The Japanese have created a toothpaste that teeth sealed

In Japan a scientist Kazuyo Yamaguchi was made a revolutionary invention in the field of personal hygiene. Thanks to his invention, a special toothpaste may quickly and painlessly to plug holes and cracks in the teeth and restore tooth enamel without the help of dentists, informs British the print edition.

The composition of the paste similar to tooth enamel and can be applied directly to the hole in the tooth. Material received as a result of the experiment with hydroxyl-Apatite which is the main component of teeth.

Initially contained in the paste is slightly acid softens the surface enamel cracked. However, three minutes later the pasta kristallizuetsya, and artificial material is firmly embedded in the structure of natural enamel. In addition, it is a good antibacterial agent. Tests conducted by Japanese dentists, shown that healed with the aid of this tooth paste, no different from healthy. The difference is not visible even under a microscope. published



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