The method of Dr. Mac-Ferrini: cleansing of the body through the skin

The skin is the largest and important organ. Its area ranges from an average of 1.5 to 2,2M2, weight is 20% of the total weight of the human body.

Through the skin people can and should throw out 3.5 times more waste than the colon and the bladder together!

Judge for yourself, people per day loses about 2.6 liters of water: urine — 1.5, cal — 0,1, using light — 0.4 and through the skin — 0,6 liters.

Seventeen million seven hundred forty four thousand five hundred two


But these figures reflect the average level of activity. In the steam room, only for one session, a person can lose from 0.5 to 1.5 liters of water. Thus, by using steam, we can significantly increase with the release of water and toxins. So no wonder one of the main cleansing procedures is called: "Therapeutic sweating».

First, let us examine the function of the skin with a position of ruslanovca of the body.


Protective function of the skin

Skin antibacterial properties. On the surface of the human body are intensely 15 trillion microbes! Only clean, healthy, moist, elastic skin can successfully resist the onslaught. According to the latest research by scientists, the skin is actively involved in the formation of immunity.


The respiratory function of the skin

The skin is involved in the gas exchange of the body, and what it is cleaner, the easier it is easy. Generally, as practice shows, the skin breathing is important in creating powerful health.


The excretory function of the skin

Versatile selection of slags and their number leather has no equal among the other excretory organs. If a person knowingly uses the skin as the excretory organ, thus it significantly enhances the quality of their lives.

Through the sebaceous glands of the skin stands out the emulsion containing fatty acids, thanks to which it is protected from drying out, is flexible, elastic, shiny, and protected from infection.

But if the skin is not looked after, it gets clogged by their own secretions (600 grams of sweat per day!) and ceases to fully perform the above functions. Naturally, this affects the entire body.

Frequent bathing with soap, on the contrary, washes off this protective emulsion, so all should be a reasonable approach.

In old age reduced the number of fatty acids on the skin surface, therefore, in old age skin care products should be given special attention. The skin should be lubricated with mochegonno, olive oil, often go to the steam room, to feed its salts, taking urinovy bath.

Thirty six million five hundred thirty four thousand nine hundred sixty six



Now let's talk about how to ruslanovca of the body through the skin.

Here you can act in several ways.

1. Take plain water and bath procedures. Increased temperature will allow docility toxins, removable products of metabolism, dissolve hardly soluble in the blood and tissues, soften the body, to nourish it with moisture. Enhanced circulation during a procedure will allow you to quickly remove dissolved toxins through the skin, or other excretory organs.

2. You can do the opposite, consume less fluids and liquid food, with the aim of dehydration, but 2 — 3 or more times a day to take a warm bath. Water will be drunk into the body through the skin, clear it, and along with the entire body.

3. To use the law of antagonism in the circulation, according to which cold treatments by narrowing the blood vessels of the skin, dilates blood vessels of the abdominal cavity. Warm, on the contrary, expanding the blood vessels of the skin, tightens the abdominal vessels. Using this feature of the circulation, we contrast water procedures, the heat — cold can more effectively drive blood from the skin to the internal organs and, conversely, simultaneously washing out toxins.

4. The use of substances with high osmotic strength, to "pull" toxins from the body through the skin. Particularly well makes is evaporated to 1/4 of the initial volume of urine.

5. Each of the above areas can apply for additional funds, to increase the effect of purification. For example, the reception diaphoretic decoctions and infusions, drink plenty of fresh juices of vegetables and fruits, dry fasting, and more.


Let us examine the first area of cleansing through the skin — water and steam treatments.

Six million two hundred twenty two thousand six hundred seventy three

When using this method of cleansing is a big role playing for more money. For the best sweating first you need to take a diaphoretic. After there has been a significant loss of body fluid is intoxicated, you need to compensate for its pure, structured, intense organic mineral elements, vitamins etc. For this purpose you can use fresh juices or activated liquid.

Warning. Couple's treatment opens the skin pores and promotes sweating and removal of toxins through the skin. This greatly eased the work of the kidneys. Warm and hot baths, strongly warming up the body, hamper the sweating and drive water and waste products through the kidneys.

  • If you have sick kidneys then take a steam room;
  • if sore skin then apply the bath.

You can use any available diaphoretic natural origin.

As an example, here are two recipe (amounts given in %).

1. Licorice root — 40, lime color — 60. Spoon collection Cup of boiling water.

2. The fruits of anise — 20; wormwood herb — 20; leaves of bean trefoil — 30; white willow bark — 30; lime blossom — 30. Drink 2 cups of infusion a day. A decoction of tablespoon of the collection is recommended for sweating, rheumatism.

By the way, folk wisdom has noticed such fact:rheumatism comes out of the patient only then.

Now, after taking the diaphoretic decoction, you go to the procedure of sweating in the steam room.

The following rules will help you to correctly carry out the procedure of sweating.


1. Do not go to the steam room after a heavy meal. In this case steam is simply harmful. But we should not go on an empty stomach. Drink some diaphoretic infusion, eat easy vegetables, fruit, a little cereal.

