatism:

Many doctors of conventional medicine, studied traditional treatments, including himself famous prince Engalychev, with my own eyes have seen healers cured patients with the most severe form of rheumatism by means of the application of the next village.

Fresh earthworms dug up and put them in a glass jar and add a strong bank. Do not pour too much strong when strong cover the top layer of worms - fairly. Cover the jar of thick paper or bubble wrap and tie shoelaces animals. Do not use a ground plug. Keep the jar in the sun for several days.

Rub this infusion in patients with rheumatism place at least once a day, in the evening before bedtime.

Proven recipes of Russian healers.

4. The right way to treat hemorrhoids without surgery:

Boil in a saucepan two liters of water. Dissolve in boiling water that pound of alum or take a thick clay pot and pour into it two quarts of milk, down to 4 large onions. The pot must be closed. All this is to hover in the oven on low heat, and then ... close the pan or pot wooden lid with a hole and heat the anus over the steam. After the session is sure to lubricate the anus (inside and outside) with Vaseline and be sure to take a laxative.

Warming up should be done no more than once a week. Two or three heatings enough.

The above treatment for hemorrhoids alum was shown on the pages of the first volume of Russian Folk medical. The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in Australia priest Innocent Seryshev distributed many copies of Russian medical book in Australia. Russian railroad in the province of Queensland Goluzin had a terrible, chronic hemorrhoids and treat a large amount of pounds of conventional medicine and doctors ... all in vain; buying the medical reference and applying the above means, he got rid of his horrible hemorrhoids for the mere warming.

Goluzin immediately wrote to Father Innocent letter in which the author expressed a desire to pay a medical book any amount. Welcome compatriot had to answer that no fee is not necessary.

Proven recipes of Russian healers.

5. Caucasus way to treat hemorrhoids:

First you have to make cold washing after each bowel movement. Then, apply a cold compress on the bumps. It is made of a soft cloth. At first, keep the compress 1 minute, 3-4 times a day, not including washing after each bowel movement. This continues for as long as lumps disappear. It takes 3 weeks to six weeks, depending on a number of reasons. For example, it is necessary to abstain from strong drink, from women and from work in a standing position. The horizontal position of the body and the rest, that is, long rest in bed or on the couch, significantly contributes to the treatment.

In old hemorrhoids (there have been cases of hemorrhoids cure sixteen years ago), the so-called home, in the old days in the Caucasus were used ice candles.

To do this, make paper forms a cylindrical sample, first small diameter, so they can be administered painlessly as possible into the anus.

Forms filled with water and allowed to freeze, thus obtaining ice candles.

Before you enter a candle in the anus, it is necessary to lower end of the candle in warm water to the edge of the top of the candle did not cause wounding pin in the channel, or to make candles with rounded heads. It goes without saying that the paper form of the spark plug is removed.

At first, three or five days it is necessary to hold a candle half a minute, not more. Then, every three to five days to allow even half a minute, depending on the state of health of the patient.

If the candle put in a poor or sick holding it too long, you may have irritation. Patient addiction to women and strong drink, or continuous operation in an upright position can lead to a high temperature in the anus. In this case, it is necessary to make cold bathing, and even apply a compress of soft cloth for 3-5 minutes.

Proven recipes of Russian healers.

6. Outstanding Persian tool for the treatment of hemorrhoids:

This smoky hip bath of garlic. Take a low iron can, on its bottom put very hot in the fire brick, and this brick pour chopped garlic (or camel thorns). When will smoke and burn, take the cans to get the smoky bath. Continue so as needed. Persians for centuries successfully used this method of treatment of hemorrhoids.

Proven recipes of Russian healers.

7. A good all-Russian Siberian and remedy internal hemorrhoids:

This fresh juice rowan. If the juice to drink quite a long time, the "open" even internal hemorrhoids, leading to treatment.

This juice works better than a laxative. It should drink it three times a day for two drinks with added sugar and drink a glass of water.

Proven recipes of Russian healers.

