Toothpastes, which you did not know

The largest collection of toothpaste, which received the Guinness record.
Certificate of Guinness just came to hang in the left frame.
Some exhibits of the collection you are about to see.

Gift Set for cleaning teeth with chocolate cream. Brush your teeth chocolate once in your life and experience a unique pleasure.

Toothpastes with taste of cucumber, bacon, muffins.

And in those nondescript-looking boxes toothpaste flavored yogurt, pumpkin pudding, caramel, honey, green tea, rose, grapefruit, blueberries, kiwi, banana, Indian curry sauce, slightly podsolёnaya ... Total 50 different unusual tastes.

English cartoon characters, villagers Kambervik, each in his own house - a policeman, a doctor and other soldiers.


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