Commercial diagnosis: you need to know

What is the commercial diagnoses

Commercial diagnosis - is often a false diagnosis, which is set deliberately or unconsciously, and exposes the patient to a long and unwarranted investigation and treatment, accompanied by a large financial costs to pay for these tests and treatments. In people, these diagnoses are called "pumping money". Typically, in the imposition of the commercial diagnosis of bullying are present, creating fear and psychological dependence, human zombie.

Commercial diagnosis - it is not an accident, and regularity in the modern toll and public medicine. Due to the low personnel training of doctors commercial diagnoses came to dominate the post-Soviet health care. Not only do they always inaccurate and / or false, but excessive interference in their diagnosis and "getting rid" of them can cause irreparable harm to human health.

Often such diagnosis is made only for the sake of making a profit, especially in private clinics that cooperate with private laboratories and pharmacies, paying each other "premium" for the ability to "extort from the client to the maximum." Surfing "sick" physicians may be delayed for months and years.

Contact Medicine and commerce there since the time of Hippocrates. Many doctors and medicine men in those days were not only treating patients, but also creating their own "medicine", many of which had no therapeutic effect, and can be harmful, causing poisoning and even death. "Elikisiry youth" - this is the most common types of "drugs" that were manufactured and sold by many doctors

. In every branch of medicine has its own commercial diagnoses, and often, passing through the different specialists, the person receives a "bouquet" of such diagnoses. They exist in every country in the world, but their appearance is often a result of illiteracy of doctors, lack of control of medical practice on the part of the relevant institutions and bodies of the large influence of pharmaceutical companies on the health system.

In some countries, commercial steel whole branch of medicine. For example, in developed countries, most eye doctors moved into the private sector and sells glasses or laser correction of vision, ENT specialists are interested only in the sale of hearing aids, gynecologists prefer to reproductive technologies, most dermatologists working in private rejuvenation clinics and conducting plastic surgery, therapists and family doctors prefer to work in clinics for weight loss, where patients are taught is not a balanced diet and physical exercise, and charged with all sorts of additives, and means "to lose weight", etc.

The peculiarity of the modern post-Soviet commercial diagnoses that they become extremely aggressive intervention for the purpose of inspection and ostensibly for medical treatment. If the American "patient" will sit for years on one or two medications, the residents of the former Soviet republic will pass through the wave of intense examination, the intensive treatment with the use of 10-15 medications, not counting the different procedures and surgeries.

On the one hand, indeed, many diagnoses exist, but their production and / or administration of treatment are accompanied by gross errors. On the other hand, began to exhibit such diagnoses totally, almost every second woman, while the true incidence of many diseases is very low.

Another feature of commercial diagnoses is that they are often imposed together, there are several diagnoses at once, but the mechanism of these diseases (pathophysiology of them) can be so different and opposite that a diagnosis can fully exclude other diagnosis.
< br> According to experts, today, for example, in Moscow, one in five private medical center puts his patients with false diagnoses, then to assign the expensive treatment.

Victims of medical greed often are those who turn to the urologist or gynecologist. Doctors calculation is simple, as a compress: not every publicly stated: "I have found a mistake Chlamydia!". For most of the "mistake" turned a deaf ear, but that "chlamydia" certainly remembered by all. Even knowing that the diagnosis - a false, very few people will start a scandal. And imagine with what feelings associated diagnosis of "infertility"? Often the fear of never give birth overshadows reason, people do not see an obvious fraud.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that according to expert data, 53% of Russians go to the doctor only when they feel very bad. It is therefore quite easy to intimidate a serious diagnosis. Most patients do not have special knowledge of medicine and can not always determine that they were deceived. Psychologists call people who pulled the campaign to the doctor to the last, "irresponsible optimists.

But if they fall for the bait, they can scare terrible disease and get to fork out big. For example, in Ukraine or Russia, "in Lugansk Oncology Center said:" This is not a cancer, but do need an operation. The danger that atypia will develop into a tumor - is ". And cut a healthy thyroid gland »

Favorite area of ​​commercial diagnoses:

1. Children and childhood diseases: intracranial pressure, hypertonicity, attention deficit and other

. 2. Pregnant

3. Sterile

4. Diseases of the genital system of women and men (including "hidden infection»)

5. A number of diseases: osteochondrosis, cancer. While in Belarus with this calmly, but in Ukraine and the Russian disaster.

6. Cosmetic medicine and dermatology

How to avoid staging commercial diagnosis?

1. Have a proven specialist, focused on experience rather than on the loot. If this is not an urgent operation, be sure to get a second opinion from a diagnostician, not financially interested in your care! Information support is no less important than therapeutic.

2. wary if you do not open an alternative or can not give specific figures, and the successful outcome of the results or give a hundred percent promise. Or they say anything at all can not guarantee.

3. If the proposed method of treatment is only in the clinic, but nowhere else. It is a sure sign of divorce. Example: "After a gynecological examination at the medical center paid my mother was told that she needed an operation. Doctors explained that in ordinary hospital free of good technology to such treatment is currently not. Tell me, please: Is it true, "- told us to find out the reader Maria

?. 4. One expert promises you to spend a full cycle: examination, treatment and rehabilitation. This is certainly convenient, but it eliminates the possibility of an alternative opinion.