8. country, but a quick way to the treatment of angina:

This treatment is practiced not only in Russia but in other countries of the Middle East.

The method of treatment. Close to the mouth of the patient tray big frog and make the patient breathe directly on the frog. From the heart of the frog begins to beat faster. But almost immediately the patient gets better. Often this treatment begins when the patient not only can not eat and drink, and talk. After 8-10 minutes of disease passes completely and, according to witch doctors, the disease "goes" on the frog. But this is not the case, although the frog, really, to do after this two or three jumps, dies. The patient is recovering completely, note that in a very short time!

Persian folk healers in Tehran and other cities of Persia (Iran) almost only in this way and treat angina.

Many people are very interested in what frog species considered to be curative?

Frog is sure to be a big - gray, green and ... toad.

Conservation of natural teeth into old age

Proven recipes of Russian healers.

9. The four funds from toothache:

a. In many homes there is always a sage who brew and warm broth rinse the affected area of ​​the mouth, trying as long as possible to keep the fat on a sore gum area. The cooled fat in the mouth should be less
adopt. Do this should be up to five times for half an hour.

b. Take a slice of lard (skin, fresh or salt). If bacon salt, the salt should be cleaned. This slice is placed on the sore spot between the gum and cheek. Hold a slice of mouth 15 to 20 minutes until the pain subsides. During this time, the pain usually subsides and the patient permanently get rid of their suffering.

at. Lay in the ear on the side of the cheek where a toothache, root of plantain and keep it there until the disappearance of pain. After half an hour the pain goes away.

g.Listya raspberries (sliced), mint leaves, and thirty grams of good wine vinegar. All these three days to insist in a glass vessel. Then tincture is filtered and rinsed her mouth.

Proven recipes of Russian healers.

10. Original folk remedy for toothache:

In Siberia, near the city of Blagoveshchensk, there are many villages inhabited by sectarian-Molokans. They treat toothache rather "strange" way. First of all, the wrist from the inner side rubbed garlic. Next, chop finely garlic, tied it to a pulse, very tightly bandaged hand to garlic fit snugly to the wrist, and in particular to the pulse. When a toothache is felt on the right side, then garlic is linked to the pulse of the left hand, and vice versa.

In light of the many skeptics who do not believe in miracles, but the Molokans believe in their "miracles" and heal themselves and cure other ...

Note: before applying the garlic is necessary to close the wrist cloth.

Proven recipes of Russian healers.

11. People's method of treatment of tumors and abscesses gum:

When podzubnom flux and even in tumors and abscesses gum Russian folk medicine doctors most often used the following means: pour a little on the bottom of the pan about 1 quarter of an inch, preferably linden honey.

Then take a very old and badly rusted nail gvozd.Raskaliv hot, put it in this med.Pri around the nail forms a thick black substance, such degtya.Etim substance and should be lubricated gum, mainly at night before snom.Naryv gums usually soon interrupted swelling quickly fall off, and the health of the patient is recovering.

Proven recipes of Russian healers.

12. voodoo cure kidney disease, stomach and anemia. Casual drink for health:

Hundreds, maybe thousands of Russian and Siberian healers have always advised his fellow villagers drink from the hips to the health and longevity, as well as to protect against disease. This drink is very rich in vitamin C.

Two teaspoons (from top) dried rose hips put in a cup of boiling water. It rosehips brew as tea and drink three times a day after meals.

Many people say: "If you want to be healthy, drink the infusion of rose hips." Many healers recommend rosehips as a remedy for anemia, scurvy, and to improve metabolism.

13. Original folk remedies from anemia and cachexy:

It is necessary to collect sagebrush May collect and fill it strong. Insist twenty-one days in a dry, poluteplom, dark place.

Drink - a drop of tincture of one thimble of water - in the morning once a day on an empty stomach.

... In the old days against anemia and cachexy enjoyed a very good tool.

From these two illnesses cured the sick pigs or milk taken at a time when she feeds the pigs, or cats milk when she feeds the kittens.