2. To bathe better in the morning, after 9 — 10 hours. The body rested during the night, the power of your not yet spent, and you can easily outsource this procedure, imposing a greater load on the heart and the whole body.

3. Gradually accustom themselves to the heat, do not climb directly on the top shelves. Climb to a height where you feel good.

4. If you froze, going to the bath, before entering the steam room put your feet in a basin with warm water and then add gradually hot water. So sit 10 — 15 minutes. Once you feel the warmth in the body, can enter the steam room.

5. For hygienic purposes it is desirable before entering the steam room a little wash, but it cannot soak your head, otherwise the steam can cause it to overheat. Then wipe yourself off with a towel dry the moisture prevents sweating — and go.

6. It is advisable to wear on his head any cap to protect it from overheating, and to have a woolen mitten or a special scraper drop of sweat, because it also interferes with sweat. Relieving sweat woolen mitten, you simultaneously cleanse the skin of dead, keratinized layer.

7. Going into the steam room, 3 to 4 minutes sit down, get used to the heat bath, but rather go lie down. In the supine position, the heat affects the body more evenly. When you lie down the muscles relax better, and it allows them thoroughly steamed. You can sit on-yoga — cross-legged.

8. Coming out of the steam room, stand under a shower with warm and then cool water. After a warm shower when the sweat washed away, you can dramatically give cool or cold jet for 2 — 5 seconds, or dip in the pool. Then relax, dry off and head for home if you do not want to repeat the steam procedure.


How to bathe with a broom

Brooms are mostly birch and oak.

Before pair them it is advisable to steam, resulting in volatile compounds (mainly essential oils) penetrate into the body and are beneficial in dissolving toxins.

The sense to be soared with a broom is to pump the hot air to the body, but not quilting.

Broom work seamlessly as a fan, barely touching the body. First pass on the legs,buttocks, back, hands, from head to toe and back. So repeated several times.

When working with a broom you should feel a nice warm breeze. And only after that you can gently polegate yourself.

Then RUB a broom as a washcloth. With one hand, hold the broom by the handle and the other hand push the foliage to the body.

Here's basically what you need to know when visiting the steam room.

Finally comes the third and most important part of this type of purification.

Sweating, you've lost a lot of fluid, ticked off a lot of toxins. Naturally, you want to drink. And that's what you want to drink, directly determines the success of your cleanse. If you drink tea, brew and so forth, you go not the best way.

Now you should drink fresh juices of vegetables and fruits. By doing so, you can very quickly update their liquid environment of the body and feel the rush of vivacity and health. All of this will happen naturally, without tears and stress than the procedure of detoxification with the use of overseas fruits (lemons, oranges and grapefruits), ingestion of laxatives, and sitting on the toilet for three days.

Taking a steam bath 2 to 3 times a week, you just three weeks, will hold a total detox liquid body. You will enjoy the warmth of the vapor (2 — 3 runs for 5 — 10 minutes each), vigor cold water and the divine taste of fresh juice. This will be mostly:

  • carrot,
  • carrot-beet,
  • Apple-beet,
  • carrot-beet-cucumber juice.

Drink them immediately in 0.5 liters of 2 — 3 times a day after the pair procedure.

In the following days after the pair stick to a proper diet, eliminate the slag-forming products. After the next steam again you use a massive juicing, proper diet, etc.


The second area of purification through the skin is used rarely and mainly helps to cleanse the skin.

It is recommended to apply fat people with oily skin, the body easily and keeps the water. For slim persons, the body which keeps bad water, is the direction of purificationcontraindicated.

The method is as follows:

  • people at a certain time (1 — 4 weeks) refrains from taking any liquids, or reduces their intake to a minimum and consume foods with a small amount of water such as dried fruit, hard boiled porridge, bread from sprouted wheat, boiled meat (meat eaters), and takes daily multiple times a day warm baths.

Or even resorted to dry starvation. Conduct fasting is necessary once a week for 36 42 hours. As the experience duration can be gradually increased. For example, to starve so once a quarter for 3 or more days.


The third direction of cleansing through the skin is the use of contrast procedures, i.e. the combination of heat and cold.

This kind of cleansing is recommended for all those who do not tolerate the steam room (people with a strong Constitution "Bile") as well as the elderly and debilitated, especially those who have the body does not hold water.

The method of application of this cleaning procedure the following.

  • Fill the bathtub with warm water and is in it 10 minutes.
  • Then quickly pour in the shower in cool water no more than 1 minute and re-take a warm bath, 10 minutes.
  • So to repeat 3 or more times.

The entire procedure can be greatly simplified:

  • 5 minutes to repeat a very warm shower, 1 — 20 seconds cool, and very cool shower. So to repeat 3 to 5 times or more.

In bath you can add decoctions of various herbs to enhance raschlenenki: the hay dust, pine branches, oat straw, etc.

