Oncology – thriving business

The art of medicine is to impress the patient with the treatment until nature herself will not cure it.

Did you know that in the cancer industry employing more people than cured from cancer? The annual turnover of this industry amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars. Now think: if there is, or rather will be recognized, at least one of the dozen existing drugs or protocols that solve the problem of cancer, what is cancer clinics and diagnostic centres, doctors, technical and administrative staff, as well as with manufacturers of expensive diagnostic equipment, which are involved in the industry?

Do you know that for a cancer patient the insurance companies pay an average of $350,000, and for the natural treatment they don't pay and the dollar? The course of treatment foreign patient in the United States, Israel, Britain and other Western countries costs from $250,000 to $1 million!

The cost of the drugs or combination of drugs included in the treatment course ranges from $3,000 to $20,000 per month. The profits that pharmaceutical companies get from the sale of a chemotherapy drug that can reach 500,000%!

Such profit cannot be justified by the high cost of research and obtaining a patent, as the earnings of these companies is growing every year and tens of billions of dollars, and the main item of expenditure is advertising the produced medicine, as well as the lobbying these companies.

For comparison, the Gerson Protocol, with a 90% success rate in cancer treatment, costing just a few hundred dollars a month, and only $25,000 for a short treatment at a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. The bill Henderson Protocol costs only $5 a day, and the Protocol Dr. Sirkus — even cheaper. Some treatments carried out at home may cost only $50 per month.

It is naive to assume that the official Oncology, Big Pharma and its bought politicians will sincerely try to cure the cancer. The organization of the "American Association against cancer," the British equivalent of "cancer Research UK" and similar large-scale charity organization for the fight against cancer, receive billions of dollars of subsidies a year.

Any dollar not spent on research of natural and much more successful alternatives, while all funds (after the payment of huge salaries to the leadership of these organizations) go on researching a dead-end destinations such as chemotherapy.

Very often the heads of these "charitable" organizations come in leadership positions from Big Pharma. Also the managers of these funds after a few years often get leadership positions in those same pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, it is naive to expect from these supposedly independent organizations that they will work towards the cessation of its activities.

This is why one of the main activities of these organizations, as well as the medical establishment is fighting a much more successful alternative cancer treatments, as well as the misinformation of the population about the real causes of cancer and its prevention.

They also controlled Wikipedia, which is carried out using a shadow army of paid authors. They create web sites like QuackWatch, where all natural methods, their authors and professionals who use them are subjected to ill pseudoscientific criticism and discredit.

The numerous army of Internet provocateurs (the so-called "trolls"), paid medical establishment and such "charitable" organizations, are actively involved in discussions on the topics of Oncology, vaccination, the benefits or harm of a treatment or drug.

Those interested in these topics people come to these resources for information, but often remain bewildered by the peremptory claims of these "virtual workers of the pen". I tend to chat with them both on the English and Russian sites. And I was always surprised by the similarity of ridiculing the gross manners of communication of each of the "trolls" and their obviously rehearsed arguments and attacks.

Despite the fact that since the announcement by President Nixon in the war on cancer in 1971 year, the US spends on Oncology more than any other country, the incidence of is steadily increasing, cancer is getting younger, and the mortality rate is not declining for 40 years.

According to the latest forecasts, starting with the present time in America in my lifetime to have cancer every second man and every third woman. Other developed countries are also approaching such statistics. In Russia, statistics of cancer is increasing (now ill have every fifth–sixth person), and if the situation for the solution of problems in this area will not change dramatically, Russia will soon catch up with America on this unenviable record. Over the years of "war" with cancer loomed solid trend: more money is invested in the cancer, the more cancer patients you receive, and the more patients, the more profit Big Pharma, more advertising, political influence, leading to more investment.

One can cite many examples in traditional Oncology, where the profit interests of big business prevail over common sense and the interests of the people. I will give only a few examples.

Mammography, which is recommended to women after 40 years annually, is itself carcinogenic. There are studies that prove that with each mammogram, the risk of cancer increases by 1-2% annually. In addition, this method is quite expensive and quite inaccurate.