The milk should be milked in a cup. With just a fraction of a pig: it will not vpretenzii. Pork thick and nutritious milk. Probably in the near future will be to breed pigs for slaughter is not only for meat, but also to produce milk.

Get the cat's milk is much more difficult. The cat should be taught to pre-milking (in the last period of pregnancy). Not all cats agree without resistance to their milk.

Proven recipes of Russian healers.

14. Siberian folk remedy for bronchitis and cough (also useful for the liver and kidneys):

Grate black radish and squeeze the juice through cheesecloth. Good mix a quart of juice with one pound of liquid honey and drink. Dose: two tablespoons before meals and before going to bed in the evening.

Proven recipes of Russian healers.

15. Chronic bronchitis:

This disease is often hard very well treated swine "healthy", that is, the internal fat of the intestines having a grid view. This greasy mesh is placed in a bowl and put in a warm but not hot oven or on very light the fire, so that grid running down fat. Melted fat is drained and placed in a cool place.

Take one dessert spoon in a glass of hot milk and drink sips of hot ... For external rubbing the breast is fat to be confused with turpentine and rub into the chest dryness.

Proven recipes of Russian healers.

16. voodoo cure bronchitis and cough in children:

Rugged radish into small cubes, place in pan and sprinkle with sugar. Bake in oven for two hours. Strain, discard pieces of radish, and the fluid drained into the bottle. Dose: two teaspoons 3-4 times daily before meals and at night before going to bed.

Proven recipes of Russian healers.

17. A reliable remedy for whooping cough in children:

Five garlic cloves from the head of medium size, cut into small pieces or pounded, boiled in a glass of good nepasterizovannogomoloka and give children to drink several times a day.

Proven recipes of Russian healers.

18. Nine of very valuable divination Cough Medicine:

1. From the long thoracic chest cough should be wiped dry cloth rag, then rub dry inner lard or ghee. If so, add the pine oil.

2. Take rye, oats and barley, chicory and add two grains of purified bitter almonds (to buy at the market) and drink it like an ordinary coffee. You can drink with hot melted milk.

3. boiled turnip juice with sugar or honey (preferably honey) is also very useful for doctoring chest pain from cold and cough.

4. indented into small pieces and boil 10 bulbs and a head of garlic in raw milk as long as onion and garlic are soft. Add a little mint juice and honey. Dose: one
tablespoon per hour throughout the day.

5. eggnog - egg yolks, whipped with sugar and rum (fasting).

6. Mix the juice of radish or carrot with milk and honey drink: a half juice and half milk or honey drink. Dose: one tablespoon six times a day.

7. Mix two tablespoons of fresh unpasteurized butter, two egg yolks of fresh eggs, one teaspoon of flour and two teaspoons of pure honey. One teaspoon several times a day.

8. Spring cough is very helpful to drink birch sap or maple sap and milk.

9. To facilitate the sputum - syrup, cranberry juice and honey.

Proven recipes of Russian healers.

19. Remedies for Constipation:

1. Healers advised to drink water that long cooked plum or oats. Radish juice, pickle cabbage in the form of heat, yogurt, tea from the dried cherries and dried apples should drink 4-5 times a day.

2. In the form of laxative to the patient should be given to 4 glasses per day of cucumber pickle rassola.Chtoby get this, it is necessary to keep the cucumbers in salt water for a month.

3. It is useful to drink cabbage pickle with yeast.

4. Enema: Take 1 tablespoon of crushed flaxseed semeni.Vskipyatit 4 cups vody.protsedit, add 1 tablespoon salt and 2 tablespoons of flaxseed masla.Klizma should be warm.

5. buckthorn bark brew and drink as tea.

Proven recipes of Russian healers.

20. The world's best divination tool to extract a splinter:

Heavily grease the pitch (tar) the whole area splinters. After 15-20 minutes after application of rags or smearing tar end splinters seem outwardly so that it can grab the tweezers and pull out all the splinter.

Proven recipes of Russian healers.


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