Warning. After warm procedure take quick cool. Warm water with prolonged exposure relaxes the body, opens the pores of skin and makes the skin sensitive to cold. Cool wash, warm following the procedure, reduces elevated body temperature and refreshes the skin, closes the pores of the skin and strengthens it.

This type of purification include various types of body wraps.

The wrap begins with the shoulders (armpits) and spreads to the end of the legs. Head, neck, shoulders and hands are free and should be covered with something warm to penetrate the outer air.

It is prepared in the following way.

  • On the sheet, which lies on the mattress, at length put a woolen blanket. Canvas wraps have to be large, they can be wrapped 2 — 3 times whole body and legs.
  • Folded it in half, wet it so that would then not dripping, and put in the form of a rectangle on the spread out blanket.
  • Next, lie down onto the canvas and wrap them around the entire body, so that no one place of the body left uncovered.
  • Then tightly wrapped a woolen blanket to prevent access of air, and put on top of the featherbed.

Remember, if there is no skin contact with wet canvas, the absorption of toxins in the canvas will not. If you turned around with a blanket loosely and there is an "outlet", there will be no "greenhouse" effect, and that means powerful heating and perspiration.

If done properly, in that closed, damp and warm space in the womb, begin the particular process — cleansing and healing the body.

Protrusion of sweat indicates the intensity of the cleansing process. If it is little or not at all, the purification will be weak.

Such a wrap would work efficiently, canvas dipped in some broth (chilled):

  • sedge — useful when difficult urination, when kidney stones;
  • of oat straw — in gout, kidney stones and bladder;
  • pine — eliminates the accumulated gases in the stomach and "tames" the vital principle of "Wind".

So lie down until then, until you start to decrease sweating (about 45 — 60 minutes). To allow complete drying of the body is not recommended for the reason that dry body can once again pull toxins.


The fourth direction of cleansing through the skin is the application on the skin of substances having a high osmotic power.

Use two infusion of herbs.

For disclosing of skin pores, apply the cooled mint infusion.

Make it so:

  • 4 tablespoons of peppermint (herb and flowers), pour a liter of boiling water,
  • cool in a closed jar to a temperature of 15...20°C. subsequently, the temperature can be reduced to Z..10°C.

A hot infusion is prepared as follows:

  • take 2 tablespoons of mixture of herbs — thyme, tansy, yarrow, pine needles and just a little bit of mustard or pepper (about 0.5 grams),
  • pour a liter of boiling water and insist until then, until the temperature drops to 40...42°C.

The infusion is prepared before the procedure.

The procedure itself is done as follows:

  • wetting the wool MITT in a refrigerated infusion, wring out and wipe off her whole hand,
  • then moistened another mitten in a hot infusion, doing rubdown,
  • after that, dry rough towel rubbing the skin until the appearance of pink color and warmth.

So do the other arm, legs and whole body. As a result, your skin will be clean to occur a General rejuvenation of the body (if you practice 3 or more times a week for 20 — 30 minutes).

During the activity of lung and colon active and "duplicate" them on the skin.

This 72-day period is favorable for the purification and recovery of the skin. Due to the fact that human skin were formed in the aquatic environment (amniotic fluid, most of which consists of fetal urine), urine for her — best cleansing and healing tool.

I recommend you a proven tool — massage or rubbing of the body with urine, evaporated to 1/4 of original volume. The appearance of lesions on the skin indicates that the cleansing process has begun — the toxins go through the skin. Continue to massage or to lubricate the body to complete the cleansing. If rash is too much, then wait 1 — 2 days, and then proceed to massage.

Along with this kind of ruslanovca body use enemas and steam that will facilitate and accelerate the cleansing process.


Lubricate the body by the urine

The lubrication of the body in urine (urine must be heated), use a light stroking motion with his hands. Then you can enhance the effects until a light pain, and then go on stroking.

If during fasting on water and urine do not apply lubricating urine, the positive effects of fasting is not always possible to implement due to the large load on the heart. But if you lubricate the body by the urine, the load is largely removed, and the fasting is much easier.

When the body smeared with urine, blood circulation improves and pulse normal, significantly saved, and can work productively.

Special considerations which must be adhered to with the introduction of urine through the skin.

  • In the 1st and 3rd phases of the lunar cycle it is best to enter the substances in the urine, inside the body.
  • In the 2-nd and 4-th phase of the lunar cycle the body works on the release, so you need to use urine for skin cleansing.

After the massage and treatments urine wash, once dry the skin after 5 minutes — warm water, then cool, then dry with a towel.


The method of Dr. Mac-Ferrina

In the tub with water, hot is not much more than body temperature, should be half an hour.

Then you need to RUB the skin cornmeal.

In addition, Mac-Ferrin in the evening preparing the basin is very salty solution, impregnate it with a solution of a terrycloth towel and press it a little. After rubbing the body corn grains it produces out of the bath the hot water, pouring cold, sinking into her one minute, and then pounded impregnated with salt with a towel.

When the body will turn red as a lobster, we can assume that your skin is a living and clean the body.published


Author: Anatoly Pancakes

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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