Brush gut: 10 ways to cleanse the body

The complexion is poor? With a heavy head. Lost appetite? I feel like a little food poisoning? No doubt remains: the body needs General cleaning — cleansing of the body.

Our organs and tissues become clogged with the end products of metabolism for different reasons. It happens after any disease, when the lack of vitamins and movement as well as constipation, excess heavy meals (meat and fat) in the diet and when you eat cold food, drink a little liquid, which means that the kidneys aren't working at full strength. A lot of the toxic product formed during the breakdown of subcutaneous fat when fasting and a strict diet. These toxins not only poison us, but also smell bad.

Hence the bad breath resulting from intense exertion, and when attempted) to sharply limit yourself to food.



In order to avoid self-poisoning organism end-products of metabolism must be eliminated from the body by activating its cleansing systems, skin, liver, kidneys, and lungs (of the slag evaporates during breathing, and to deactivate the others need oxygen) and intestines.

Cleansing the body is not entertainment, but a whole work to enhance health.

Signs to cleanse the body:


  • Pallor greyish, peeling;
  • Thickening of the Horny layer of the skin and blockage;
  • Swelling under the eyes, puffiness of the face and disorders of lymphatic drainage;
  • Tendency to rashes and skin allergies — allergens and accumulation in the body end products of metabolism;
  • Loss of firmness and elasticity due to the depletion of the recovery capabilities of polluted sites.
 Menu for cleansing the body

  • In the cleansing days, preferably to be limited to milk-vegetable diet, forgoing meat, fatty foods, fried and sweet.
  • And you can just arrange a day of fasting, after sitting in the yogurt (1-1. 5 l) and apples (about 1 kg). This quick diet has a diuretic effect — it makes the kidneys actively excrete the excess fluid, and with it the end products of metabolism.
  • And the rule is to drink 2-3 cups of green tea, preferably with lemon. This favourite drink of the inhabitants of the land of the rising sun removes from the body harmful substances, and at the same time helps to get rid of excess weight. In addition, proved that green tea lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • Don't forget the fresh juices — they also have a good cleansing effect. But just before you drink juice, dilute it a little with water — so as not to irritate the gastric mucosa.

1 way to cleanse the body — detox program

Various SPA-centers and beauty salons now offer many cleansing treatments called "detox". They not only help get rid of toxins, but also help rejuvenate and heal the body as a whole.

The Council FOR the CLEANSING of the BODYsalon Professionals will help you to choose a particular course. It can include water treatments with water from the Dead sea, lymphatic drainage massage aims to improve circulation and withdrawal of excess water, cleansing tea reception, following a special diet, as well as Facials, wraps, peels and body scrubs. However, some procedures for body cleansing can be done at home.

2 method of cleansing the body — honey massage

Honey (always fresh and without additives) perfectly absorbs the toxins accumulated in the skin and adipose tissue, and the massage helps to bring them to the surface of the body. After a course of 10 sessions held through the day, you will feel like a different person!

The Council FOR the CLEANSING of the BODYTake a little bit of honey on your palm and lightly Pat the massaged area. Part of the mixture will move to the skin, and the other will be on hand. Treat multiple problem areas (thighs, buttocks, stomach, hands, the area of double chin). Do each at a time!

  • Apply honey on the skin, firmly stick to her palm and abruptly tear off. Gradually, these clapping movements should become sharper.
  • Hold hands to the body denser and tear each time more sharply. When you drive all the honey in the body, on the surface there will be only a thin layer.
  • Continue to do so until the massaged area will begin to appear white mass. It's already "spent" med: he penetrated into the deep layers of skin, cleanse them from toxic products, drew off part of the fat and rendered it all to the surface.
  • First honey Massa coming out of the pores under your arms, remains on the skin, but by the end of the massage it is almost completely converted to palm.
  • Treat each problem area for 5-10 minutes. When they are all promassiruyte, rinse off the honey with warm water with the help of massage mittens or non-rigid sponges. Wipe yourself off with a towel and lubricate the skin moisturizer.
3 method of cleansing the body — effect wraps

To make the procedure of cleansing the body at home is easy. Take as the basis of 20 ml of base oil — jojoba, hazelnut, olive or peach, add 3 drops of essential oil to your taste — orange, bergamot, clove, oregano, cedar, lavender, lemon, pine, chamomile, pine, thyme or eucalyptus.

