Improper diet as a cause of cancer

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In the scientific world starvation in a problem like cancer treatment causes a wide range of opinions: for some it is the panacea, while others deny it as therapy.

When in life we are faced with cancer, the diversity of the causes and conditions of occurrence of malignant tumors deprives many patients of mental strength to fight this terrible disease.

Despite the fact that science knows a lot about cancer, but the disease is still not fully understood. For many scientists it became evident that, among its causes malnutrition is quite a large percentage. The considerable part of representatives of science is a widespread hypothesis that cancer is not a disease, but extreme violations of the natural self-regulation of the human body.

Scientists, proponents of the mentioned hypothesis, for example, argue that the main reason of growth of number of oncological diseases and their spread in the abuse of a large number of bread and pasta from flour of the highest quality. They believe that the degeneration of the cells is due to loss of its connection with "regulatory" centers of the brain.

Layering in the joints of the cells with nerve fibers residues of high-grade products combined with nicotine and other carcinogenic substances form a kind of tube, from-for what there is a complete isolation of a certain portion of the cells of the body. This and only this, according to scientists, leads to uncontrolled cell proliferation and lead to tumor formation.

If you do not go into the evidence base of this hypothesis, it is possible to agree on the practice of living with the fact that improper diet is one of the most common causes of cancer. Enthusiasts consider hypotheses seek to spread the idea that through rational, balanced nutrition, and starvation of the people can prevent such terrible disease as cancer, but even to cure it.

In medical statistics, there are hundreds of documented cases of happy "spontaneous" recovery from cancer. But at the heart of every "spontaneous" healing, as a rule, was always an abrupt change power.

METHODS USED TO TREAT Recognis of the supporters of the hypothesis of the origin of cancer because of a violation of the natural self-regulation of the human body was Jan., which in 1975 because of the tumor, had a leg amputated. But as is often the case in Oncology, he soon had a relapse. The state of Cholera became so critical that the doctors predicted death within a month.

In the example Kolerom worked as a fortress of his spirit, and the fantastic power of the moral support of his wife. Together with his wife., studied literature and acting by trial and error, managed to develop a system for the integrated treatment of cancer. Using the insights developed from this comprehensive cancer treatment allowed Golero in a short time to recover.

The methodology of Cholera was not only a requirement for creating optimal conditions for healing of the body, but also the use of complex mental, physical and nutritional recommendations. . Calling developed the diet for cancer patients "supportive" limit it to a minimum the presence of animal fats, has eliminated all salt, sugar, refined products. But his diet was not the restrictions on the use of fresh plant foods grown without the use of pesticides.

Our compatriot Galina Shatalova (more on this here "Shatalov and the system of natural healing") about accounting principles Kolerom created his own method of treatment of cancer patients. In the method Shatalov uses a priority method of individual approach to the treatment of each cancer patient. The main goal of treatment according to the method Shatalova, is to achieve recovery of self-regulation of the organism, stimulation of the immune system and increase defensive forces of the body.

At the initial stage of treatment according to the method Shatalova it all starts with a large number of cleansing enemas (6-8 per day). Depending on the patient's condition, the harder, the higher the number of enemas. Such a regime of enemas lasts 7-10 days. Only after a number of enemas in a downward mode.

Equally important in the methodology Shatalova role to maintain the appropriate emotional attitude and organization of a healthful diet. In particular, the diet introduced not only carrots and beets, but apples, red currants, wheat, oats, buckwheat, barley, honey, onion and garlic, lemon juice. Inclusion in the diet of all other products is allowed only after the complete purification of the body.

The use of hunger or to Gawler and Shatalova was not essentially important. If. expressed clearly that a complete fasting (water) is dangerous, Shatalova in some cases, did not deny the healing power of hunger. With patients who are overweight, she has conducted courses not only regular fasting on water, but dry, anhydrous.

FASTING AS a TOOL IN anti-CANCER Therapiestudie some oncologists fasting as tools in cancer therapy, due to the fact that prolonged fasting is the most effective tool in cancer treatment. When bad results happen, then, according to them, most often this can be explained by the violation of the necessary rules when fasting.

Oncologists practicing fasting, say that technique of starvation of cancer patients has a significant difference from conventional techniques. Fasting according to the method of anticancer therapy was then successful, when the emphasis is on the preparation of the psychological component of the patient on a strict ban of alcohol and Smoking. Excluded as drug use, can lead the patient engaged in anticancer therapy by starvation, to coma.

At the stage of preliminary preparation is very important to expel worms from the body and to relieve the cleaning bodies from the stones. To soften the stones usually used this diet: drinking on an empty stomach the juice of black radish, which is usually in the ratio of 1:1 diluted with red beet juice. Foods such as cucumbers, soft apples, celery, grapefruits, parsley and cooked carrots should be in the daily menu of the patient. Well as a menu of anti-cancer therapy requires the patient to drink a lot of these juices: Apple, lemon, red beet and mixtures of juices of carrot, beet and cucumber in the ratio 10:3:3.

An excellent tool at the stage of preparation for the use of fasting in cancer therapy will be welded beetroot when it is cooked long before the state of the syrup. The resulting syrup should be drunk several times a day. In addition to the syrup from sugar beet, it is recommended to drink vegetable (olive) oil, provided, however, that at this time you should not drink water. Of laxatives to prefer only natural. Once a day to do an enema.

With obesity you must first find out whether it is caused by an abnormal thyroid gland. If such a deviation in the thyroid are true, fasting is contraindicated.

If you are using cancer therapy course fasting can be started only after full body cleansing. Typically, a full treatment course of cancer therapy have 45 days. Sometimes there are deviations and may require 50 to 55 days. A person can live without food for 80-90 days and because fasting up to 55 days is not dangerous. The use of a large number of enemas required to remove toxins from the body, protects the patient from poisoning rotting decay products deposits.

By the end of the fasting patient usually looks very exhausted. But there's nothing dangerous. It is undesirable to interrupt the fasting prematurely for the reason that raised from the remote depths of the body toxins will settle again in the body and serve as a breeding ground for cancer cells.

Oncologists who practice fasting as a tool in cancer therapy, believe that treatment with starvation, as no other method normalizes the functional state of the organism. In this treatment, blood is updated, clears the entire body and thus achieved the target for the destruction of causing malignant transformation of cells.




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