Colon cleanse - pros and cons

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With a procedure called "enema" is familiar to many. Purgation with it is used not only in medical purposes but also at home. Know her, first of all, the supporters of the detoxifying or cleansing the body of toxins and, of course, starvation.

Related to this event in humans is twofold, from extremely negative to erection of the rank of panacea for all ills. Try to understand and, above all, answer the questions: "is there any sense in cleaning the bowel this way?"and "in what situations enema is justified and on the contrary will hurt the body?".

So too will the description of the method of bowel cleansing with a mug Esmarch.

And do I need to do an enema? This, of course, the first question you have to ask yourself, do I have to do such procedures? In medicine, enema is used for the following tasks:

  • in case of serious constipation thinning and output parts of the content of the colon;
  • to remove toxic substances that may be contained after the poisoning;
  • before surgery, childbirth, medicinal enemas or upper GI different methods.
In this list we don't see a mug Esmarch used for detoxification. Yes, science does not accept this concept, and proponents of detoxification with enemas cause most doctors just smile. The fact that no "employee's deposits and blockages of toxins" in the gut just yet! In healthy people, all is always displayed without any problems, and to conduct additional activities to address what does not exist can be considered either as a folly. To think so means to seriously underestimate the ability of our body.

There is one situation in which the use of enemas at home sometimes justified — fasting.

Intestinal cleansing during the fasting period it is Known that fasting in clinics or at home is often accompanied by cleaning of the colon. Why it is done, if not for the "toxins"?

Famous doctor S. Nikolaev, through the clinic fasting which was at one time thousands of patients, put a mug Esmarch every day. Sometimes even several times. Of course, he did this not in order to "to rake blockages", and for another reason.

The first is that fasting periodic cleansing of the colon was subjectively easier for many patients. The body is in starvation often is unable to cope with the disposal and withdrawal of products of metabolism, so an enema is a good help for those who do not have enough "health" to be on hunger sufficient activity blood flow and peristalsis for this.

Not starving all healthy, obviously, and especially difficult for those who have extremely sluggish peristalsis, getradiovalue the result of the small amount of fiber and abundance of processed food in the diet. In the hunger of such people, it is failing and there is no unnatural methods, like enemas, can not do. By the way, walk and physical exertion are an integral part of fasting, which increase the level of self-awareness just due to the fact that not only stimulates the removal of accumulations of metabolic products from the tissue cells, butadditional stimulation of peristalsis.

Fasting as a healing method, even today, are often unpredictable and therefore requires physicians enhanced care and attention. In times of Nikolaev information on the famine was at times less, respectively, and precautions, above. The importance of the same subjective ease of the self starving is difficult to overestimate.

A healthy person who is active in life and little adapted to the famine in enemas does not need in principle. His body will cope with the famine in the sense that it will be strong enough and trained adequately to operate in such conditions. Hunger in a healthy person is not "off" motility, and its level is enough for vinodelcheskih products of metabolism. (Not slag)

Today in the clinic followers techniques Y. S. Nikolaev use purgation only 3 times: at the entrance, in the middle of a famine and on the way out of it. And even these limits are not strict.

In contrast to the classical starvation can cite the example of P. Bragg, a well known supporter of naturopathy and fasting in particular. It is not advised to use the enema because of its "senatorelect". Yes, the animals are not washed mine in the wild, but obesity in them is, and the level of physical activity more than us... But Bragg also described fasting as a complex process, when a person is hungry all her days lying on her bed formation and suffering from intoxication. Enema in such cases often helps.

People, unfortunately, quite a fastidious creature, and if in the clinic, he had no choice and it will drive and charging is always going to push the colonic at home some is not acceptable. However, when fasting (if you are not experienced goldlist) periodic colon cleanse at health will help you to feel much better, and this fact is noted by most practitioners. If you can not cope peristalsis, unstable stool, the enema will help to compensate for this mistake. And they are the majority.

To put an enema or not, is a choice each person. For those who are "for" the following describes a fairly simple procedure bowel cleansing at home.

Method of bowel cleansing with a mug Esmarch

So, the first thing to do is to buy at your local pharmacy Esmarch mug, if you have not, it will be used by us.

In the process, and there is nothing unpleasant if you do it at home by the proposed method. It will suit everyone, without exception, those who make purgation for the first time will be surprised at just how much will the body to move the event to Carry out it is recommended early morning or evening before going to sleep, pre-converge "at large".

So, you need a mug Esmarch and about 1.5 l of liquid, previously boiled and cooled down to an acceptable body temperature 25-35 °C. Pour the water, and then Unscrew the tap on the end of a long tube, thereby displacing it from the air remains. Our device suspended over the bath (more often will approach the pin from the shower) and the jet into the tub a little water, which should be enough to cover your belly if you lie on your back.

Lubricate the enema tip with vegetable oil, that will help you easily type it in yourself. Open the tap on the end and tucked it neatly under water. Remember that you can adjust the flow not only to tap but also pinch the hose with your fingers. The water bath method not required, but this method is much easier, sometimes even difficult to feel the flow is directed inside your body. After all the water is filled it is recommended to wait 5-7 minutes and then to go to the toilet. Perhaps in the first times will not be easy to endure clear of the urge to the toilet, but that's OK, first it is not always possible.

After full bowel cleansing shower.

Contraindications. This procedure is safe for almost every man, enema washes away our natural microflora and otherwise harm us. But there are a number of contraindications that should be considered:
  • inflammation in the colon;
  • severe cardiovascular insufficiency;
  • internal gastrointestinal bleeding;
  • hemorrhoids.
  • As a conclusion.Intestinal cleansing is a therapeutic procedure and requires appropriate treatment. Intestine the average person it contains no toxins, "waste", toxins and other terrible toxic our body of nasty things that we so like to scare on the Internet. This is just a myth, and sometimes a motive for earnings of money on procedures like kolonoterapii.
On ordinary days there is no need to use such procedures. The exception may be a situation already mentioned in the beginning of the article: toxicity and other exceptional cases.

That to fasting, the choice to use or not the procedure purgation during the period of refusal to eat or not will be for you. Most of these treatments have a positive effect on health and, above all, the emotional condition, which is often decisive in the success of the hunger.



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