Want to use multiple oils? Then you mix them together, then add to the base. Before the procedure, don't forget to test for skin sensitivity, however, as before the honey massage.

ADVICE ON cleansing the BODY, Apply the mixture on the body and limbs (can be limited to problem areas), and then wrap these places in plastic wrap. Put on a warm Bathrobe or lie down under the blanket. In the first case, you can actively move, and the second to lie down for half an hour. Flush the oil, lubricate the skin cream.

4 method of cleansing the body cleansing in the bath

Pulling toxins through the skin helps bath salt. However, it will take a lot — 2-3 kg. Wait until the salt has dissolved and purified on health at a temperature of 37-38 °C for 15-20 minutes.

No less useful baths with pine needles (you can take 2 table spoon of liquid extract) and algae (standard briquettes or pharmacy packaging). Both can be added to bath with salt — otslaivayutsya action will only intensify!

Effect of cleansing the body have water treatments with oat bran, corn or wheat. Put a handful of bran in a gauze bag and hang it under the tap, passing through the first jet of hot, then cold, to dilute the water in the tub to the desired temperature.

Wonderful effect of cleansing the body also having a mud bath with white or blue clay. Like salt, it pulls on the skin surface of the toxins accumulated in the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

ADVICE ON cleansing the BODYDissolve 300-400 g of clay in warm water, soak in it for 15-20 minutes and then rinse in the shower without soap, gel and other cosmetics.


5 method of purification of an organism — oat pudding

Infusion, decoction, porridge from oats have the property of eletronorte — pull toxic products from the blood into the intestine and do not allow them to be absorbed back. And sorbate (suctioning) is not accompanied by the irritating effect on the intestinal wall.

ADVICE ON cleansing the BODYPour 1 Cup of oats 2 cups boiling water, let sit 12-16 hours, then strain through cheesecloth. The resulting infusion drink half a Cup 2 times a day.


6 how to cleanse the body — mineral water instead of soap

Note oxygenated (oxygen-rich) mineral water. Biochemical processes that it starts in the body, can be likened only General cleaning. Oxygen, vitamins and antioxidants perform in the internal environment, the role of soap and powder, and the water itself cleanses the liver, kidneys, intestines and purifying the body's systems, freeing them from toxins, but at the same time from the accumulated in them stones and sand.

ADVICE ON cleansing the BODYIf you have no problems with the kidney and heart during the day it is recommended to drink about 1.5—2 liters of mineral water without gas.


7 method of cleansing the body diet toxins

To cleanse the body of toxins and excess salts, as well as for weight loss, 5 kg, will help in a special way cooked rice recipes yogis.

Ecoterapia usually carried out 2 times a year for 40 days. The course will require 1-1,5 kg of rice. You can use any, but preferably unbleached, yellowish, elongated.

  • 4 wash the jars and attach them pieces of tape with numbers.
  • Stir in 1-2 table spoons of rice in a jar # 1 and fill it to the brim with cold boiled water.
  • In the morning, also prepare Bank No. 2, and the first water change.
  • On the 3rd day, soak the rice in the pot No. 3 of the remaining drain and add fresh.
  • On the fourth morning will turn to banks No. 4, all other water needs to be replaced. By the morning of the 5th day the rice in the pot No. 1 will reach the condition: you can begin to ecoterapia.
  • Drain the rice in a sieve, place in boiling water for 1-3 minutes, then drain and place the pot in a warm place for 20 minutes.
  • Half an hour before the ingestion of rice drink a glass of water or unsweetened tea.
  • Eat rice without salt, sugar and oil (if not, you can add a little vegetable), thoroughly chewing. Breakfast-wait 4 hours.
Try to stick to a vegetarian diet, give up salty, fatty, spicy. At least twice a day you step into the shower: toxins and the salt will act on the skin should be washed off.