It is believed that incorrect diagnoses are up to 40% of cases. There is thermography, which has a diagnostic accuracy of 98%, is 4-5 times cheaper and is absolutely harmless procedure. However, the honey. the establishment is not implementing its broad application, and you can only find it in selected small centers and clinics.

Another example is the test for gene breast cancer, which costs $3,000. Despite the fact that the presence of mutations of the gene BRAC1 and BRAC2 is not sufficient for the onset of the disease, and that the most important factor in the control of this gene is nutrition and other external factors, this test, however, has become increasingly applied to, and probably will soon be recommended for all women.

If med. the establishment was interested in breast cancer prevention, it is much easier and cheaper it would be to explain to women who have bad genes that they just need to change the way of life and nutrition, to reduce stress levels, to remove more carcinogens from their lives, and regularly cleanse the body of toxins.

I am convinced that knowing this, far fewer women would go on crippling preventive double mastectomy (surgical operation to remove the breast), which is the official Oncology trying to promote as a method of preventing breast cancer.

What we will offer next? Cut out one lung, one kidney, and, thereby, reduce the likelihood of cancer of these organs in half? After the provocative statements of Angelina Jolie about what she in cancer prevention has removed himself both Breasts, many women began to follow her example. In England there had been occasions when her example was followed by men and removed his prostate in order to prevent her cancer.

There are several scientific studies in which the role of genes in cancer does not exceed 2-5%, and the rest — these are the factors that include these genes. This deals with the new science of epigenetics, which proves that our genes are regulated by environmental factors through our perception. The main role is played by the cell membrane, responsible for what factors can change gene expression.

Wouldn't it be wiser to work towards the elimination of 95-98% of the factors than do the road test for the gene, the mutation probability which statistically is not so great, and the effect of such a mutation can be eliminated fairly simple lifestyle changes? On the other hand, a positive result of this test may lead to a preventive double mastectomy (very expensive and mutilation)!

I hope that these few above mentioned facts and arguments, many readers will be able to find the answer to the question: "If indeed there are effective treatments for cancer, then why are they still not apply? After all, if such methods or preparations have existed, we probably would have immediately found out about them from the media, and doctors immediately began to apply them?".

To summarize this answer in the following way: Oncology is the largest business, which is rigidly fighting for its monopoly, establishing full control over the methods of treatment and diagnosis of cancer, and with the help of bought politicians and infiltrating their employees regulatory agencies. Mass media is an effective tool in controlling information on the subject.

Another frequent question: "Where people who were cured by natural methods? Why about them and you hear anything from them?".

The question I want to answer with a simple example. I recently saw on the Internet a request from the volunteers for help for the girl, a cancer patient in 4th stage. She needed to raise $400,000 (!!!) for treatment in Israel. Many wished her a speedy recovery and made donations to a Bank account.

But there were also at least 10-12 people for one to two days, wanting to help the girl, who gave examples of his healing from cancer. Most had cancer, 4th stage and the doctors have abandoned them. Someone cured hunger and urine therapy someone juices and diet someone the cleanse, vitamins and SUPPLEMENTS-AMI, someone prayers.

All the methods are natural. Let some of them very narrow (from the point of view of modern natural alternative Oncology), and some quite radical, but they have helped people! It would be logical to volunteers to ask cure these people about the details and bring them with native girls. But it turned out the opposite — the volunteers rude has banned these beating cancer people to leave their messages on the page, arguing that the girl needs money for treatment, not "idiotic" advice.

The conclusion is that many of us just don't want to see people who have healed themselves using these tools. Expect to hear a story of recovery by conventional, not alternative cancer treatment, since otherwise collapse of their faith in official medicine.

And in fact of the 10 patients who survived cancer in the 4th stage, all 10 will be those who have been treated by natural methods. Only in the 1-3-th degree of cancer can be found a small number of people who were cured using the traditional methods of Oncology (surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy). And as the famous German scientist physiologist joana Budwig: "We do not know recovered these people due to chemo - and radiotherapy or in spite of it".