5. You hurry. Life-threatening conditions are relatively few. If the doctor can not articulate exactly what threatens you, but hurry, cheerleaders!

6. Write down your medical history. A couple of hours spent on the drafting of a clear list of symptoms and records, establishing, when the disease is, how it progressed, causing deteriorated state - and the doctor will be easier to structure your symptoms and prescribe the correct treatment. And you will become less invent symptoms!

7. Collect the papers, checks, photocopies of all possible documents and analyzes the results (you can even take pictures on the phone), record the date and time of consultation. Even your desire to collect paper may deter fraudsters. Before you start treatment at a private clinic, sign a contract for the provision of medical services. Otherwise you can not prove that it is treated in this institution. Since you have to coordinate plans and treatments to get them written consent. Take the time to remove the copy of a medical record and, if the scandal breaks out - it can be rewritten. There are lawyers and the legal and medical education, they will help with the most difficult issues

8. Be honest with your doctor and with you. The attending physician should be sure to know what happened to you during the disease, even if you hate to talk about it.

9. Ask questions. The more you learn about your disease from the professionals - the greater the chance that you can get the doctor to "turn off the autopilot" and with attention to treat your problem. your doctor's reaction to the questions also will tell you whether to deal with it!

10. Leave immediately by your doctor if it is something sells, recommends supplements, suggests a well-defined laboratory sends in a strictly defined pharmacy with the prescription on his letterhead. If two different doctors put two mutually diagnosis - to make an appointment to a third specialist

. 11. Look for "alternate airfield". Do not trust the words of the attending doctor? Find a different specialist, talk with him and ensure loyalty diagnosis. And do not be confused: it's your health, and it is only you really roads

12. It is important to self-education, raising the level of knowledge and the development of analytical thinking, when the information obtained is analyzed, rather than just blindly accepted. It is important to learn to listen to your body, take care of it, not to seek a cure for different diseases and to understand that the key to the prevention of many diseases, as well as getting rid of them is a healthy lifestyle.

13. Do not jump !!! Be careful, but stop just afraid. If you come to the doctor's office and came out of him with both feet, then you still do not "fatality." So, has the time not to run anywhere, and soberly assess the situation. And if somewhere inside moving worm, which does not agree with the "terrible medical opinion," do not press upon him their fears - learn to know your body, explores the theme of his illness, think, analyze and make wise decisions

. 14. Let the doctors do their job. If you have done these punt and chose a doctor, follow its instructions and recommendations, otherwise you can start the disease. Remember, please, that the good doctor is you are by and large do not need it, and so loaded with work. So do not be in front of you "jump on their hind legs", saying that only it will save you or denigrate other doctors.

For example, a list of gynecologic diagnoses, after which it makes sense to think about changing the doctor: If you are pregnant or not pregnant, I advise you not to visit in the future, much less to take urgent treatment of doctors that you put:

hypoplasia of the uterus, and menstruation have started in adolescence and cycles of more or less regular (or even were pregnancy and childbirth);
cervical erosion and immediately offer a biopsy and treatment (both medical and surgical), although the term "erosion" is very loose and actually in practical gynecology does not exist for a long time;
genital warts, which you did not guess, but you offer to treat them with medication drugs or mountain immediately cauterize;
HPV (human papilloma virus) and cancer scare, and also offer expensive treatment medical drugs;
ureaplasmosis and mycoplasmosis, and in addition require to examine her husband, recheck and treated ten times;
chlamydia at the same level of IgG antibodies, and you have not changed the sexual partner over the years and before you of this "contagion" was not;
"Latent infection", diagnosed TORCH test, and then forbid pregnant and offer treatment;
cervicitis or coleitis under normal microscopic smears of vaginal discharge;
leukocytosis (even such a diagnosis is not) and frighten "terrible inflammation»;
"Elements of inflammation" in the smear, and thus does not say anything specific (what elements and of inflammation), and then assign a certain number of drugs-antibiotiokov-fuflotsimitsinov;
chronic adnexitis, because there is something ill-stab in his side during the inspection or something "did not like" ultrasound specialist;
chronic endometritis, if there was no abortion, childbirth, severe acute inflammation of the appendages, no complaints sanies and uterine tenderness;
Uterine fibroids on ultrasound (and it does not cause any inconvenience, and small size, but you carefully "thrown" on hormones, and even offer to remove the uterus);
adenomyosis, if you have no complaints about the abundant and painful menstruation, and then you offer an expensive treatment in order to create an artificial menopause (and you also still not pregnant and giving birth);
endometriosis, which is seen on the ultrasound and immediately offered laparoscopy, and after the long-term hormonal treatment;
soldering or adhesive disease, if you have not suffered abdominal surgery or peritonitis;
polycystic ovary syndrome, because you multifollikulyarnye ovaries (as all the follicles in the ovaries!) and the length of the cycle, and thus the lack of weight, the weight of stress and the young (inexperienced) with mixed age increased suspiciousness;
ovarian cysts and offer laparoscopy or hormonal therapy if there are no complaints, and education dimensions do not exceed 3-4 cm and repeated ultrasound have not been conducted;
irregular menstrual cycle and "thrown" on hormonal contraceptives for "equalization" cycle, when you are planning to become pregnant;
Progesterone deficiency on the background of long cycles and thus prescribe Duphaston (progesterone) for contraceptive scheme;
"Thin endometrium" and offer a "ramp up" in the same progesterone;
infertility without studying the sexual life of regularity and type of sexual relations couples (anal and oral sex is still not pregnant, as well as with the frequency of sexual intercourse once in 1, 2, 3, 6 months);
female infertility, and "presented" a whole bunch of popular diagnoses even in the case where a man has a deviation in the semen, but his cultural "otfutbolivat" because "and pregnant with the sperm";
predklimaks or menopause and hormone treatment is prescribed, if not complaints - ostensibly to "preserve youth" or "rejuvenate the ovaries";
miscarriage in early pregnancy (especially the first pregnancy) and the reason explain the "latent infection", chronic endometritis, any incompatibility with her husband, blood diseases that have never been diagnosed, and what does not want to, sending to the tremendous volume examination of the transition in even greater volumetric treatment;
leukocytosis in vaginal swabs and blood on the background of pregnancy and at the same time afraid of infection, miscarriage and other terrible outcomes;
preeclampsia or toxemia, because there is no such diagnosis;
nausea and vomiting (3-4 times a day) and try to treat in hospital droppers "that just do not want»;
Cervical insufficiency after viewing only a mirror and sent to the hospital for bed rest and receive mass "preserving" drugs;
hyperandrogenism and scare miscarriage, and prescribe steroid medications, not knowing that during pregnancy the male sex hormones increased;
toxoplasmosis because IgG antibodies found in the blood;
CMV infection because the blood smears or IgG antibodies found;
"Rh-conflict", which is looking for antibodies in the blood of her husband;
"Rh-conflict" and offer "blood purge" plasmapheresis and droppers;
polyhydramnios-oligohydramnios, defined on the eye by ultrasound without counting the amniotic index;
fetal growth retardation without observing the changes in the dynamics of US indices;
fetal hypoxia by Doppler indices in the uterine arteries;
placental insufficiency on the "old" placenta during normal thickness of the placenta, and the fetus normal, and offer a "rejuvenation of the placenta" droppers and all sorts fuflomitsinami;
"Threat of pregnancy loss" at any stage and prescribe progesterone;
thrombophilia one level of fibrinogen and D-dimer on the background of pregnancy and the presence of the alleged genetic predisposition (diagnosis "genetically predisposed thrombophilia" does not exist!) and also prescribe drugs heparin;
send to genetics without calculating individual risk trisomies after prenatal genetic screening;
terminate the pregnancy because "do not like" the level of genetic screening markers;
They offer cordocentesis for karyotyping, ignoring safer methods of collection of material for the determination of fetal karyotype;
shout, you "overeat" because gained a little more weight than is written in the table, and you are thrown, the pregnant woman, on a diet to lose weight or are forced to starve;
swelling of pregnant women with the direction of the hospital, if the swelling did not arise suddenly, so also prohibit taking plenty of fluids, limit salt to zero and you begin to "stuff" diuretics;
белок в моче и пробуют его «прогнать» антибиотиками и фуфломицинами (типа канефрона и актовегина), хотя уровень его не превышает нормы для беременных женщин;
гипертонию беременных (АКА гестоз), потому что у вас на приеме у врача давление вдруг оказалось около 130/90 мм рт. ст., и направляют в стационар для срочного лечения капельницами, инъекциями папаверина и другими устаревшими и забытыми в цивилизованном мире препаратами;
гестационный диабет после похода в лабораторию, где для проведения глюкозо-толерантного теста требуют принести свой бутерброд или какой-то сладкий напиток;
тонус или гипертонус матки, «померещившийся» врачу на УЗИ или после прикладывания руки к животу;
гематому «сохраняющей» терапией ака прогестерон (обычно дюфастон)
нехватку прогестерона, а у вас уже 2-й или 3-й триместр беременности (ага, еще и 1–2 успешные беременности в прошлом!);
взвеси в околоплодных водах вам предлагают лечить антибиотиками, актовегином, канефроном и т. д.;
бактерии в моче с назначением антибиотиков без результатов двух независимых бактериальных посевов мочи (в том числе без правильного забора мочи);
хронический пиелонефрит на фоне нормальных показателей мочи для беременной женщины и незначительно расширенных лоханок почек на УЗИ;
подготовку к родам в стационарных условиях в 38–39 недель при нормально протекающей беременности;

мастопатию перед менструацией и назначают фуфломицины, которые зачастую серьезно нарушают менструальный цикл;
цистит без общего анализа мочи и определения солей и бактерий в моче;
гормональную контрацепцию без осмотра женщины;
синехии маловых половых губ вашей маленькой дочери, которая даже не догадывается, что тетеньке в белом халате не нравится что-то там между ножек у ребенка и она пробует насильно рассоединить их пальцами.

Автор: Андрей Беловешкин


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