ADVICE ON cleansing the BODYevery day include in the menu baked in their skins potatoes, dried apricots, raisins, bananas — they will help to fill the output of potassium, a very necessary muscles and cardiovascular system, and stimulate the cleansing function of the kidneys.

And to avoid calcium deficiency, to a few times a week is calcined cheese. To make it, heat a pint of skim milk to 40 °C, pour 1,5 table spoon of 10% calcium chloride (sold in pharmacies), stirring constantly. When the milk curdle, remove the pan from the heat and let cool. Fold the mass in a sieve, covered with gauze or linen cloth, and leave overnight. In the morning the cheese is ready!


8 method of cleansing the body herbal broom

For cleansing the body will help and plants.Russian scientists have found that many of them have the ability to enhance the cleansing movement of interstitial fluids and excrete the end products of metabolism.

COUNCIL FOR BODY detoxificationMost detox-activity have chamomile flowers, leaves of black currant, strawberry, bilberry, burdock, birch buds, grass, bearberry, grass, and fruits of dill. Their extracts herbalists recommend to take as a cleansing tea.

  • The leaves of black currant (ideally young, summer fresh, winter — dry) contribute to the flushing of the intercellular substance and the removal from it of toxins. They have been especially active cleanse the liver, heart, walls of arteries and lymph nodes, which in itself is unique! Pour 25-30 g of leaves 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist in a thermos or a teapot, covered with a warm scarf or towel, for 30 minutes, strain. Infusion drink 1/3 Cup 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals.
  • Calendula, or marigold, increases lymphatic drainage of organs and tissues and the formation of lymph, which at an accelerated rate derived toxic products. Pour 2 teaspoons of dried flowers to 2 cups of boiling water in the kettle, leave for 15-20 minutes, then strain and store in a cool place. Take 1/3 Cup 3 times a day before meals.
  • Contraindication: individual intolerance.

9 a method of cleansing the body — only vegetables and fruits

The digestion of meat in the body produces far more toxic substances than in the assimilation of vegetable proteins and fiber.

To arrange a cleansing of the body from harmful substances temporarily give up meat, eggs and milk, after sitting for 7-10 days on fruit and vegetables. They stimulate the bowels, liver, kidneys, and also normalize the intestinal microflora.

ADVICE ON cleansing the BODYNote: some vegetables and fruit and shellfish tend to accumulate nitrates and toxins. So don't forget to remove the dangerous part: the carrot always cut the tail, cabbage remove the upper leaves and the stalk in the green get rid of "legs". And that the body did not get harmful substances out of cucumbers, this vegetable is clean from the skin and cut off the tail.


10 method of cleansing the body — brush for the intestines

Cleansing the body is carried out in other ways — by means of substances binding toxins (activated carbon, microcrystalline cellulose), cleansing enemas and improved varieties of colon hydrotherapy, in other words — colonic irrigation.

  • This treatment utilizes water, teas, and special solutions containing various enzymes.
  • For greater effect, hydrocolonotherapy carried out in 2-3 sessions.
  • However, the house such a procedure will not do — you need to go to a salon, and it looks maloestetichno — enema is the enema: whatever you call her, and pleasant it is not enough!
ADVICE ON cleansing the BODYto Produce cleansing the body can be more simple way. For example, with this kind of detox course: 7-10 days (no more) drink in the morning on an empty stomach a glass of mineral water without gas with activated charcoal (1 tablet per 10 kg body weight), to eat Breakfast should be after 1-2 hours after that. In addition, during the day you should try to eat only light foods.

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