Here I want to dwell on cancer treatment in the West. I witnessed how cancer patients kids brought "to heal" in the best hospitals of Europe. A lot of money allocated by the Russian government on the treatment of children through Rusfond, and the money raised by good people in the amounts, sometimes reaching $500,000 per child, "helped" only to hospitals in which these children were brought.

In most cases, these patients received the same drugs and the same protocols in radiation therapy. Difference was only that the treatment was continued until the end — i.e. before the child's death from complications of treatment.

Many of you might be surprised, but I think that Russian oncologists with a professional and moral point of view, doing the right thing when, after a certain number of cycles of chemotherapy, and on the understanding that harsh treatment will not lead to a positive result, they go home sick.

Thus, intentionally or not, they give the patient a small but a chance that the body will recover and he will continue the fight against cancer, or having no other choice, the patient will look for other treatments that are more likely to lead to a cure or stop the disease.

Many communicate with me, the Russians, beating cancer with natural folk or methods were such "refuseniks". Working in expensive hospitals overseas oncologists will be happy to accept such refusals, if they would be willing to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat. There will be courteously and carefully to handle them, leads to the inevitable result. Such a result would be death from complications of treatment, which in 99% of cases will be officially defined as "occurring as a result of the aggressiveness of the disease."

In the course of my research work in the field of natural methods of treatment of Oncology I am involved in many English-language blogs and seminars, and is therefore constantly in contact with who have recovered from cancer 3-4th degree, people read or listen to their stories about how they were treated. According to my own statistics, 19 out of 20 such people were treated by natural methods (often after a bad and traumatic traditional cancer treatment).

I read a lot of books the most famous authors that have cited hundreds of examples of treatment of people in some natural method. It is also known that clinic Harry Huxley in 30-50-ies have cured tens of thousands of people his method. The canadian nurse Casey has cured thousands of people of their esiak-tea. Max Gerson and his daughter Charlotte has cured thousands of patients, which have already been rejected medicine.

Clinic Brinskogo in Texas for more than 20 years of experience in the treatment of advanced cases of cancer with antineoplastons (according to us law, only such cases, and only after completing a full traditional cancer treatment can contact his clinic) with much higher results than the official Oncology.

Dr. Barton in his clinic in the Bahamas has successfully treated many types of cancer invented by the immune serum. Many experts today have successfully used these and other methods of cancer treatment. All of this is documented and is available for both official organizations and just interested people.

Very rare to find those few who have recovered after the customary methods, and, as a rule, they overcame the disease not because of but in spite of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, destructive acting on the body in General and immunity in particular. And often it is the people who were incorrectly diagnosed, for example, when mammography or errors in the treatment of asymptomatic, rarely zlokacestvennoe cancer type Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS), which are almost never malignities.

Women with this diagnosis get the whole Arsenal of traditional Oncology and if you survive after that swell of positive statistics cured of cancer. Also, it can be only stepped through the 5-year barrier of survival from cancer, which the official believes Oncology recovered, while the secondary cancers caused by conventional treatment methods, often appear only after 5-10 years.

The same fate exposed and men after a very inaccurate PSA test for prostate cancer. This cancer, even when correctly diagnosed, has a very slow growth. If this growth will not be accelerated by destruction of the immune system and other important systems of the body, prostate cancer can remain asymptomatic for decades.


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Despite the inaccuracy of these surveys, leading to false diagnoses or "healing" when not required (in cases of precancerous lesions such as DCIS or slow-growing prostate tumor) Oncology is not only not going to change their diagnostic methods, generating billions of dollars a year, but on the contrary, trying to cover more and more people these supposedly preventive examinations.

Over the past 10 years, more than 1 million (!) women in the U.S. were wrongly diagnosed and treated for cancer. Apparently, this situation suits the medical establishment and big business that controls it, because the more they earn, the more people examined and receive a diagnosis of cancer.published


Excerpt from the book by Boris Greenblatt's "the CANCER to be Treated or to live?"


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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