Wait! Cancer is Not more Cancer!

After decades of wrong diagnosis of cancer with subsequent treatments and crippled millions of healthy people, the national Cancer Institute (National Cancer Instittute) and influential scientific medical journal JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) finally admitted that I was wrong all this time.

In 2012, the national Cancer Institute gathered a group of askerton for reassessment of the classification of some of the most frequently diagnosed cancers and their subsequent “prediagnostic” and overly-aggressive treatment of these conditions. They determined that probably millions of people were wrongly diagnosed with breast cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer and lung cancer, when in fact their condition was safe and had to be defined as “a benign epithelial etiology”. No apologies were made.

The media is fully ignored. However, the main also has not been made: no drastic changes in the traditional practice of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancer has not occurred.

Thus, millions of people in the United States and around the world, who were convinced that they have a deadly disease cancer and which were held for this reason nasilstvennoe and mutilating treatment, seemed to hear “Oh... We were wrong. You actually were not cancer.”

If you look at the problem only from the point of view of “prediagnostic” and “retreatment” of breast cancer in the United States over the past 30 years, the approximate number of affected women will be equal to 1.3 million. Most of these women are not even aware that they were victims and many of them treat their “aggressors”, such as in Stockholm syndrome, because they think that their lives “have been saved” unnecessary treatment. In fact, the side effects, both physical and psychological, are almost certainly greatly reduce their quality and length of life.

When a presentation was made of the National Cancer Institute, it was found right by those who have long defended the position that the often diagnosed“early breast cancer”, known as encapsulated milk duct carcinoma (DCIS), never was in fact malignant, and therefore should not have been treated with lumpectomy, mastectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Dr. Sayer JI, founder of the archive of scientific medical jobs greenmedinfo.com for several years actively engaged in acquainting people with the problem of “prediagnostic” and “retreatment”. Two years ago he wrote an article "Thyroid cancer epidemic caused by misinformation, not cancer (thyroid Epidemic caused by misinformation, not cancer"), which he explained, gathering a lot of studies from different countries, which showed that the rapid increase in the number of diagnoses of thyroid cancer due to incorrect classification and diagnosis. Other studies reflect the same pattern in the diagnosis of breast cancer and prostate cancer, and even some forms of ovarian cancer. It should be remembered that the standard treatment for such diagnoses were removal of the organ, as well as radiation and chemo. The last two are strong carcinogens leading to malignancy of these are harmless conditions and secondary cancers.

And, as usually happens with studies that are contrary to the established standards of care, these studies also did not get into the media!

Finally, thanks to the efforts of many honest oncologists, one of the most frequently diagnosed forms of cancer have been reclassified as a benign condition. We are talking about papillary thyroid cancer. Now there is no excuse for those oncologists who offer patients to treat, these are no threat, are inherently compensatory changes by means of total resection of the thyroid gland with the subsequent use of radioactive iodine introduction the patient for life with synthetic hormones and permanent treatment of the accompanying symptoms. For millions of “treated” from the “cancer of thyroid” this information came later, but it will save many from unnecessary suffering and reduced quality of life due to crippling treatment.

Sorry – this event has not become a sensation in mass-media, this means that if you do not distribute this information, thousands more people will get hurt “by inertia”, while official medicine do not react to it.

Oops...! “This is was not cancer!”, – recognizes the national Cancer Institute (NCI) in the journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

14 APR 2016 in an article entitled “It's not cancer: Doctors preclasificada thyroid cancer,” journal of the new York times pointed to a new study published in JAMA Oncology, which should forever change how we classify, diagnose and treat common form of thyroid cancer.

“An international team of doctors decided that the cancer that is always classified as cancer, were not cancer."

The result was an official change in the classification condition in the direction of benign. Thus, thousands of people will be able to avoid removal of the thyroid gland, radioactive iodine treatment, lifetime use of synthetic hormones and routine examinations. It was all to “protect” from the tumor, which was never threat.

The findings of these specialists and the data that led to them, were published in the 14 April in the journal JAMA Oncology. It is expected that the changes will affect more than 10,000 diagnosed patients with thyroid cancer per year in the US alone. This event will be appreciated and noted by those who insisted on prerequsities and other cancers, including certain education of the breast, prostate and lung.

