It turns out that toothpaste solves many problems! 10 Goodies.

Toothpaste is for everyone. It is impossible already to imagine my life without morning and evening ritual of cleansing the teeth. But, it turns out that toothpaste is very broad, untargeted application.

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If you apply the toothpaste with the mind, it will become an indispensable tool in your first aid kit and a helper at home. Edition «Site» gathered the most useful and interesting ideas unusual using the paste for the teeth.

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Use dental pantiespreteen toothpaste for better health
  1. Treatment of herpes
    Herpes is a nightmare. Besides the fact that this disease requires treatment of both outside and inside, it has an unpleasant manifestation in the form of swollen wounds. Herpes is desirable to apply the toothpaste on overnight, it dries the skin and forms a dry film over the sores, which soon dries quickly and disappears.
    Forty seven million six hundred ninety three thousand forty four

  2. For quick treatment of wounds and bruises
    If it is a wound, the toothpaste will help to stop the bleeding and accelerate healing. If it is a hematoma, or, simply, a bruise, a small amount of toothpaste rapid resorption of the bruise. Also the toothpaste can be applied to the corn, but only if it does not burst.
    One million six hundred two thousand four hundred forty

  3. Whitening nails
    If your nails turn yellow quickly from a variety of lacquers, used for their whitening toothpaste. Apply it to the nail plate, scrub with a toothbrush a couple of minutes. It is a good and proven life skill.
    Sixty three million five hundred ninety four thousand seven hundred twenty five

  4. By the bite of insects
    If you are bitten by a mosquito or other stuff, put on this place a little toothpaste. It removes the swelling and eliminates itching.
    Seventy seven million seven hundred twenty four thousand eight hundred seventeen

  5. For acne removal
    This is an old proven trick. Toothpaste to cope with the huge subcutaneous acne better than salicylic acid. If you see that a pimple wants to come and brush the place of pasta — so you can stop the inflammatory process. To remove the large Mature acne, apply them toothpaste for the whole night. Come morning, they will be much less.
    Fifty million two hundred twenty three thousand four hundred fifty one

Applying the toothpaste in the home
  1. Cleaning of pans
    If you're using cast iron pans, you have probably faced the problem of soot and rust. Apply to the affected area, the toothpaste, leave for 30 seconds. Scrub with a sponge and purity guaranteed.
    Ninety six million four hundred twenty one thousand two hundred ninety seven

  2. Misted glass
    If your glass of swimming goggles fog up, that is a great way of dealing with this phenomenon. Apply a small amount of toothpaste on each lens. Gently RUB and wash away with water. Do not RUB it too much, because abrasive components can scratch the surface.
    Three million eight hundred fifty thousand five hundred ninety five

  3. Bleaching leather products
    Whitening properties of the paste used to restore the color of white skin, including sneakers. Just apply the paste on dirt, gently scrub.
    Five million four hundred ninety eight thousand nine hundred three

  4. For cleaning
    Polishing properties of toothpaste can be used not only for teeth but also in the household. Solution of of toothpaste is fine polished chrome surface, sinks, faucets. Also it is possible to scrub the painted wall with pencil drawings and markers.
    Sixty five million six hundred eighty six thousand eight hundred seventy three

  5. Removing unpleasant odors
    If your hands unpleasant smell of fish or anything else, then wash them using toothpaste. Also it is possible to wash the bottle to avoid the smell of the previous drink.
    Seventy five million five hundred seventy four thousand five hundred seventy eight

Here is a broad application has a small tube of toothpaste. Don't forget to share useful information with your friends in social networks!

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