Reclassified the tumor is a small lump in the thyroid gland, which is completely surrounded by a capsule of fibrous tissue. - It looks like cancer, but the cells of education does not extend beyond its capsule and therefore, surgery to remove the entire gland and the subsequent treatment with radioactive iodine is not mandatory and not crippling – such conclusion was made by the oncologists. Now they have renamed it the “encapsulated follicular pattern of papillary thyroid carcinoma is not invasive follicular formation of the thyroid gland with features of popularnosti core” (noneinvasive neopolasm follicular thyroid with papillary-like nuclear features, or NIFTP). The word “carcinoma” is no longer featured.

Many oncologists believe that it should have been done. For many years they struggled to reclassify small formation of breast, lung and prostate and some other cancers and to remove diagnoses from the name “cancer”. The only before that reclassification was early stage cancer of the genitourinary system, made in 1998 and early changes in the cervix and the ovaries about 20 years ago. However, in addition to specialists in the thyroid gland, no one since then has not yet the courage to do it.

“Actually, in fact get back”- says the chief doctor of the American society of Cancer (American Cancer Society) Otis Braley – “changes happen in the scientific evidence the opposite direction. So precancerous small seal of the breast were called to as stage zero cancer. Small and early education prostate turned to cancer. At the same time, modern examination methods such as ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance are finding more of these small cancer entities, especially the little knots in the thyroid gland.

“If it's not cancer, so let's not call it a cancer” – says the President of the American Association of Thyroid and Professor of medicine Mayo clinic Dr. John C. Morris.

Dr. Barnett es Krammer, Director of cancer prevention, National Cancer Institute, said: “We are increasingly concerned that the terms we use do not correspond to our understanding of the biology of cancer.” He further says: “Calling the formation of cancer tumors, when they are not, leads to unnecessary and traumatic treatment”.

The article continues that while some specialized medical centers are already beginning to treat education encapsulated thyroid less aggressive, in other medical institutions it has not yet become the norm. Sorry, traced the pattern that usually takes about 10 years to ensure that scientific evidence is reflected in the practice of medicine. Therefore, medicine is much less “science-based” than it claims of itself.

It is obvious that the truth about the real causes of cancer, as the truth about the myths disseminated cancer industry begins to seep, even in these medical institutions like JAMA, and even in the mass media, which usually plays a huge role in spreading misinformation on this subject.

Despite this success, it is necessary to continue work in this direction. Research and educational work must continue. In addition to papillary cancer of the thyroid gland is primarily concerned with the encapsulated cancer ductal breast cancer, some education of the prostate (intraepithelial neoplasia) and lungs. When will be able to seek reclassification of these States, this will entail a significant change in protocols of treatment. Now they will not treat the cutting of the body, carcinogenic chemotherapy and radiation therapy, this means that millions of people do not get disfiguring treatment, condemning them to continued suffering and dependency on conventional medicine, and many of them will avoid the appearance of secondary cancers caused by these types of treatment. Many also will not happen, the malignancy of the process as a result of toxic treatments that destroy the body's defenses and make the process benign to aggressively malignant.

Imagine how many people worldwide have suffered and may yet suffer, if for the US only and only for breast cancer is 1.3 million women? Now it should be obvious where official Oncology does such optimistic statistics, where she cures cancer in more than 50% of patients. Most of them had a correct diagnosis of cancer and if these “patients” was going through treatment, I was officially cured of cancer. If after 5-15 years, there are secondary cancers, they certainly never were associated with the previous cancer treatment.


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Many oncologists and especially those who use the concept of naturopathic understanding and treatment of cancer believe that asymptomatic cancers do not need to be treated, but only to hold certain changes in your lifestyle, diet and thinking. You can, however, go further and quote the words of Professor University of California Baikeli Dr. Hardin Jones, who claimed that according to statistics, working with cancer patients for 25 years, those who have been diagnosed with cancer late stages, and who did not use the official three treatment lived on average 4 times longer than those who received such treatment.

All this makes us a new look at the situation with the diagnosis and treatment of this disease, and that, unfortunately, today we can't trust in this official medicine.published


Author: Boris Grinblat, according to the materials of the greenmedinfo.com

Source: medalternativa.info/rak-bolshe-ne-rak/


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